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I almost died from reaction to new drug, hows everyone else?

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posted on Apr, 4 2018 @ 05:25 PM
(&*(^*(^T^R%$#%^$ hell......

sorry to hear that man. I dont trust big pharma at all. They havent invented anything worth a damn since aspirin.

write it all down.....and please submit it to the adverse event reporting system......get legal counsel......maybe youre a special case but i wouldnt bank on it....this drug could end up killing or maiming alot of people...and the only ones who can really stop it are those who have been affected by have the loudest most credible voice.....

thanks for sharing.

posted on Apr, 4 2018 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: Spader

Just sending good wishes of healing your way!!!

If able to soak, I would advise checking out floatation therapy as it is naturally beneficial for a wide array of both mental and physical ailments. You may find it to be quite surprising that a significant amount of pain reduction comes from floating in epsom salts!

posted on Apr, 5 2018 @ 12:43 AM
Dang Spader!
Really sorry to hear you went through that- very scary! I'm glad your'e getting ok and on the mend. That could have easily been fatal for you. Wow!
Sending you positive vibes!

posted on Apr, 5 2018 @ 05:09 AM
I'm sorry you had to go through all of that, and very happy to hear you are getting through it. You sound like an extremely mentally and physically strong person!

I'm gonna go ahead and be "that guy", and point out...

I bet all of these issues could have been avoided if genetic research and cannabis research hadn't been suppressed for so long! It will never stop making me furious that corporations were able to prey on the religious superstitions and fears of the gen pop to create literal hell on earth situations like the ones described here. All I've ever wanted in my life is to grow fields of hemp to create REAL medicine, end deforestation, and raise money for genetic and preventative medical research. I'm almost forty years old and still waiting for that opportunity.

posted on Apr, 5 2018 @ 05:12 AM
...and ps, here's hoping you read my response and go "hmm..I have been hearing a lot about this CBD stuff." and it takes you down an anti-inflammatory road to good as new. I'd bet on you being strong enough for full recovery, and there are a few real "keys" to making that happen.

posted on Apr, 5 2018 @ 11:27 AM
a reply to: maus80
Go ahead and be “that guy” because I have been thinking the same thing.

A couple of years ago the Louisiana State Legislature surprised me by dragging the stae a little closer to civilization by passing a medical marijuana law and the dispensaries will be up and running this summer.

As of a couple of week ago only SIX doctors statewide have signed up to be able to write scripts.

Even worse, the list of approved conditions is extremely short with intractable pain NOT on the list except for terminal cancer. I will have to grab that list a little later as for I’m about to have physical rehab. Thanks so much!

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