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Satanic TV Saturday Night

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posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 11:13 AM
First, any censorship is bad. It means you can't find out the whole truth.

Second, who supports censorship? Government, the 'sensitive" people, and people with nothing better to do.


Anyways, as has been said before, you don't like it, change the channel. I don't like Seaseme Street, so I change it to Judge Joe Brown. I don't like the religon channel(unless something funny on like evils of Harry Potter) so I change it to TNN.

Fifth. The whole "occult" thing. Witchcraft isn't the occult. Witchcraft was the original tree hugging hippie group. Also first pharmicists, doctors, nurses, shrinks, all that. It isn't bad, but good. And the shows/movies with witches are almost always them fighting the bad guys or doing what is right. With Sabrina, well, she my number one sex fantasy, but since some children may see this post, I won't explain that any farther.

But with sex and violence on T.V., it isn't out of hand. It is a way for T.V. people to get the most viewers. Religon channel is all christian crap, no jews or anyone else will watch it. That is bad for only getting one group. WB is the under 18 channel, which has alot of viewers, but still missing alot of people. So what anything goes does is allow the T.V. to make just about anything they want to get viewers. If they want hardcore blood lovers, they get bloody shows on. But if they also want little grannies and their grandkids to watch, they save the bloody stuff for night and let the family shows on during the day. Well rounded T.V. for all. Family stuff at day, blood hardcore stuff for others at night.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 11:20 AM
For being a "young buck", I'm sure old-fashioned. I don't even watch normal TV any more, just channels like Techtv, science channel, Discovery, A&E, History, ect. Every once in a while, I'll hear about a movie I'd like to see. There isn't enough on TV to justify sitting down in front of for for any great span of time.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 12:12 PM
What we need is a movement to say "Enough is enough."

I for one have had enough. I have not watched a network show in six months. I simply got sick of the inane crap.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 04:17 PM
Yeah I have to agree with you. The quality of popular TV has always been abysmal, but now the money hunting producers are so obviously trawling for whatever plots havn't been thrashed to bits in the past.

Hence we have all these 'new' cop shows about the forensics dept. Same crap, same bodies, different places.

But you know in the end if you want quality, then you really can't go past the British. Sure they produce crap as well, but even at its worse it never seems as offensive or degenerate. However Soprano's and '6 feet under' are signs that quality isn't dead in America.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 05:06 PM
I agree 100% with original poster. Expect to see the content get
even worse (if thats possible).

Theres no grace left.


posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 05:18 PM
Hey Truth welcome back.....

Cannot see the content getting worst when in fact in the past it was so racially charged the matter was difficult to ignore.

posted on Jul, 9 2003 @ 05:22 PM
Well, anyone living in the UK should remeber the good old (well, not that old) days of Gordon the Gopher and Roland Rat.....they were great.

And M.A.S.K, I loved that. It didn't turn me into a mask weilding maniac though, so it wasn't satanic........

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 10:44 AM
First, welcome back again. This is what? Eigth time you have left us for god then came back? It is an addiction people, need to make a ATS patch or gum.

Anyways, if you don't like it, don't watch it! How hard is it to puch a button and change the channel? Should everything religous be taken off since some atheists won't like it? Should all game shows tha ask questions be taken off since some people are stupid and will get their feeling hurt by not being able to answer anything? Should everything that involves love be taken off the air since some people were hurt when they loved and seeing love on the air hurts them more? Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it should be taken off the air.

What about the kids? Well, most grusome shows showed at night, when little kids should be in bed or have parental discretion advised on it. Done.

But it is getting ridiculous with the CSI stuff. Original CSI in Las Vegas is great. Miami one so-so, but the rest are cheap ripoffs. Or the Law and Order. Love that show, but you have Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Law and Order Elevator Inspectors Unit, Law and Order Jaywalker Fighters, Law and Order Illegal Parking Brigade, and to many other versions!(last few aren't real, just an example).

posted on Jul, 10 2003 @ 01:27 PM
First off... Kudos to this topic and to the many fine points shared.

From my perspective I have seen a decrease in moral content on TV in terms of availability. If you care to pay the money, you can get over 500 channels to choose from. There is content ranging from very innocent childrens shows to vile disgusting pornography and violence. I don't see this (in itself) as an unsurmountable problem or a huge decay in morality. However, given free will to greater and greater extremes to experience whatever one chooses in the visual and the auditory, humans are very susceptable to falling away from God and moving towards the self. The will is strong but the flesh is weak.
We as developing spirits experience the 4 dimensional world (xyz + time) through our bodies and the senses they have. When we experience things outside of our current "normal" worldview, we are shocked, excited, turned-on, turn-off, etc. The bottom line is we are stimulated. After viewing an act such as fornication over and over, some(not all) people will begin to accept what they see as their new "normal." The stimulant slowly dissipates and the person needs either more stimulation or a different kind of stimulation. Moral depravity acts like a drug for many people because it stimulates the brain to release chemicals that give us a high or turn us on. Eventually this can lead to a degeneration of morals and virtue. What is sad is that people don't realize that they are going downhill and raise their children with the morals they have come to find themselves in. The cycle gets worse and worse every generation. This can be seen in violence, sexuality, respect for authority, etc.
This is not to say that it can't be countered. Openly discussing this topic on this message board is an excellent start.
I liked the points made regarding simply changing the channel. The next step is to disconnect the cable.
The next is to get rid of the TV altogether.

I personally am planning to purchase a TIVO or equivalent so that I can selectively record only what I want to see. This will spare me and my future children(hopefully soon) from seeing what I don't want to and/or wasting my time "vedging-out" in front of the TV channel flipping all night.

I'll sum up with this, "God gave you free will. Use it for his Glory" Turn the crap off and meditate, go for a walk, go talk to your neighbor, play with your children in the yard or at the park. Share something positive with the next person you see. Brighten someones day with a genuine compliment. Plant a tree. Call an old friend and say "Hi." Changing the world begins with YOU not your government and certainly not anything in the business world!

In Peace,


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