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looking at it all...nwo icke lizard greys bilderburg hitler einstein tittor..

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 08:28 AM
Hi, im another one othe the plethora of truth/enlightnenment seekers out there, and will state now I got through a lot of subjects that are linked or otherwise, some times in more depth than others but I simply want to pass on what I have looked at for your consideration. (theres a LOT of it tho … be warned) im just a student, artist, musician and all around caring type who looks at this stuff both as a past time and a way of life.

Also this is my first post here so please don’t delete it and be kind if I say something that doesn’t work for you/contradiction…just tell me…I may have not realized it my self.

Anyways now the introduction is over….

The reason I am writing is that I have spent the greater portion of my life, from about as early as i can remember, (specifically at age 6) following a path/ course of study (beginning with the contents of this reality) that i can only describe as "instinctively-led".

Lead to places such as this, and away from what I perceive as selfishness/greed/evil etc im not a “religious” type but have had the patience to hear many, many peoples views out. As I believew were all perceiving a matrix of lies one way or another, yet SOME part of us must still be insight of the truth. Either way my main belief is that we are all connected in some way that cannot be expained scientifically, yet! (please see the following link about zero point energy, that is focused thru crystals that are endless batteries capable of levitating objects and, apparently, according to researchers/science brains can cause a “phase shift” in the fabric of space time in our dimension and draws the “energy” from there. Japan has started testing this in the mainstream already.

Link to video
(you need bittorrent/bittorndao):

just to close the last point, my value system being a simple one of care and necessity – my last bit of money, e.g. if I don’t need it as much as another I notice – its theirs - its that easy.

To get back to the point, while reading and researching, some things seem to contain truth, as you know, but are full of memes that take away the value of the message that "could" have been relayed. In other words a lot of what appears to be truth or an uncovering of information, more often than not, is infact abridge to lead us elsewhere in our search for information/enlightenment.

Over the course of my life i have gone from one area to another, from spirituality and religion to politics, conspiracy and back, full circle, to spirituality. Id like to quickly add that im dyslexic etc as well as having read Dr Noam Chomsky’s ideas on language, with its restrictive finite nature, and when attempting to pass on an idea or conception (infinite) it becomes almost impossible, without relating unwanted ideas. So if I struggle to get them out, please bear with me.

i will go into further details and provide links to as many resources i can still find online that i have looked at over the years. (at the end as it is a long list and i have some thoughts also)

I realise that most of these ideas are (most probably) in many books, specifically those of david icke, however i am not a person who blindly follows others who appear to be concerned with truth speaking and no action.

Long story short I have had some ideas in my time which are quite basic to me, but are about as easy as explaining existence (if not harder) to others. So I wont try unless you ask me to. These ideas have popped up in online research up all over the place since having them, religion, philosophy etc. Even concepts of life and reality brought to me by students of confisciousism, buddism and Christianity (a lot of which was while I was in South Korea teaching this past summer)

The reason I feel that, for instance, I can explain the universe/reality (I will attempt a simple explanation at the very end of this letter) is that I find my perception at a place of shift, wether its that (as a dyslexic artist – who can do science too) my brain clicks from right-left (or vice versa) or I go from one mode of thought to abstract, I don’t know, but I am merely trying to look at another line of thought I have seen little of yet talked to many about. The idea of the psycic potential of the mind and the interconnection of mankind within an ecosystem, and the flow of energy, the flow of money the patterns exist on so many levels in many ways, I merely look at them, and attempt to explain my feelings/minset at each point to give as full an account as I can.

Having mentioned finding my mindset in a place of all-seeing (with strang contact made to me by people I have both suspicion and confirmation of being masonically connected) I do however feel myself drift from a place I can describe as “all-knowing” to regular old human, mate kill, feed, repeat me. The shift first noticably started happened soon after I noticeably began entering into that place of knowledge I mentioned above. It happened the second I tried to “think” a finite thought broke the instinctive level of awareness I felt, and still do feel at times. Though, while thought breaks this “link” it can also enter me into it. As soon as I begin to look into my research, bang, it (or something similar) is there.

When in that place I most importantly get a very “expanded/stretched” perception, with regard to all that is, and isn’t. I feel in tune with it all, and in the first noticed case, I saw how “plugged in” everyone was, while in the city centre, people seemed to be walking on tracks, not even individual, soon after one group walked in a particular way, another would come and clone their movement down to a t.

If its nothing then ill admite it was confusing, perhaps something as simple as sosciological or adrenaline/serotonin created, but I just have a feeling it is more.

A possible feeling I got was that perhaps there is more than one consciousness inside, though that could just be the (or my) bi-polar nature of thought, overanalyzed.

Also, as a last note before I ramble, I had an experience with an astral intruder, this happened right when I began to research the Bilderberg group and the masons pyramid of society, with the council of 13 (12?) at the top. Made me think when I realised recently what that occurrence was.

(lifted from a post I made on my website and made more coherent)

The most recent thing I found was: Which is quite interesting, it seems to be quite anti-scientology, while sharing a lot of common factors, which leads me to believe that one was made from the other. Basedon the findings and teachings of a man named “Gurdjieff”.

i quote:
(from bbc online:
…In Yugoslavia, leading Serbs have blamed Bilderberg for triggering the war which led to the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic. The Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, the London nail-bomber David Copeland and Osama Bin Laden are all said to have bought into the theory that Bilderberg pulls the strings with which national governments dance. …

everything ive looked at for a while has now pointed at 2 areas;

- One is something spiritual and possibly religious in origin, in that there is a specific ideology we should be following, yet it has been corrupted (or we have making it look that way from our corrupt position, that position being squeeky clean to us - from within) Which is why a lot of theories I have had, as well as countless others i have known, with no previous study of religious customs (of many religions) have come to very fundamental ideas from a mulitude of religons, furthermore some theoires are as good as exactly the same as very specific, more pedantic references that most dont pay attention to. If these ideas were passed on through the media machine with no conscious knowledge, then, we must ask how, and if not, how and why are these ideas popping up, and how are they the fundamentals of religious ideology and practice, for peoples such as the native americans, aztecs, incas, mayans*, muslims, buddhists, christians, hebrew.......(and the list goes on) and how can all these religions both complementary and opposing express these ideas either way? or more to the point, why? Is there a “true” story from which all these were derived?

- The other is something more tangiable, (be it to me or everyone I don’t know) with possible spiritual connections, more from within - being part of, connected to, and containing the whole of everything within ones self, and realising its the same for everyone- or something along these lines. This something, say, like a global masonic/industrial/media/government conspiracy, fear beings ...or aliens, or something along those lines. (I must note that Einsteins theories on the singularity, and time travel - philadelphia experiment/blue book/montalk/grudge seem to be at the root of a lot of reserch. Personally having sifted thru a lot, i find the most clear message was that given his scholars background, einstein regtretted learning so much as it restricted his view, see his late work - very vivid - dealing with reality and existance (conflicting event-horizons) in more abstract thinking)

(then again, heres a spanner in the works - how about a combination of the 2 above, well, it obiously is. What im actually lookiing for is whis is rooted deeper, ie. which is the action which, the reaction/consequence/support (be it pre-support or post-support) (not to be confused with the problem-reaction-solution method of controlling thw world since the 2 world wars, which kinda suggests they, at the verry least, could have been stopped at the beginning/early on - unless they were SUPPOSED to happen, and yes i had relatives in forced labour camps in BOTH world wars)

at the end of the day........

.....may you either call me mad, too much of a thinker, or....maybe just...... on to something. if you think the latter, then please give me your thoughts, if you dont (or u think im mad etc) then, theres no point sayin owt! its a free country (hehe) and this is just an opinion, an idea, not even a belief, just the power of "questioning that which we hold true at such a fundamental level we have no idea what or where we are anymore"... thats all


sever your fate now

links to references now follows

(i recommend that you at least give each of these pages 2 minutes of reading, think about it if…

…you find even a glimmer of something bigger than yourself, us, everything concieveable,

or… a piece of this gives you the power(=knowledge?) to feel we (caring humanity) can come together against those factore that are unjust and elite…

then the 1-/30/90 minutes you spent will be worth every second. The idea that a great discovery will sread thru humanity like a fire is wrong, asif it challenges deep rooted belief systems, who would want to listen, let alone leany of it sink in long enough to realise that this thinking is neither good nor bad, as is everything, it however must be thought, be it as a steppiung stone to enlightenment within, or even if it leads us (one way or another) to a peacful utopia)

p.s. I read somewhere that during ww2, the masons got Hitler into power and that he set up the ss to kill masons and that the following nuremburg trials were actually about nazis who killed masons. (just thought id add it)

the links:

einstein/event horizon:

debating einstein/matter/time/space:

***einstein vinge's singularity:

***socio-technological singularity-

quantum physics:

Channelings and things: (check the tesla reference!! Montalk?- found site by accident)

**Masons and the bible and the origins of man:

*more of the above:

*and more:

****There is no past/future, only an eternal now:


dream mission:


***astral plain:

***astral/ intruder:

future matrix/eternal now etc:


multidimensional healing:


that should do for now.....

...............last thought:

34. Eternal Now:


There is a vertical dimension to life that relative mind and consciousness, with it's flat, linear, future-past orientation, is incipiently blind to. To be more aware or present-minded in any given moment is to be more alive in, of and through that moment. As such, to be 10% mindful in any given moment is to be 10% alive in relation to that moment. To be 20% aware of being in that same moment is to be twice as alive. To be 100% aware in any give moment is to exit the horizontal realm of time and enter the vertical dimension of eternity, here and now.

(taken from: )


(bit gutted i wanted to find a thing about the eternal now i found a few years ago, it was a picture a guy drew from a dream, essentially a circle. the line being time (or now), us travelling along it, (maybe then was in the circle, next was outside) and whatever it was, basically he theorised -if you could somehow- that you could jump track to just outside the circle and there fore have a better view of time, as you would choose to view it, will keep looking.)
p.p.s not alone in the crazy thinking, check this:

my basic understanding of, well, all that is and isn’t.

imagine if this picture below is all that is/isn’t. (Wether it be eisteins theory that all that we perceive are conflicting event horizons or a more basic theory of simple scientific data)

image url if not visible (right click and open in net tab/window)

the nature of the pic is simplified in that many of the shapes repeat, in “reality” I think they are all unique.

The basic idea is that everything finite; from the corner of your desk, to space, to science, to the melting point or pure iron, to time, and me/you exists. And things that don’t exist are equally “real”, they just hevent entered our perception yet.

So if the larger squares (the five in the above diagram) represent, for this example, you – time – space – the corner of your desk – metal

The way these “items” are perceptionally aware of each other vary.:

For example,You are aware of the others, and can affect the way the others are perceived by you at the very least. (time flies wen having fun, space- change the physical dimensions of a room etc, put a dent in the desk, melt down the metal.) yet the metal, eg, a metal lamppost, cannot physically, alone, change (eg) your arm bone. However combinations change factors. As we see in this everyday life. While in this place. The reason that they exist to each other is, in my mind, that their frequency, or harmony is in some sort of sync, different to each- changing their effects on each other. Yet linked in some way. Unaware of other “things” that aren’t linked.

I believe that, with regard to this place at least, there maybe something in this.

I would like to hear more on your knowledge/theories of reality/existance as a prison if you have the time to direct my research with a few links etc.



......sever your fate

[edit on 17-2-2005 by severyourfatenow]

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 08:33 AM
p.s. this is a re-type of a letter i sent to icke a month or two reply

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