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Roseanne revival premieres to massive ratings

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posted on Apr, 2 2018 @ 12:45 AM

My mother loves Roseanne, loved her show and liked the new one, she is the farthest thing from a Trump fan that has ever been. She is able to like someone despite their politics..go figure

posted on Apr, 2 2018 @ 01:33 AM
I haven't watched the new Roseanne, but I intend to. I have talked to some friends who watched it, and it sounds pretty much what I expected: funny moments, a lot of good personal interaction, forced but funny acting... just a good old time.

And no politics.

Let me try to explain that last statement, since so many people don't get it. I don't mind political jokes. I like political jokes. I make little jokes about Trump all the time. I don't mind seeing political ads during a football game.

I do not like, nor will I ever like, political agendas forced down my throat in the name of entertainment.

That's where Roseanne apparently got it right. It's not about whether Trump is good or bad, or how evil Hillary is, or how the Ds can beat the Rs or the Rs' daddy can beat up the Ds' daddy... I'm sorry, but that is stoopid stuff and it makes anyone who does it look stoopid to others like me. I rarely watch network TV anymore because of this very reason... the sitcoms aren't funny, the drama shows are not interesting, the action shows have no action... even the local news is contaminated. I use it when the weather is looking bad.

My TV stays on Fox, a movie, or a SCI documentary. That's done wonders I'm sure for Fox's ratings... it's easy to be number 1 when everyone else is trying to lose.

When the NFL players started taking a knee during the anthem, I stopped watching NFL. Period. I don't even pay attention to my beloved Panthers any more. Why? Because they were, IMO, regardless of what excuse they used afterward, disrespecting something I respect. That bothers me, because it reminds me of how low we have sunk as a society to be so disrespectful of others.

I used to love to watch Jimmy Fallon. I considered him the true successor to the legend that was Johnny Carson. He cracked jokes about Trump, Hillary, Bernie, liberals, conservatives... and they were funny. Until he, too, went full-on anti-Trump; that monologue was the last time I watched him, and may be the last time I watch him. I tuned in to laugh, not to think. I can think on my own, thank you very much.

I shut off Rush Limbaugh in the middle of a tirade about how I wasn't able to turn him off. Never listened to the idiot again. That was, what? 15 years ago?

Simply put, I tune into the pundit shows (Tucker Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham) when I want to think about politics. I tune into sitcoms like Roseanne when I want to laugh. I tune into sports when I want to relax and watch some action. I decide what it is I want to do. When someone tries to decide that for me, by bringing in political agendas to entertainment, that's when they get turned off.

Yeah, I'm gonna watch Roseanne. I'm going to cringe at the cross-dresser, roll my eyes at Jackie, laugh at John Goodman, and shake my head at Roseanne, just like in the old days. From everything I have been told, I can do that without worrying about the next big political football, because they're not advocating for anybody... they're laughing at ourselves. It's freakin' funny. It's trying to make me laugh, not get me to think.

Now, if I can remember what channel the networks are on... it's been so long!


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