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U.S. Supreme Court allows Flint water contamination lawsuits

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posted on Mar, 19 2018 @ 04:40 PM

I feel terrible for the people of Flint, and there are a lot more cities and towns that have this same issue, if not worse.

There is only one way to be certain you have clean safe water, test it yourself. You can test your house for mold, lead, and stuff in your water, you can even test the ph of your soil, all of it is very cheap to test. I lived in an area that had a chemical spill in a small lake, and twenty years later there was a cluster of brain cancer cases. I forget what happened but it put the fear in me to always take it upon myself to get my own water tested. The company that had the spill is still there. I also worked in an office with one of those huge water bottle coolers. One day the company was replacing the bottle, I saw the fountain part that connected to the bottle was covered in black mold. Don't trust any water source, start really looking where your water comes from. When you go to a restaurant, look at the spigots, are there fruit flies, is there black mold? Don't even get me started on public fountains, even your kids school fountains.

People put way way too much trust in the government and
their townships.
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