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New strain of HIV engineered?

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:40 PM
Ok to start off on this two part story, In recent news you all have probably heard about the new fast-acting strain of the HIV virus resistant to most anti-retroviral drugs that emerged in New York. Details are too early for an exact answer but Health officials in New York suggested that a man in his 40s, who reported multiple sex partners and unprotected anal intercourse, often under the influence the amphetamine crystal meth, might be the harbinger of an aggressive form of the disease which can normally take eight to 10 years or more to develop.

Thomas Friedman, the city's health commissioner, said on Friday the strain might be "difficult or impossible to treat".

Part 2_______________________________________
The Secret Origin of AIDS & HIV

Many people have heard the theory that AIDS is man-made.

Thirty percent of New York City blacks polled by The New York Times (October 29, 1990) actually believe AIDS is an "ethnic weapon" designed in a laboratory to infect and kill black people.

Some people even think the AIDS conspiracy theory is more plausible than the African Green monkey theory promoted by the leading AIDS scientists.

Actually, the monkey theory was proven wrong by researchers as far back as 1988, but most AIDS educators continued to promote it to the public until recently.

In a media blitz in 1999, the green monkey theory was totally replaced by the chimpanzee "out of Africa" theory, and the chimp origin of AIDS was fully accepted by the scientific community.

A phylogenetic "family tree" of primate viruses (which few people could understand) was presented to prove that HIV was descended from a primate virus in the African bush.

Analysis of virus genetic data performed by the "supercomputer" at Los Alamos in New Mexico indicated that HIV had "jumped species" from a chimp to a human around the year 1930 in Africa.

Los Alamos is the official home of nuclear bomb-building, alleged Chinese spies, and the laboratory which directed secret human radiation experiments on unsuspecting civilians from the 1940s up to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.)

At the international AIDS conference held in 2000 in South Africa, one scientist claimed the chimpanzee virus (SIVcpz) was "ancient" and jumped species as early as 1675 but didn't establish itself in the human population until 1930. This was dutifully reported by science writer Laurie Garrett, who give all the time-honored reasons for the rapid spread of AIDS in Africa: non-sterile needles, non-sterile blood products and widespread promiscuous sexual behavior.

The Special Virus Cancer Program (1962-1977)

Conveniently forgotten by scientists and medical journalists was the fact that surgeons had been transplanting chimpanzee parts into human beings for decades.

When Keith Reemtsma died in June 2000, at age 74, he was hailed as a pioneer in cross-species organ transplants (now known as xenotransplantation). By 1964 he had already placed six chimpanzee kidneys into six patients. All his patients died, but eventually Reemtsma succeeded in many successful human-to-human organ transplants.

Much more likely to have spread animal viruses to human beings is the largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). This research program was responsible for the development, the seeding, and the deployment of various animal viruses, which were capable of producing cancer and immune system damage when transferred between animal species and into human cells and tissue.

The SVCP began in 1964 as a government-funded program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Maryland. Originally designed to study leukemia and lymphoma forms of cancer, the program was soon enlarged to study all forms of cancer.

The SVCP marshalled many of the nation's finest virologists, biochemists, immunologists, molecular biologists, and epidemiologists, at the most prestigious institutions in a coordinated attempt to assess the role of viruses in causing human cancer. Many of the top AIDS scientists, including Dr. Robert Gallo (the co-discoverer of HIV), Myron (Max) Essex (of "cat AIDS" fame), and Peter Duesberg (who claims HIV is not the cause of AIDS), were connected with the Program.

The scope of the program was international and included scientists from Japan, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, and even Uganda, Africa. A main mission of the SVCP was to collect various human and animal cancers from around the world and to grow large amounts of cancer-causing viruses. In the process, many animal viruses were adapted to human cells. These cultured viruses would then be shipped to researchers throughout the world.

An annual report of the accomplishments of the SVCP was published by the NCI. The 1971 SVCR report indicates a mouse leukemia virus had been adapted to grow in human cells. A hybrid virus a mixture of a mouse sarcoma and a cat (feline) leukemia virus was engineered and grown in cat cells. Chicken and feline retroviruses produced cancer in monkeys. Mouse-cat virus hybrids and feline leukemia virus were adapted to human cells in tissue culture. Thus, species jumping was a common occurrence in these experiments. Biological Warfare, Primate Research and the SVCP. Also joining forces with the SVCP at the NCI were the miltary's biological warfare researchers.

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 05:35 PM
It's hard to call
Is this a new artificially greated strain of AIDS (no doubts on the origin) or is it a drug resistant mutation , inevitable when suppressive toxic medication produces a challenge to the replication of a virus, but the reproduction-charge of the entity eventually finds a way to mutate in such a way as to get round the toxic challenge
Unfortunately, we'll need a few more victims to be able to judge
We'll also need a few more non-victim carriers to find a way out of this dilemma

posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 01:17 PM
Yes I agree it is too soon to tell. But the facts that are present do make it an interesting thought to provoke. Could this be just another answer to the sudden race to cure HIV and AIDS? A new virus reworked to make things a lot harder. Could this have to do with the new testing done in India I believe?

NEWS: India Begins AIDS Vaccine Trials on Humans

A trial of an experimental AIDS vaccine is being readied in India. India, home to the second largest HIV population in the world it testing one variant of the vaccine with other trials already underway in United States, Europe, Africa and South America. Health officials in India indicated that despite the trials, eighty five percent of thier focus would still be on prevention

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