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Hidden warfare of our Age --- Acosmic, Satanic Nazism; threat to Western civilisation

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posted on Mar, 20 2018 @ 05:56 PM
I appreciate all the posts made in response to the OP. I'm not in a position to respond at the present moment, but I'll try to do so soon.

I just wanted to add something which has totally freaked me out, which, if not indicative of conspiracy, then certainly is at minimum some sort of terrible synchronicity of the sort spoken of by psychologist Carl Jung..

Today in Britain, an engineer of the national military air display team of the Royal Air Force, a team known as the Red Arrows, lost control of his aircraft & was killed, in a training accident in Wales (one of the smaller nations making up the United Kingdom). Due to its terrain & low population, Wales is used heavily for military air training.

Two facts make me reel in light of the thread which I posted barely 24 hours before this occurred.

Firstly, that in my post I was referring to our aircraft coming down during training exercises & claiming the lives of our servicemen & women. I was specifically suggesting that some so-called accidents of this nature were actually the result of an ongoing war in the skies overhead, between the undead Nazi party (the fascist political-military-industrial outgrowth of their survival, at least) & certain Western powers, ourselves (Britain) included. I had in mind a particular event several years ago which I will not mention directly out of respect, but I strongly believe that the deaths in that incident were the result of enemy action, and not a 'training accident'.

The second fact is that the British military air display team, the Red Arrows, symbolic of our nation's military power in the skies, of which the victim was a member, is housed at an air base in Lincolnshire called 'RAF Scampton'. I was actually BORN on that very base, in the small RAF military hospital, in RAF Scampton. The blood drained from my head when I switched on the nightly news just thirty minutes ago - which was the first moment I became aware of this story & its awful events.

As I say, it is 95% likely that this was just a terrible, unfortunate, synchronistic 'coincidence', and a genuine accident - but a small part of me is nagging at me to seriously consider that this could even be a sick, symbolic joke by the Nazi interlopers who are covertly established as agents within our military, who may have sabotaged the jet.

I will find this one hard to process either way, but wow, what a terrible incidence of timing. Thoughts go out to the victim's family, friends & colleagues on the base at RAF Scampton.

20/03/2018 - BBC News - Red Arrows engineer killed in RAF Valley jet crash

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 02:26 PM

originally posted by: skalla
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Absolutely. A deep and personal attack on your faith and attempt to derail your thread.

Or a light hearted "thank you for the read" with an unnoticed Conan joke, you decide.

Touché monsieur, my sincerest apologies. I was in a rather serious state of mind when I wrote the OP, and having had enough of seeing people misrepresent the Judeo-Christian faith all over ATS for the past couple of years without personally getting involved in the arguments, I was a bit trigger happy with my retort. Thanks for the interest & for commenting in response! And by heck, I haven't recalled Conan for many a year, though it was one of the first films I ever watched when we got cable TV as a young teenager!

posted on Mar, 21 2018 @ 02:37 PM

originally posted by: The GUT
You're pretty Fly for an ATS guy old friend.

Is there War In Heaven so-to-speak? It's the only thing that makes sense and sufficiently satiates a complete theoretical overlay imo.

Some very interesting associations you make that are new to me as relates to the whole. Thanks for a thought-provoking thread.

Your presence honours me, Sir GUT..! I appreciate the kind words, though I must say that on reflection, I rather hashed the OP together without much lyricism, particularly as I usually really do try to write well. I kind of threw it together off the top of my head, in a fit of passion which didn't provide for much in the way of skillful prose. Though I venture that the sheer force of my sub-surface rage perhaps did enough to allow for my meaning to come across reasonably well. I have a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach these days when I consider such things, and the tangled web seems to grip the throat somewhat whenever one contemplates quite how murky the infiltration may have become. The fact of a deeply synchronous Red Arrows crash less than 24 hours after I posted, with the ace flying team itself being a national symbol representing all that is greatest in our nation - plus a disconcerting personal connection to the RAF base in question - it all adds up to make me sick at heart, wondering quite how deep this particular rabbit hole goes.

Best wishes as ever, FITO.

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