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Outsourcing of Rescue agencies

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:34 PM
I'm not sure if any of this has been added in threads but while i was home for christmas break i recieved a flier in my door. The flier was a call for the citizens of my city(Mount Clemens) which is a suburb of Detroit. It was from the current police and fire department personel. According to the flier and what i have later learned is that the jobs are to be outsourced to the highest bidding contractors, supposedly as a cut for economic reasons. The flier was for people to attend a rally basically and start petitioning against the outsourcing. My words at the time, "No way will i listen to a bunch of rent a cops." My mom's reply,"I'm not bailing you out jail again."

now i don't fully believe in the NWO, in other words i'm very skeptical, but i have heard stuff about the skulls and elite groups with special agendas from friends and other people. I also remeber something about other cities having this slowly happen. Also the state is taking over the controls of schools in the surrounding areas of Detroit, due to lack of funding or poor management.

If this is new i'll search for the flier and my local newspaper on the subject.
Also i'm not saying this is a "conspiracy" but it did come to mind when i read some of this about private police force and all that stuff.

Any comments, theories, it has really piqued my interest now that i start to think about it.

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