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Have No Fear

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posted on Mar, 17 2018 @ 06:38 PM
Is this possible, or are we simply idealizing - that is, wishing against the facts of nature (our own nature) - because we are hardwired in really screwed up, high-entropy generating ways, and so, to defend ourselves from our scary emotions, we posit something with very little probability of being good or valuable for us?

Idealization and dissociation of trauma are sequentially linked processes, such that anything that triggers the latter will trigger some 'species' of the former. Everything you have ever been exposed to has produced a probabilistic response based in this very basic idea. The simplicity of the brains "search for coherence", which for the animal is simultaneously the "search for safety", results in human beings, at least In this society of ours, in a self-organization 'schema' with a particular 'attractor' - or value - organizing how the dissociated (traumatic) elements connect with the idealizing (self-regulating) images they're related to.

Don't be Bad!

The German and general European emphasis on will expresses a common history between these two peoples. There is a great deal of suffering that has been resolved not through mourning, but in the stubborn (and arrogant) denial of weakness, and the heroic and noble value of 'fighting against nature' to the very end.

This situation is held together by a philosophy. There is a philosophy - lets call it the 'perennial philosophy - which operates as a value attractor for very 'refined' philosophical minds. But these minds, no matter how unwilling they would be to admit to it, have been constructed by a canalization process that has specific patterns at each developmental stage, and which when the environment permits, lands on the same sorts of 'attractors', or 'archetypes'.

Archetypes are an important idea that is barely understood by most people who relate to it. The idea of a basic and simple pattern is not recognized, so that the expressed pattern - whatever archetype in question - is exaggerated as a pattern with some sort of metaphysical basis to its existence, when it is nothing other than the emergent property of actual human behavior. Archetypes are therefore fundamentally expressing what has happened in the past; furthermore, it knows nothing more than what is good for it to know.

The human, insomuch as we can veto stupid thoughts and stupid relations, can know that the archetype is an effect more than it is a cause. And although it emerges or exists within the context of biological functionality, it is 'existential' in the sense that it constitutes an existential relation the human being takes - and wills to take - vis-a-vis reality.

But every human being emerges ino this world through the same archetype, or archetypal 'attractor', which is as a circle inside a much larger circle: the schema, or 'value', of signfiicance, is the mother: to bed held and contained by the mother. Even at birth, then, the entirety of your being expresses the primal archetype of a self 9or circle) being encompassed by a MUCH LARGER AND GREATER SELF (or circle).

This more or less means that something like a Russian doll exists within every human being. The external levels are fake and superficial. They are masks that were put on for a reason - and not the one machiavellians like to tell themselves (i.e. as "choices") - but rather, as defensive mechanisms. Nothing cognitive happens that doesn't have its origin in some socially-based situation.

So, "have no fear" is a strange statement. Its a mantra designed to help the human, and yet it dissociates the human from those processes which generate feelings of fear. The fundamental symmetry of self-organizing processes in the physical universe is not treated as an important referent for functioning, even though its the ideal which our functioning will fundamentally be 'judged' by.

There is no 'judge' either. The ideal only means that nature produces living beings in terms of a very complex and rare confluence of elements, and taht when they grow very complex, as in us, it becomes very important to know what the ideal is - how the organism works, and how to judge the value of our living.

So, if there is fear, there is good reason for its existence. Relying upon cliches like "have no fear", might work to counter some of the effects, but since the source of fear is typically social-in-origin, and relating often to how we were related to by others, how we've come to relate to others, and how we've come to relate to ourselves, simplistic statements like these will eventually be exposed as just another mechanism used by the self to get away from what it needs to be responsible to: to how it works.

We should always ask ourselves why we feel the way we feel. The fantasy that there is no reason behind our feelings is amply disproven by the neurosciences and psychological sciences, all of which find an intelligent basis for feelings in the multidimensional interactions we experience at the homeostatic and socioemotional level with our environment.

posted on Mar, 17 2018 @ 07:06 PM
a reply to: Astrocyte


Fear is a part of existence. Some grow out of it in some ways. Some grow into it.

It has its places, if for example youd count fight or flight responses as fear.

Its the irrational fears that seem to really hinder people. Often the mere anticipation of the feared thing can be worse than the actual thing.

Then one may consider different kinds of fear, different levels of fear, as well as different qualities of fear, including crossover (where fearful thoughts and related feelings are coupled with other processes to subdue or mitigate the potential negative effects of the fear).

Ive given it a decent amount of thought. Interesting thread dude.

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posted on Mar, 18 2018 @ 01:12 AM
Far fare fear for four (+_+)

posted on Mar, 18 2018 @ 02:30 AM
The problem with ideal is that in a group it is unattainable hence the old adage; Hell is other people. Not so much people; just the ideological baggage that accompanies; hence why there is a perceived need for psychological deprogramming to begin with. Why deprogramming; well all life up to present in most has been done with positive or negative coping mechanisms. Many of these are learned from well the first teachers we have parents as role models... a child sees a father raise a hand to a mother often enough and despite the pain it brings after awhile becomes normalized or absorbed as ok behavior... when that small world breaks into reality; it is finally seen as abuse and recalled that it came with very unpleasant feelings the first through however many times seen until normalized by some coping.

Some societies try to say such a thing is normal; although treating someone that is a helping hand as an unequal is akin to slavery. The insecure fear the strength of the other... the strange thing is that has led to repression and well self induced for generation after generation of placing oneself below as a standard instead of equal and in the case of abusers with inferiority complexes of various sorts superior to those. It is odd how that sort has been touted as a better mate as propaganda to maintain that dominance and position; however that has been proven to not be the case as far as science etc goes in studies.

Security is number one; of oneself and one's children to be raised in stability; many see that that is more important than even riches when it comes to treatment as a life of love sharing and gratitude is extremely rich; instead of distant.

Archetypes... I personally call them tropes as it is something that goes round and round no matter the face, the age, the time, or the place. Why a trope? It covers more than just people; it also covers situations; and themes, which is an important thing for situational awareness of what is occuring.

The authentic do not seek for role models and archetypes to follow to become someone they are not... they do not scheme roles and situations to occur... those that do are well sociopathic in nature; not being honest with oneself leads to not being honest with others and vice versa. There are many that talk and think themselves into a situation; and hide the real motive from the others involved. This goes on so much in the dating world few marriages can even last a year...

Of course some cannot understand that men and women are pretty much equipped the same and that a hormone expression is all the difference between a clitoris and penis. Of course societal roles is what makes the mental difference; and that comes via expectation; Familial and societal.

The ideal one has for oneself; well discarding all the familial and societal expectation is the reset all the negative coping and associations. Even positive coping can trigger those associations; such as if one went to go read to escape the family fights, drinking, or other abuse encountered. That sort of thing dwells in the subconscious the latent area, whereas the negative dwells in the conscious as an expression that can be seen... the difference is in the introvert and extrovert.

Of course thanks to word of mouth ones reputation can be known; even in large cities... of course some of that is sometimes slander not out of insecurity or truth but to try and get others to back off of a potential mate. Due to those authentic being so difficult to find; that are not slinging the trope or tripe just to get so far as they wanted and then; fulfilled dont know how to toss the caber, without dishing out blows to the other as if they are a defect or dysfunctional.

Kinda weird that that goes on; it even goes so far as to take all of that out on the next person, as a pass the pain as people enter and exit relationships so quickly as to not really sit and absorb the lessons.

I personally quit that business altogether and choose to be alone and celibate, close to five years now... as there is always so much hanging over everything and everyone in such occuring or being expected. So it is easier to just pass on by, sit and have a meal, enter and leave conversation with anyone and not have that hanging over head... they might and well that is their issue not mine.


Of course; the mental area... none of that is ones own, it is learned none of what swims through the mind is a self it is momentarily grasped moment to moment, it cannot define us with truth. If someone says hey what do you do... um it is a silly question that can be known by observation, which would be enter whatever activity one was doing before one asked. Sure it is a probe to ask about job stuff or interests to get some conversation going... and well not the reason why I am anywhere unless that job or interest stuff is occuring at that moment.

There is a meditation technique to kill all thought, finally bring peace... Between thought there is a gap; that empty space. As soon as a thought is about to exit the "mind" grasp the tail end of it as long as possible so it cannot leap to the next thought that would chain them together as per usual... over time that gap or emptiness grows to such an immense size that no thought occurs. Then after mastered stay with the body in total, so many people attached thought? Something fleeting and not self? Lol hell everyone is out of their mind not even there in the body drifting all over space and time. Not doing that is what is known as being "present". As that drifting is past and plotting future and not ever what is actually occuring then and there except in that tiny little window un-noticed between those thoughts; where the reality or here and now really dwells.

Perhaps this is of some help to you in your work.

posted on Mar, 18 2018 @ 09:08 AM
a reply to: Astrocyte

I will have to disagree 😁

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