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NASA researchers claim evidence of present life on Mars

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 08:07 AM

Originally posted by onlyinmydreams

So... I just want to make it clear that it isn't correct to blame 'religious people' for the lack of ET disclosure.

Hmmmm, if you would of read my post correctly, you would of seen that I did not only mention "religious nuts". (I did not say religious people)....but yes, they are certainly added, as I have had a lot of discussions on this subject by religious nuts that think that it can't be so because it's not in the bible, or supposedly not in the bible, or that god would not create aliens (that one always get me) or that any alien is actually Satan...

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 08:15 AM
Lady V you think everything is the fault of "religous Nuts"
But what else can you expect from someone whos religon was created by aliester crowly and his cronies.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 11:41 AM
its a great find really
now i want photos, specimens to butcher, every possible scientific study of it

i am really mad however about all this
i sign onto sbc-yahoo news last night once i woke up from my nice sleep
and what do i see

i was so overjoyed
i was just clapping and happy

then i read the article
and find out the truth

Scientists find chemical signitures of life; but no lifeforms were found yet.

what a bunch of BS i swear!
i am getting sick of the misleading headlines for christs sake

misleading headlines are weak gutless overzealous attempts at making a MEDIOCRE story sound all SUPER DUPER AWESOME!
false advertisement! lol

i hate it when they sensationalize something less than sensational

i want Absolute Proof
Bodies Germs whatever it is
i want the holy grail

im gettin tired of these "we found signitures of the holy grail nearby" reports acting like they found the grail ya right

no one found the holy grail yet; its still all a mystery

its wonderful when the top scientists of america, NASA scientists, infer all this BS out of a simple pitiful computer read out saying "we found methane gas"
it said "methane found"
and then all this BS about

i myself personally believe in aliens 100%
i have witnessed UFOs at least 25 to 30 individual times
ive seen a UFO up close *well within a few thousand meters*
it was a disk,just like everyone else said

i will not allow this type of tomfoolery to go on!
methane is NOT PROOF of extraterrestrial LIFE
getting the BODY of the LIFEFORM is the PROOF
and until that occurs; and it becomes clear cut evidence

i will not accept it as "fact"

think of the implications of this
think of all the conspiracys it could tie into
think of all the rammifications
think of all the consequences

my question is
Why hasnt CNN reported the story yet??
and What does White House say about this??

i do smell a fish story here

is the CIA lying to us agian?
whos lying to who?
and why?
and if theres life on mars, yet they already knew about it decades ago; why are they taking so long on reporting it?
are you telling me the military went all this time and Didnt know about it?

military intelligence is always the first on the scene of something this big
is NASA really just a front for more serious space program somewhere in , say, the Air Force?

im just rambling but ive got a few decent points here
-media shouldnt sensationalize and infer things about story this "BIG"
- what does the US Military know?
- is this part of the 'slowly get humans ready to disclose alien information'
= what type of disinformation could it be? why? how?

seriously tho
i will admit somethings up

something inside me makes me want to run around singing "aliens are real it was on the news aliens are real" to everyone and laugh hysterically because it was on the NEWS!

edit- Also i would like to point to the "Aliens are Satans" people
What IF they DO find bacterial microbes on Mars
and WHAT IF the DNA tests prove its Not From Earth?

what then Huh? you gonna try and convince me these little bacteria are Fallen Angel Germs? or something? Are they Satanic little bugs waiting to steal the souls of any humans brave enough to venture to Mars? are they in cahoots with Bush and the Reptiles to bring about armageddon ?

seriously i want to know
Are Alien bacteria Demons too?

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 12:04 PM
I know for a fact with almost 100% certainty that more complex life forms exist on Mars then single cell bacteria. They live beneath the sands at a minimum depth of 10 feet. Crawling crustacean crab like "things" with hard outer exo-skeletons that allow them to burrow into hard packed dirt and sand. There food source is probably small worms or root type vegatation that requires very little sunlight to grow. They already know there are warm water springs on Mars, we have even seen the steam jets captured by the orbitor.

Its just a matter of time, I bet the new rover in 2009 will capture some pretty amazing pictures. That is if they are ready to disclose the truth about what they already know about Mar's history.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 06:39 PM
This is good news but not surprising news to me. We would not have
sent a gaggle of orbiters and landers to Mars if scientists did not have a

I'm sure the scientists here have checked and double checked their data
several times over before making an attempt at a conclusion. If correct,
unquestionably the most important scientific discovery ever.

I do too believe we are not talking about microbes and single cell organisms.
But rather multi celled organisms possibly existing in caves and underground

I am looking forward to reading the entire study when it is published

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by TheHorseChestnut
This is good news but not surprising news to me. ....

I am looking forward to reading the entire study when it is published

i'm with you on that.
BTW anyone else,,, theres a site

just click on todays audio show, ((appox 1hour))
available in Windows Media server or Real Player server

NASA Scientists say; Life on Mars
the first 20 minutes are all things related...but the last 40 minutes
the host covers a good deal about the methane & such...
i think the 'Life on Mars' audio will be the daily program friday also
so you don't have to go to the archives.

the Nexus magazine? is publishing the scientists paper, then they have a peer review going on also

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 09:04 PM

Anyone gave any thought to the idea that the life might have come from here anyhow? Maybe blasted into space from a asteroid strike?

Maybe an asteroid strike is what life n mars is waiting for. I have heard that the best way to colonise Mars would be to pollute it and the fire and dust resultant of an asteroid strike may do the trick.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by Amuk
Anyone gave any thought to the idea that the life might have come from here anyhow? Maybe blasted into space from a asteroid strike?

LOL Amuk. Some guy at the primary contractor sneezed on one of the Vikings after it was sterilized and never fessed up. He is now the Father of All Martian Life. Ah-choo!

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 11:08 PM

Originally posted by Chakotay
LOL Amuk. Some guy at the primary contractor sneezed on one of the Vikings after it was sterilized and never fessed up. He is now the Father of All Martian Life. Ah-choo!

Not entirely impossible


posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by slaughterdove

I am an astronomy major at the university I attend. I can tell you that the possibility of life coming to mars from an asteroid or such is completely false. The heat from re-entry is so intense that anything... any form of life even at its most basic would not survive the heat. (...)

Not according to Paul Davies, the Australian physicist and cosmologist, who has written so many best-selling books. In his article titled ’Interplanetary Infestations’ (based on his book The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origins and Meaning of Life), published in the Sept. 1999 issue of “Sky & Telescope”, he writes…

“By far the most plausible panspermia mechanism involves microbes hitching a ride aboard rocks hurled from one planet to another following impacts by asteroids and comets. Cocooned inside a large boulder, a bacterium would be protected from etc. etc. etc.


“Of course, many would have burned up in Earth’s atmosphere and thus failed to deliver any of their microbial cargo to the surface. But the numbers involved are so huge that many Martian meteorites inevitably made a safe landing. Indeed, Earth should have been salted so liberally with Martian rocks over solar-system history that, even if the estimates of the radiation and other hazards [like solar flares and cosmic rays] are off significantly, the panspermia hypothesis remains highly plausible.”

Any objections to this would have to be discussed directly with Dr. Davies at Imperial College London since I am a mere amateur astronomer and still sounding the depths of exobiology and related fields of human knowledge. Sorry!

posted on Feb, 19 2005 @ 05:06 PM
Life on Mars.Man that is amazing even if it is only the descendants of some guys

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