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Police shot friend officer justified

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posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 01:52 PM
They are covering it up. They waited so long when it was such a clear cut case? Why did the audio pick up running but no gun shots? They said he turned with his hand in pocket but there are no shots in his chest. They were out 2 months after the incident with metal detectors in our first & worst bad storm of the year looking for bullet casings. It's not right the officer didn't even have to go to court, even after what the officials said happened have changed since the beginning. Our chief just beat his kid, he is on paid leave expected to be back as chief soon.

Police tape

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 01:54 PM
a reply to: SatansPride

Is this the same violent felon you were lamenting in another thread?

Canaan man arrested for selling heroin to a police informant in Lebanon | NH1

After an investigation into heroin sales in led to a man's arrest after police said he tried to sell the drug to an informant. Jesse Champney, 25, of Canaan, was arrested when he arrived to make the sale. He fled on foot but was captured, arrested, and charged with possession of heroin with intent to sell and resisting arrest. Champney was out on parole from a previous arrest. He was held on $50,000 cash bail and will be arraigned on Monday. Source

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

It should have been at least taken to court. The officer should have had to prove his innocence. That is sick, sick. Emotions don't justify a shooting. He was so calm on the tape. Like hey I shot someone, just letting you know type kool. Sick!

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:05 PM
a reply to: SatansPride

Excuse me? You never have to prove your innocence. In a defensive shooting (or any crime), the default position is "innocent." It takes presenting hard evidence to a jury to win a conviction. The fact he was a felon fleeing, in some states, is alone enough to justify lethal force. A felon on the run is such a heinous and dangerous situation that such extraordinary measures are warranted by the disproportionate public safety threat.

Regardless, the statement claims this individual was making furtive movements reaching in pockets/waistline as someone with a firearm would do. Remember, deadly force standards are both subjective and objective. The reality is slightly less important than the defender's perception of reality at the time of the incident (ie: believing a toy gun is real effectively treats the toy gun as if it were real, legally). Additionally, the "reasonable person" standard is also applied. This determines whether a "reasonable person" in the same situation could be reasonably expected to respond with deadly force (or less than deadly force, or no force, etc)

When someone accuses you of a crime, it is THEIR responsibility to prove it.

A justified shooting isn't a crime. It isn't murder. It is justified lawful homicide.
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posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:07 PM

originally posted by: SatansPride
The officer should have had to prove his innocence.

Uh, no. It's the State's duty to prove someone's guilt.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:17 PM
There's a good chance it went to a grand jury, and people, not cops reviewed the case.

I'd look into that.

The video doesn't show the shooting either.

Maybe you could get a copy.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:32 PM
Your friend should have put his hands up and stopped. He would most likely be alive if he obeyed
the officers and the law to begin with.

a reply to: SatansPride

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: SatansPride

Didn’t you say there was no pursuit?

Sure looks like one to me.

You said the audio picks up running but no shots.

I can hear shots.

No wonder you’re so convinced you’re correct. You’re literally making things up and acting as if they’re factual.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:45 PM
It's difficult loosing a friend, but if you don't mind,

I would like to ask you some questions...

What was he doing in the gas station when they rolled up?

Was he inside, was she inside?

Who was driving the car?

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posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:46 PM

originally posted by: Mandroid7

What was he doing in the gas station when they rolled up?

Probably rescuing a puppy from a snapping turtle while helping an old lady fill up her tank.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:49 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

Well, if someone was robbing the place, this convo is going to be going a diff direction for me.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:50 PM

originally posted by: Mandroid7
Well, if someone was robbing the place, this convo is going to be going a diff direction for me.

I don't think the dearly departed was committing a felony robbery when the police arrived but he did have a violent history of assault which they were aware of so it's not like he was just their friendly neighborhood smack dealer.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:53 PM
Okay, let's play this game AGAIN, shall we?

I went to the New Hampshir DOJ link that has different videos on the incident, and here's what we learn from them (four videos in total):
    VIDEO 1 (vehicle dashcam video and audio)

      - Police arrive at the Expressmart as suspect enters the store when he sees cruisers arrive

      - Officer approaches store with firearm drawn, but heads back to cruiser as red car pulls up

      - Driver of stolen Red Chrysler Lebaron picks him up at the door

      - They choose to flee the scene with at least two police vehicles following them

      - Police call in the pursuit, citing stolen vehicle and that suspect is a wanted felon

      - Police plan to set up spike strips somewhere past the Family Dollar

      - Officers ask for help from Enfield and Lebanon police, citing stolen vehicle and felony warrant

      - Chase, happening at night on a wet road with snow on the ground, lasts two minutes and thirty-five seconds before the vehicle is crashed into a field

      - Officer exits vehicle and approaches Lebaron and driver (Saeti Tobin), who says she 'doesn't know what's going on' and asks the officer to open her door

      - Other officer calls for canines

      - Officer goes to detain Tobin, reports that shots have been fired

    VIDEO 2 (Trooper O'Toole audio)

      - Reports direction of pursuit, stolen vehicle, and that the operator was possibly Jesse Champney, a wanted felon

    VIDEO 3 (Trooper O'Toole audio)

      - Clarifies location with dispatch, reports vehicle going into field, reports exiting vehicle for foot chase

    VIDEO 4 (Multiple trooper audio)

      - Advises dispatch that suspect is armed

      - Trooper calls for backup

      - O'Toole says that suspect says he's armed and "wants to shoot"

      - O'Toole: "Shots fired; suspect down."

      - O'Toole calls for ambulance as other officer tells suspect to stay down

Okay, so here's what I'm gathering from this:

Your friend was a wanted felon who chose to steal a car, and then when confronted by LEOs, flee with someone else in the car with him on a dark, slippery road. When he (or the driver...not sure who was driving) went off the road into a field, your friend decides at that point that the best thing to do is run from the police still, and while doing so, apparently inform police that he has a gun and was going to shoot.

Look, I understand that the last part of that can be disputed because it's a one-sided story, but the rest of it is there on video for you to see how it went down up until the point where the Lebaron was driven into a field. I get that he was your friend and that you have emotional ties to this story, but there's not a whole lot to dispute here when it comes down to the probability of the shooting being justified.

You have to accept that you need to place the blame where it lies. If you watch Video 1, which you seem to claim that you have, you would realize that he could have just put his hands behind his back and kneeled down when the officers rolled up to the Expressmart.

He chose to escalate every single event from that moment forward. The police are not the bad guys, here.

And as others have noted, not a single person in the United States, including LEOs, must prove their innocence--the burden of proof falls on the accuser, not the accused.

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:56 PM
a reply to: Mandroid7

This is in Video 1, except for answering the "why" behind him being there.

He was outside, then went back in when LEOs rolled up, then came back out as the driver drove a STOLEN vehicle up to the door and he came out and got in it, then fled the scene.

There was only him and a female, and it certainly didn't look like it was a female in the video going into the store and then exiting and getting into the vehicle, so I would assume that it was the female driving.

ETA: I think that the most important point is what he did NOT do at the Expressmart, which was give himself up knowing that there was a warrant out for his arrest. That would have avoided this whole situation.
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posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: Shamrock6

Is that a selfie of you at a community function?

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 03:01 PM
Please continue in one of the two existing threads.


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