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OKAY I am sick of it. I know the one True Conspiracy in religion.

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 05:39 PM
The One true faith, the one true God, these are not the conspiracies, these are view points of a theme, However the one true conspiracy is quite differnt . The ONE TRUE CONSPIRACY , is also clouded by descent of those who are part of the conspiracy. The conspiracy boys and girls is not the religions but, the censorship of free exchange of beliefs and Ideas between the faiths and beliefs, I know for a fact that if censorship was never introduced into the religious equation then no descent would exist on the level we see know. If free exchange was promoted in faiths then more understanding could be achieved.

Look let's get this straight it's bad enough even non-conpiracy religion discussion has been confined to the topic of conspiracy in religion. But the fact that the very conspirators that try to build devision by censorship come here as they do in the real world and say that this faith is wrong and that faith is wrong and they should be shut up, by censorship.

I look through this topic and every day ten new anti-semitist , or anti-christain, or anti-god , or anti heaven types come on and say that this discussion line should be cut out , another words censoring. Deny ignorance doesnt just mean aquire knowledge people.

Deny ignorance means deny intolerance and deny censorship based on bias beliefs. I think their would be less war amongst the faiths if people of the true conspiracy where not working from without as well as with in.

Religion is like culture it may not be common in design or nature but by very nature is meant to be exspressed and shared , and even though some of one faith or culture may not agree with another , descent is exasturbated when those who dont agree at all join together to slience the source all together.

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 03:49 AM
I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? What is censored here? Other than blatant trolling? I dont get it.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 05:27 AM

Originally posted by Alec Eiffel
I'm sorry, but what are you talking about? What is censored here? Other than blatant trolling? I dont get it.

I have heard over and over again in the last two weeks how religious debators are nothing more than zealots. I even without mentioning names seen atleast one mod jump on the band wagon. I also only hear that we the religious debators are no better than terrorists and that their would be no war if not for faiths. I cant see how we the faithful despite our religion can be the cause of the worlds troubles alone. I have heard that if religions and faiths didnt exist here there would be less argueing on ATS.

So to minimize these fights people suggest it is better to disolve the threads on religon. I have also heard that we are no better than UFO buffs and Science zealots who think off the wall comet or astroids are going to strike the earth tomm. I dont see however where a call for those threads are being called for to be disolved.

People are going to argue and fight religion or not. If religion wasnt here it would be the same case with politics, or military and goverment secret orgs. or something else. The call for disolving religion and faith to end war is not the answer people are diverse and often dont even in the heat of there hatred think of their responsibilities to abide by there faith.

Man is at the top of the food chain for one reason and one reason alone , they are smart enough to know violence equals survival. Violence is however in my view the way to handle anything. However it's the bases of natures selection for survival, and even drives us to preserve our and others lives.

So to get back to the point at hand all those hear that say people of faith are just wasting space and causing descent, and never can prove their point of view with evidence I say in my opinion your proof can be thought of the same way.

However I wouldnt say to a big bang theorist you where not there when the Universe was created so how could you or anyone have proof the bang started it all, and since you cant prove it you are wasting space and causing strife. That would be censorship , and no more than I want it to happen to my interests , would I ask the same.

Respect and tolerance is the way to end war not eliminate beliefs, because eventually you will have to eliminate everything because everything has a fundamental belief behind it, I mean really even the telephone was created behind the belief that a sound could be transmitted with the right combination of components , so therefore that belief was pursued and now what do we have a network of communication global in design and every one given the will can obtain the most common house hold appliance the phone.

So to remove religious subject matter would not improve ATS it will only be an extension of an ignorancem censoring is the ignorance of a mind that refuses to believe.

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