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Rex Tillerson is OUT!

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posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 07:45 PM
a reply to: soberbacchus

No it isn't.
The people vote for the leader of the exec branch. They don't get to make decisions outside of elections.

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 07:46 PM

originally posted by: smurfy

That's twice you said that just slightly different..that I presume is your way of bumming up the 'fire and Brimstone' man.

The simple truth is Mr Moon is the guy...
He probably sent a message to li'l Kim telling him to watch out with Trump 'cos he's a nutter and doesn't know what a missile really is...(thinks they are suppositories for a fat man)

And how effective would that message have been if he didn't think Trump was a 'nutter'?

Bottom line: Trump (along with others) used the situation as it was to accomplish the end goal.


posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: TritonTaranis

Add in Trump is now talking returning to a gold standard.....

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 09:41 PM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
He's been commenting the opposite of what trump wants him to say.

If you work for someone you don't express a public opinion different from the boss, if you want to keep your job, particularly in Government.

To badly quote Gilbert Huph: Government "is like an enormous clock. It only works if all the little cogs mesh together. Now, a clock needs to be cleaned, well-lubricated and wound tight. The best clocks have jewel movements, cogs that fit, that cooperate by design. I’m being metaphorical. You know what I mean by cooperative cogs?"

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: Perfectenemy

Nice now do some selfreflection because the impeachemnt any day now since day one crowd is exhibiting the same behavior. Oops.

Though generally true, your assumption that I a among those who expect his impeachment is eminent is incorrect. I do not have enough faith in some mythical system of American Justice nor the sanity of enough Americans to bring that about. And while I Abhor Trump, wishing he were impeached would only leave us with Pence and the rest of the RINOS of the Republican Party.

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 09:53 PM

originally posted by: TheRedneck
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Cult members so not see themselves as being just that, cult members.

Testify, brother!

Democrats: "You're deplorable, backward, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and a cult member! Now vote for us, dammit!"
Voters: "... no?"
Democrats:"You will fall down and worship the great savior Obama, and you will worship His prophet Hillary! Denounce your Trump cult! Ours is the only path to your salvation!"
Voters: "... no!"


Cute comeback redneck. You have managed to take what many of us have observed about the relationship of Trump and his supporters and incorrectly assume that in denouncing the Cult of Trump automatically means we are supporting the Cult of Clinton or the Cult of Obama.

I might assume in return that your observations are do in part to your own cultish belief and defense of Trump, so, if you wish, we can continue this conversation by slinging counter versions of what the last person said back at each other or, we might begin a real conversation about American mentality and how we all to one degree or another seem so open to being swayed by charismatic leaders who in reality are little more than bull# artists.

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 11:11 PM
with trumps isolationism and trade policies there wont be much need for a secretary of state and ambassadors .

at least he didnt get any u.s ambassadors raped and murdered .

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: Bramble Iceshimmer

Sure, but people are not matter how likeminded, the cogs are not going to mesh 100% of the time on all the possible issues.

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 11:17 PM

originally posted by: AngryCymraeg
Say what again? Three people have been poisoned here in the UK, two of them being left in a critical condition, by a Russian nerve agent. Tillerson had the balls to support the UK and condemn Russia. So far Trump hasn't said a word about it. We do appreciate it when our titular allies in NATO show at least some support.

Wow, here while back there were threads, MSM stories all condemning Snowden and Manning as traitors that should be hunted down and assassinated. I remember the Rosenberg mess and several others. Not to forget the persecution of Oppenheimer. And here are countries and folks condemning possible Russian involvement in taking out their own traitors.

But then again the U.S. and N.A.T.O. are lilly white, righteous and the paragons of life, liberty and truth.

posted on Mar, 13 2018 @ 11:49 PM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire
a reply to: olaru12

They know it's a problem deep down but their devotion to cadet bonespurs is so illogical it's cult like in its intensity; Trumps lies are like biblical scripture to them. Protect the twitter God at all costs.

And that is the thing ain't it. Cult members so not see themselves as being just that, cult members. They see themselves as holders of some truth that all the rest of the world cannot understand. And paramount to all cults is the notion that that special truth that they can understand while others can not is the key to making everything better and hence worthy of being defended to the death.

You can see it up and down this thread.

Excuse after excuse for Trump, dumping on Tillerson. There's no person that the cult had liked that survives if the choice is Trump or Bannon, or Flynn, or Tillerson, they all fall by the wayside.

Trump was never in Tillerson's league. Trump ran a small company (27 employees total), Tillerson ran Exxon. Tillerson knew of which he spoke when he said Trump is a f'moron. But, Tillerson's biggest fault was criticizing Russia for murdering people in England. THAT isn't done.

Putin must have something awfully bad over Trump. Can't be the pee tape. It's impossible to embarrass Trump. It must be something that would cost Trump all his money, the one thing Trump does are about.

Regardless, Tillerson spoke ill of a murdering despotic regime, one that holds serious kompromat over Trump, that can't be done. So, another one bits the dust. There will be no one that wants to work for the POTUS in short order.

posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 12:19 AM
a reply to: Scrubdog

Like others, I have been watching this circus unfold though calling it three ring would be to undercut the spectacle we are presented with.
In a way this whole thing seems like a good murder mystery, one where the audience is kept guessing as to who will die and who will do the killing and what was the motive etc. With this play before us we are kept in suspense as to when it will be that something will cause his fall, or not. Will it play out to a full four years? Will the RINOS finally rise up against him, will the congress shift to D in 18, will he make it out of California alive, will he venture into the Korean talks and fall on his face or maybe kim will kowtow and call him a great international diplomat. Who the hell knows.
Hell,,,,will Melania walk out on him and take Barron with her. Would it even matter if she did. Man, I just try to not expect anyting realy at this point. This is all uncharted waters in modern America.

posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Cute comeback redneck.

Thank you; I enjoyed writing it.

...if you wish, we can continue this conversation by slinging counter versions of what the last person said back at each other or, we might begin a real conversation about American mentality and how we all to one degree or another seem so open to being swayed by charismatic leaders who in reality are little more than bull# artists.

I think it is obvious the latter option would be much more productive, but there's a catch: both sides in such an exercise must be willing to take a long hard look at themselves in the harsh light of reality. Otherwise, that simply doesn't work.

I really don't think, given the content of this thread and the cornucopia of fantastical statements made in it, that such an attempt is anything more at this point than an exercise in futility, The simple facts, and yes, these are facts, are that Rex Tillerson was vehemently opposed when he was nominated as being some sort of Russian influence pipeline, and now his dismissal is being touted as some sort of Russian ploy; the removal itself is not unexpected since there have been policy disagreements for some months now between Tillerson and Trump; and the world situation has changed as the major issue is becoming more North Korea than Russia; Tillerson's forte was/is Russian state issues due to his past dealings with them.

It is also a fact that no one in this thread, on this message board, or on the freakin' Internet, knows what evil lurks in the heart of anyone, especially Donald Trump. While it is disingenuous to assume he is some sort of benevolent humanitarian a'la Mother Teresa, so is it disingenuous to believe he is some Satanic spawn bent on destroying all that is good and pure in the world. I, along with many others, supported him during the election because he appeared to be an outsider to Washington DC, has demonstrated the ability to make sound economic decisions, and promised to bring a bit of sanity to a government many of us see as insane. However, once he was elected, his Presidency has been challenged in so many ridiculously inappropriate ways that I lost count many many months ago. We still have people crying that he is a Russian spy, for God's sake, and demanding impeachment for such despite not one shred of evidence surfacing in over a year of investigation by someone believed to be some sort of great watchdog of democracy and with full power to investigate pretty much everything he can find.

That, sir, is not reality... it is not reasonable... and it is not conducive to any sort of reasonable conversation. I have no intention of wasting my time attempting to exchange positions and ideas with anyone who is acting in such an insane, irrational manner.

So the ball is in your court: the court of "never Trump." You want to claim Trump supporters are cultists now, when your own actions are more cultish than anything seen since Jim Jones. Perhaps you, sir, and those who align with you on the irrationality surrounding a duly elected President, should remove the log from your own eye before helping remove the splinter from others' eyes.

Now that that is said, I apologize for trying to inject reason into politics and return all of us to our regularly scheduled comedy of errors programming.

You have managed to take what many of us have observed about the relationship of Trump and his supporters and incorrectly assume that in denouncing the Cult of Trump automatically means we are supporting the Cult of Clinton or the Cult of Obama.

Well, that's progress; you at least admitted there is a Cult of Obama and a Cult of Clinton. Hey, can anyone join, or does it take a special invitation?


posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 10:27 AM
how does this affect anyone here? or in america for that matter? unless you are part of trumps close knit circle, this and all related news means diddly squat.

posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 10:55 AM

originally posted by: JourneymanWelder
how does this affect anyone here? or in america for that matter? unless you are part of trumps close knit circle, this and all related news means diddly squat.

Well, not now, but since this decision was probably made because Trump want to bail out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, I'm pretty concerned.

BEIRUT (REUTERS) - IRAN played down the potential impact on its landmark 2015 nuclear deal with world powers of the appointment of the hawkish Mike Pompeo as the new U.S. secretary of state, saying the change was an internal U.S. matter.

"These changes and developments and firings in the Trump government are not new," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said when asked at a news conference about the impact of Pompeo's appointment on the nuclear deal, according to state media.

"We have witnessed similar developments and this is their internal issue," he said. "What is important for the Islamic Republic is America's policy in global affairs and their interaction with us and we will adopt our own positions."

More here
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posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 11:06 AM

originally posted by: UKTruth
Great news. Given he took such a shellacking from liberals when he was appointed, I would have thought it would be great news all round, no?

Meh, remember how fickle they were with Comey.

They don't know what they want.

posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 12:28 PM

originally posted by: burgerbuddy

They don't know what they want.

Right, but Trump does. It just happens that what he wants changes every 5 minutes. Probably depending on the weather, or what happened in the last episode of America's Next Top Model.
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posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: TheRedneck

Holding all Trump supporters and or Never Trumpers as a monolithic enemy serves none of us any good purpose yet to be honest, I appreciate just how easy it is to think that way from my own inclinations. Struggling to connect with anyone from the ''other side'' is difficult even in easy times, and in diversionary times like these even harder.

You suggest that progress is being made from one of my replies though I think that your notion there arises from that kind of monolithic thought processes. I could be wrong. My own history is simple. I never liked either Clinton. Slick Willy churned my stomach from the moment he played his sax on Carson and immediately soared from the bottom of the Democratic Pack to the top. However I voted for him once but only to get that Bush/CIA regime out of the White House. When she ran for Senate in NY my thoughts were that it was all to keep her in the eye of the voters so she could run for potus herself. What a mistake.

Way back it became noticeable that the American voting public was swayed most easily, not by political considerations but rather popularity and camera savvy. Kennedy over Nixon because Nixon could not play to the cameras and Kennedy had it down cold. Reagan because he was a well known actor and soap peddler from a cowboy TV show. For my money, he had little political insight of his own and basically just spoon fed the policies of the National Association of Manufacturers to the American people just as he had Boraxo.Slick Willy and Smilin Ronnie.

I held it a sad day when Bush Jr was swept up by conservative voters for little more reason than his daddy had been potus and dreams of Adams and Junior Adams flooded the land. Cut to 2008 and 2016 and what did we get? The media pushing a wife of a has been and on the other side another son and brother to two other family members.

And now the talk about Michelle. As much as I liked her as a public performer, the thought that she might be voted into office appalls me. That is cult thinking.

And Oprah. Now there is a cult for you, plain and simple. A cult we should all prepare against.

While I am now seriously anti-Trump, there was a brief moment when I felt he deserved serious consideration. Maybe it was time to install a business man in the WH. As the dreams of real liberalism, not this pho-pop-culture-us-first brand that is flying about died, maybe I thought that a well heeled business man would straighten things out. Maybe.

And even though he seemed to be spouting little more than just the popular talking points designed to attract what has become his base he was at least a refreshing change from the run of the mill popular contestants for the job. However, for me at least, he has proved to be none of the good things that I hoped a real business would be.

Rather I see him as a nincompoop. So, nincompoop or shrilling harpy had she won. I am well aware that had she won that by now her crack down on conservatives could possibly be severe and am thankfull she did not win. However, what we have instead is a nincompoop. A self serving phony liberal was beat by a nincompoop. To me that does not mean I need to support a nincompoop.

posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

OK, Terry. You want a decent conversation? That entire post just convinced me to give it a try. Since you just gave a reasonable background to your positions, allow me to retaliate... without the tongue-in-cheek remarks.

The first President I remember was Nixon. I consider him, in hindsight, as an actually decent President. At the time, I thought the move he made to avoid prosecution as he exited the White House to be criminal genius. I still consider it somewhat so.

Jimmy Carter was/is a great man who well deserved his Nobel Prize. He founded my favorite charity, Habitat for Humanity. He was a liberal thinker, but he thought reasonably as well. That can be seen in HfH... it is not based on pure charity, but on work effort put in to not only one's own home, but others' homes as well, which instills a certain amount of pride that does not typically exist when someone is handed a gift without any input into that gift. However, Carter did NOT make a good President. He was ineffective and impotent as a leader.

Reagan was elected on more than his looks... he came in on the heels of a media firestorm concerning the Iranian Hostage Crisis, which Carter both assisted and allowed through his administration's interference in Iranian politics and his inability to resolve. Reagan did much good for the country, but he was a little off-target implementing trickle-down and was too beholden to the Republican Party to implement more meaningful change. He was a good President, but in truth I feel his legacy has been somewhat overblown.

Big George never really impressed me. I had hopes for him, and he didn't make a bad President, but his past did bother me as well. I feel the Democratic Party used his "read my lips" pledge to damage his credibility, but I also am aware he could have easily caused a lot of problems in a second term.

I despised Bill Clinton from day one, but in hindsight he wasn't that bad. He instituted the WIA program which I believe did lessen the overall shock of the recent depression, and he instituted the infamous "don't ask; don't tell" policy in the military. At the time, I thought it was the silliest idea I had ever heard, but it actually worked. I don't mind eating some crow on that one.

Hillary Clinton, however, was and is a criminally manipulative, soulless elitist. I got that impression from the first time I saw her. Al Gore is a clueless money-chaser who will say anything and do anything he can for a dollar; I knew his family, being close to the Tennessee state line, and the whole family is similar. His father, Al Gore Sr., was openly owned by the Saud family... he never disputed it when confronted many times, once by King Saud himself. Looking back, all of the major conspiracies that haunted Bill during his administration were due to one or both of those two. The only thing Bill did was get a little dirty with an intern... and to be totally honest, being married to Hillary, I didn't blame him. He should not have lied under oath, though... he does seem to have an issue with the truth.

I had a lot of hope for Little George. He seemed to be genuinely conservative (as I define it) and was immensely preferable to Al Gore. But, as his administration progressed, I realized he was as much a control freak as the other politicians. I still blame him for the Patriot Act, and for starting a war in Iraq under false pretenses using the deaths of Americans. I do not speak of the never-found WMDs (which were transported to Syria); I speak of the decision to go to war over an Iraqi move to depeg from the US dollar, claiming Iraq was a far greater threat than it really was.

Obama was the worst President and the biggest mistake I made voting, period. He did nothing to counter the depression (which was, admittedly, caused by Bush), indeed, he implemented policies that extended it (aka regulations that slowed the engine of private enterprise). He forever changed the face of the health care industry, for the worse, by demanding that people buy what they already could not afford, under penalty of law. His ACA also increased costs across the board, both in the form of higher premiums and increased deductibles. The latter had the effect of removing effective insurance coverage from many Americans, because even with insurance, the deductible was too high for them to afford.

In addition to that, the atmosphere of the country seemed to change under him. Suddenly everywhere I looked I was being labelled a racist for no other reason I could see than being white. I could not disagree with the policies of the President because of my skin color, and if I dared do so, I was regularly seeing instances where others had their careers, their property, their achievements stripped away because of the racist allegation.

The only reason I voted for him was McCain. John McCain, in the midst of the bailout (which I did and still do vehemently disagree with) stated that Bush did not necessarily need Congressional approval to conduct the bailout. That one statement switched my vote.

The second time I voted Libertarian for the first time. I could not vote for Barack Obama again, either the black one from Hawaii or the white one from Massachusetts.

Since she left the White House, Hillary Clinton has shown me nothing that I would not expect from that spawn of Satan. It was a no-brainer for me in the 2016 election. I would have literally voted for a dead dog before I would have voted for her.

Trump has plenty of flaws. From a personal standpoint, I would probably hate the man's guts. He's a Yankee real estate tycoon, for crying out loud! He has an ego big enough to block out the sun and create a nuclear winter, and he does have a narcissistic streak wide enough to pave an Interstate highway on. But, to his credit, he is extremely good at negotiations, he understands economic realities, and he is not a politician. Plus, both parties hate him; that counts for a lot with me.

I didn't vote for a friend; I voted for someone to restart the economy and get the country moving forward again. He has thus far not completely disappointed me. I applaud his work convincing companies to return to the US; I like the tax cuts; I am extremely excited that he removed the ACA individual mandate. He has cut useless regulations. He has stemmed the illegal tide of immigrants. He backed us out of an extremely bad economic nightmare (the Paris Accord). He has also, to my personal satisfaction, caused many other politicians who were so supportive of policies that personally hurt me during Obama's administration no end of frustration. That is petty, I know, but still satisfying.

Where do I disagree with him? Net neutrality. On replacing the ACA, he's still thinking inside the box. I agree with increasing the legal purchase age to 21 for all semi-automatic firearms, but I don't think including other long guns in that change is a good idea. I worry about his ideas on mental health; the concept has been so subjective for so long. He does often put his foot squarely in his mouth.

But he gets the big jobs done. I can overlook someone making minor snafus if he produces well otherwise. That's why I don't care whether Tillerson was fired or not. It's even more minor than the few policy disagreements I have with him.


posted on Mar, 14 2018 @ 11:52 PM
I just got off the phone with Rooti-Poot. He said that I am allowed to unleash the ATSNNRUSKIEBOT 1.1 online. Get ready....

posted on Mar, 15 2018 @ 01:35 PM
a reply to: TheRedneck

Carter. I liked him. I voted for Ford simply because I thought at the time, just as many have over the years that to change the national leadership power structure from one party to the other ''at this perilous time'' was unwise. Even though Ford had executed that unforgivable pardon. I voted that year according to the way I had been programmed

Carter was ineffective though I believe this to be due to his own desire to not be authoritarian. We had had that under LBJ and Nixon and Carter felt that the surge to liberal policies at that time would carry the day. I particularly appreciated his desire to develop a more sustainable economic front based on renewables and individual restraint in areas such as consumption. Curbing gasoline use, moving to other forms of energy rather than the reliance upon fossil fuels etc.

But he was met with so much resistance from the conservative business community, the corporations at that time that did not want to see their profit margins tempered. The automobile owners who railed against the notion that we needed smaller cars that were more efficient. And lest we forget the October surprise which in conspiracy circles at the time held that the hostage negotiations were masterminded by the Reagan campaign to insure a Reagan victory.

I have had life experiences that run the gamete through liberal, arch conservative and radical Marxists in my life. I have experienced perspectives that come with being active in all of these arenas. Cases can be made that in any of those avenues of political thought I was brainwashed into being a follower, a cult member and I, at this point will not argue with that. I have been in political cults and religious cults. From these experiences I have come away with a desire to think for myself and not just take the smiling and friendly face that says, follow me.

For me, the most overlooked and underestimated conspiracy in the world is the use of advertising. Advertising permeates American culture. The advertising of products, the advertising of celebrity, the advertising of patriotism all demonstrate to me that we certainly are, all of us,pummeled by manipulative forces on a minute to minute scale.

My favorite SF author, PK Dick, extrapolated on that topic well in a number of his books and the effects it has on us unless we are vigilant, which sadly most of us are not.

I think the two pointers that first had me questioning the use of advertising in our society were large and small. The small one was a Lays potato chip commercial. At that time, potato chips were a party treat, a party snack to poor into a big bowl and let people take them as they wanted, as much or as little. Chips were something that we shared.
Along comes the new drive to sell more chips and lays had the perfect little commercial to promote it. The individual bag of chips. A sweet little girl, eating from her own little bag of potato chips. Smiling and happy. And up comes a little boy who asked her if he could have some. She said, NO, go get your own bag, and heads of in the other direction.

That commercial to me was sickening. A major corporation with a major product coming right out and promoting selfishness was a breakthrough in modern advertising. Now though it is so prevalent that we no longer notice, though at that time I am sure there were few who did anyway.

Mountain out of a mole hill? Possibly. However that set me on to studying that industry more closely. Then I learned a surprising fact. That most businesses run in the red throughout the year and that it is only at Xmas time. That so many retail outlets relied upon abundant profits at that critical time in order to carry them through the rest of the year until the next holiday season.

Until that point I had blindly accepted that all the jubilation and hype at Christmas time was due to peoples love of Jesus and a desire to be that type of person he had asked us to be. However I began to suspect that the horse was pushing the cart rather than the other way around. People were not buying stuff to be Christian in nature but rather were being manipulated by commercials and all the hoopla so that the economy could continue on for another year. Without the overt push for consumer sales at that time how many companies would fold?

So the economy was reliant upon exploiting the birth of Western Civilizations Savior in order to line the pockets of American business. Just what kind of economic scheme was so weak that it relied upon that in order to survive.
Capitalism. That led me to my brief stint of study with the Marxists because at that time, they were the only ones I could find who were even willing to question the capitalist system.

I am going on to long so I will wrap it up with this. Another avenue of my study was psychology. It's history. how it was accepted and denied. One small though to my mind twist in that history came at the feet of Freud. It seems that Freud had a double nephew. Freuds wife was sister to a man who was married to Freud's sister. That double nephew, was Edward Bernays. Bernays was raised on the studies of Freud and other scientists in the emerging field of psychology.

Rather that taking that field as a healing avenue, he took it in the opposite direction, into how it could be used to manipulate people, how to subconsciously control their drives and appetites. Along with others of course, Bernays became one of the major fathers of modern advertising.

I"m pretty sure that you are already aware of most of this but am dwelling on it to hopefully open up channels for further dialogue.

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