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Sunnis admit election boycott was blunder

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 02:30 PM
They now have figured out that the only way to be
represented in a democracy, is to show up and vote.
What is nice is now that they are free, they have
freedom of speech which allows them to say that
their religious leaders messed up with the boycott call.

Sunnis admit poll boycott blunder and ask to share power

Rory Carroll in Baghdad
Tuesday February 15, 2005

Iraq's Arab Sunnis will do a U-turn and join the political process despite their lack of representation in the newly elected national assembly, Sunni leaders said yesterday.

Many Sunnis protested that the election was flawed and unfair, but in the wake of Sunday's results, which confirmed the marginalisation of what was Iraq's ruling class, their political parties want to lobby for a share of power.

"Our view is that this election was a step towards democracy and ending the occupation," said Ayad al-Samaray, the assistant general secretary of the Iraqi Islamic party. He said unnamed Sunni leaders blundered in depicting the election as a deepening of the occupation.

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