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Are you a Neo-Con

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 02:29 PM
I can across this page when I did a search on the word Neo-Con, (Neoconservative) and found it interesting there is link to a test at the bottom of the page to see what category you would fit into, if you are interested.

Are you a Neo-Con

Centrist – Just what it sounds like. Someone who doesn't have any particularly strong ideological leanings in any direction.

Conservative – Specifically a "fusionist" conservative of the National Review - Heritage Foundation mold. Someone who believes in traditional morality and capitalism, and the need for a limited government to allow both to flourish.

Left-libertarian – The quiz uses a mild definition of a left-libertarian, an anti-statist who is somewhat fearful of corporate and religious influence on public life.

Liberal – Supports economic regulation to promote social justice and takes a progressive stance toward moral or cultural issues.
Libertarian – A libertarian opposes most or all government activites. Does not favour much or any government support for either moral or economic systems.

Neoconservative – A "neocon" is more inclined than other conservatives toward vigorous government in the service of the goals of traditional morality and pro-business policies. Tends to favour a very strong foreign policy of America as well.

Paleoconservative – "Paleocons" want less US involvement in foeign affairs than other conservatives and oppose mass immigration. They are also more favourably disposed toward the South and the idea of secession, or at least decentralization, than neoconservatives.

Paleo-libertarian – Similar to other libertarians except for opposition to mass immigration, and shares the paleocon appreciation of the South.

Radical – Critical of bourgeois morality and strongly opposed to capitalism and willing to use state power to achieve desired ends.

Third-way – More supportive of foreign intervention than liberals and less supportive of economic regulation, coupled with more-or-less progressive social views. "Third-way" is to liberal what neoconservative is to conservative.

For a bit of fun take the test to see what you are

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 04:12 PM

I got the the following:

"Radical – Critical of bourgeois morality and strongly opposed to capitalism and willing to use state power to achieve desired ends."

Yup, the little commie in me is still strong (I grew up under communist regime). I am a trekkie too, so that figures...

Number 2 on my list is "liberal", then comes "left-libertarian"

Conservatives are on the very end of the list.

posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 10:58 AM
#1 Conservative
#2 Neoconservative

Hehe guess I'm pretty close

Paleoconservative was my last one...

Oddly enough, liberal was number 3. Curious.


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