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What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns- Heather Sheer-AP

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 01:34 PM
This is a skew of the dialogue.

The caliber is less in an AR 15 than many hunting rifles.

A shotgun blast can destroy a person. A still to be legal hunting rifle with a larger caliber round than an AR will also destroy a person.

The caliber and especially the magazine size arent the issue.

The common link is mental health drug prescriptions and an apathetic if not over reactionary system of response.


The calls to emotion arent conducive towards a solution when natural emotion is already felt by all and is being processed through a common desire for good.

In the extreme, the hatred of the perceived opposing side of the issue will absolutely shut down the fix.

If we stay honest and sane it will be ok.

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 01:42 PM
You know the thing that scares me the most about all this, especially here on the ATS I would say 99% of the people think congress sucks and is incapable of actually being useful.

Yet now all of a sudden we want congress to come up with a one size fits every situation law, and we are expected to trust these people that we think are doing a bad job to not erode the bill of rights any further.

Is it just me or does that seem insane, what we should be doing is coming up with a plan and telling congress, NOT going congress save us. Last time we did that we got the patriot act, color me silly but I don't want to run that risk again.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 01:53 PM
a reply to: Irishhaf
Yes, and a lot of those same people that think of these Millennials as "snowflakes", suddenly think that they have the maturity to demand the changing of gun laws.

I used to dislike the term "snowflake", but after watching my neighbor's 16 year old granddaughter throw a temper tantrum because her grandmother was running late, and could not make her a grill cheese sandwich, I think I need to review my contempt for the word.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: kelbtalfenek

The main reason the military had for switching to 5.56 was because they wanted a lighter, more portable platform with less recoil and that allowed the soldier to carry more ammunition similar to the AK-47. While the .308 M-14 had a greater effective range, the engagements were happening at much closer distances that negated many of its advantages.

If you think .223/5.56 is a more powerful and effective round than, say, 7.62x51, we're just going to have to disagree on that one.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: neo96

Apparently not.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: NightSkyeB4Dawn

Not all of 'em, maybe. But enough.

A little anecdotal evidence, you may make of it what you will.

My sister and I are in the process, never ending seemingly, of selling her house and relocating. Part of that is, of course, having the house open for viewing.

I have/had a set of swords in a static display--cheap ass pot metal blades that would have a hard time cutting through melted butter--mounted permanently with a depiction of my family crest from the Middle Ages. Pretty darned cool looking. It hung over my desk. On another wall was my old single shot 12 gauge shotgun, also hanging on a wall mount--with a trigger guard...bought specifically for when the house went on the market...more fool I, as it turns out.

Well anyway, we got a late afternoon call from the realtor saying he and a couple were on their way to see the house. Crap! We scrambled a little, putting a few odds and ends away, etc... We left just as the couple pulled up. Fairly typical younger couple, maybe mid-20's, or so...

Couple days later, the realtor calls and says, and this is a direct quote... "The couple from the other night wanted to put down an offer on the house...but, the display of swords, and the shotgun scared them."

My response was, and I'm paraphrasing here, "A display of swords, that couldn't cut butter, and are unable to be even taken off the display without being broken, and an empty shotgun, with a trigger guard on it, to boot, scared them. They do know that those will be leaving when we do, right???" I think my utter disbelief came through rather clearly...

So, as to not offend anyone unduly, I took the shotgun down, dismantled it and put it away. The sword display, as I feared it would broke as I was attempting to put it into a box.

Now, I know not all millenials are like that...but it seems far, far too many are. Offended/Scared of something that won't even be there when they're ready to move in...

Weeks later, and I'm still amazed, and appalled, by that level of ignorance driven fear.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 03:31 PM

originally posted by: tadaman
The common link is mental health drug prescriptions and an apathetic if not over reactionary system of response.

There are many other common links/traits...and it's all very curious.

Traits, like, narcissism, a sense of entitlement, a feeling of superiority are a few. Link

Curiously, most are white (and male, of course) and the socioeconomic disparities common to other violent criminals aren't common amongst school shooters:


After reading about the 'profile' of a school shooter, you would expect that PRIVATE schools would have an equal or higher rate (proportionately) of school shootings than public schools.

But that's not the case:

In the past 45 years, of the dozens of school shootings across the country, almost all of them have taken place at a public institution.


So...what is it about public schools -- controlled and funded by government -- that makes them so much more prone to school shootings?

I mean, we never hear the government talk about THAT interesting fact when politicians rush to push an agenda after so many school shootings.

Why are schools that are run by the government so much more deadly and unsafe than private schools?

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: seagull

They were bullies. If they actually wanted to buy the house, that wouldn't have stopped them. They just wanted you to suffer somehow because they are smug bullies.

I am sorry your display broke because you responded to their manipulative feedback.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 03:53 PM

originally posted by: Thecakeisalie
a reply to: studio500

Guns are guns and some are useful-but some are unnecessary.

If you want to kill varmints attacking your flock of poultry? sure, get a bolt action rifle. If you want to protect your family? get a .45-but Military grade weapons? those are meant to be utilized in a war zone, not at a high school or college.
Ar-15s are not military grade weapons though. I know you’ve heard this many times. Why would you keep repeating this lie?

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:02 PM
Look my brother, an EMT has related to me a few times the damage our preferred carry ammo does from first hand experience on scene with victims. We like to carry the reverse tapered hollow tip rounds such as the Remmington black talon. Those by far do more damage than any 5.56 is ever going to do as they usually do not pass through like the "HV" rifle rounds do. They tend to dump all that kinetic energy right into the soft tissue and organs and that is much more like...what'd you call it...sledge hammered mellow. Not to mention the wound channel is much much wider due to the expanded projectile with as the name denotes a ninja star looking talons sticking out. Yet no one is talking about that ammo.

Not to mention in the situation I shoot something I want it dead asap...not wounded or able to fight back. In any case this surgeon is woefully uneducated in ammo type and what they do and from her account I almost want to say she is flat out lying about these wounds as I know for a fact a 5.56 round will usually pass through unless it hits bone and ricochets back into the body or its much further down range on impact. These shootings are much closer than would cause that type of thing.

As my 5 tour combat vet has relayed to me many times and I am sure some here can attest to...he has at times put as many as 5 rounds into a combatant and watched them still run away only to find them later still alive and ready to fight blocks away. He hated using his M4 and always praised the .308 for its stopping power.

Man the propaganda these days...they're dead set on seeing us disarmed and helpless to their whims.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:23 PM
a reply to: MotherMayEye
The atmosphere and environment in private schools is much different then in public schools. I really can't accurately describe it. I have three nephews in private school. I can feel the difference in the air when I am on that campus versus the atmosphere in public schools.

I am not saying that there are no bullies in private schools. That would be a lie. I had a coworker that pulled her child out of one the prestigious private schools in the area, because of bullying. Her daughter thinks it was because she came from a working class home, and the majority of the children came from a wealthier class. But I know of other children that came from working class families that attended the school with out incident.

Who knows what makes a person decide to act like an ass? I ask myself that questions several times a day when I work with the public. I think that misery doesn't just like company, it wants to punish.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:25 PM
I've never heard the Amish ask to ban cars for the safety of their children. Weird.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:30 PM
a reply to: studio500

What about looking at the root cause of the issue..

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:39 PM
a reply to: NightSkyeB4Dawn

Of course the atmosphere is different. And if that's all that's different...great!

But why not discuss how public schools can model after safer private schools BEFORE we discuss limiting the Constitutionally-protected rights of law abiding citizens?

Private schools demonstrate that white males can go to school and not massacre other students.

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 04:55 PM
a reply to: MotherMayEye

No argument from me.

I do know that private school rules are stricter and that the penalties for breaking them are firm.

It is not just the uniform. At least in the one that my nephews attend, it is sense of pride and commitment to living up to a certain level of performance. I really am not accurately describing it, but trying to get public school parents and students to follow rules seems to be a challenge.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 05:02 PM
a reply to: RickyD

The .223 round was designed to only wound combatants and put them out of action (along with the still healthy soldier helping the wounded) rather than kill. This allowed for a lighter round which infantry could carry more of than heavier, more deadly rounds. Your combat buddy knows what he's talking about.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 06:24 PM
I wonder what the good doctor would say about the wounds if this sick guy decided to pull the fire alarm and instead of a gun got into a large truck and hit a group of about 1000 plus kids at 90 as they gathered at their designated fire drill area.

Once again we do not seem to care about the sickness of this guy and the failure of the system to identify it. This is not just about removing guns from his reach, but to remove him too since he doesn't really need guns if he was so intent on killing.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 08:27 PM
That's a great idea...Let's make a law that prohibits law abiding citizens and criminals from possessing -----

What is this, Comedy Central???

An AR-15 is no more powerful or faster shooting than millions of deer hunting rifles owned in the United States...So you'll have to take them too, right???

I hope your side tries this...Republicans and Trump will win in a landslide in any future elections...

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 08:37 PM
a reply to: studio500

Dang, I wonder if she'd give up her car if she ever had to treat someone who'd been run over by one?

Absolutely nothing but hype.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 08:55 PM
As a surgeon who has worked on victims who've fallen through glass tables, I implore you to finally make glass illegal. The wounds sustained by these people whom simply took a wrong step, or slipped on their children's crayons, deserve a better fate. *this message brought to you by Plexiglass*

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