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Mandatory "civil service" from 16-20 years old - unify teens, form relationship, find problems

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 10:59 AM

originally posted by: Wolf321

As a veteran, I don't believe any free country should have conscription or any mandatory government service. However, I do think that everyone benefits from serving in the military for some time.

As a fellow veteran I agree. The military teaches one humility and provides camraderie.

The problems that cause people to engage in any mass murder are numerous and entirely societies fault, not the fault of any weapon or law or lack of in existence. Society has become increasingly narcissistic, greedy and immoral. The decline in religion and the importance of faith in society en mass and in individual lives is a major component as we have grown increasingly secular.

As an atheist I disagree entirely about religion. Organized religion or the religion of "state" over all other things has contributed much to increasing the world's violence.

There has also been a decline in marriages and families. Another major contributing factor is the ever increasing use of drugs, mainly prescriptions.

I will agree with that, and I would add that full time working mothers doesn't doesn't help when kids are sheltered in their houses instead of playing outside either...learning social skills outside of a school setting.

If we were to round up every gun in the US and drop them in the middle of the Vatican, would the murder rate in that city state suddenly sky rocket? Certainly not.

Nor would it increase if you dropped those same guns into the ocean, but I bet the US gun casualty rate would plummet. Nor would it increase if you dropped those same guns in Singapore, in most places in the world. The US has a strange obsession with guns and the violence they can create. In the rest of the developed world, not so much.

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