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Universal Questions

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 07:30 AM
I can get my brain arround most things concerning what's happening out there in the Universe but there are a couple of issues bugging me and I was hoping someone with a bit more intelligence than I have could explain them to me.
1) Creation and the Big Bang. If we accept that the Universe was created by a big bang and before that there was nothing, how can something suddenly appear that has the entire contents of the Universe in it when there was nothing there to start with?
2) Looking back in time. Astronomers tell us that the Universe is 13 billion? years old by analysing the light from the early stars. Are they looking towards the centre of the Universe, i.e. where everything supposedly started? If so, isn't the 13 billion a figure from where we are towards the centre? If you turned the telescope the other way towards the edge of the Universe aren't there going to be even older stars/galaxys?

I know this is probably old hat to some of you out there but being an ordinary accountant I can't get my brain around these questions.

Can anyone explain them to me.



posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 08:34 AM
One theory suggest that universe might have been "closed" (gravity stopped expansion) causing its collapse back to singularity from which our universe borned.

There isn't such thing as center of universe where it all started, singularity of big bang is (/was) entire universe.

Here's one good site.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 10:14 AM
Try doing some searches on "string theory", "Theory of Holographic Universe", "Chaos Theory", and "Oscillating Universe Theory" if you haven't already. They paint together a pretty radical picture. If anyone has any links to these topics go ahead and post them. They may not explain the origins of the universe in its whole but they might be peices of the puzzle.

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 11:42 AM
Here are some pages on ATS that may help you understand things a bit better, Rijker.

Science & Technology Web Resources
Space Exploration Reference Library

E_T answered the first question quite well, and I can answer the second question easily so I'll just jump to that... The trick is that the center of the universe is relative to the observer. Because of this, we can only see about 16 billion light years away, in any given direction.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 09:00 PM
Occording to the Theory of the Oscilliating Universe the "Big Bang" happened and the universe spred outward as someone above explained and eventually its gravitational pull pulls all that mass back into itself, storing the potential energy, to explode again making the universe again, and again, so who knows what cycle we are on now.

So the point beyond "Singularity" or the initial moment the "Big Bang" happens is catalyst by the universal expansion/depletion of the last cycle. But the point scientist can't figure out is in the 1st official "Big Bang" why it even happened to begin with. This is the point the thread is trying to solve. But think of the universe like a giant globe of the earth. On earth, because of distance there is time, hence distance = time. You could be at one point (say California) and the time would be completely different from
(say Italy). Fly to either or and you go forwards or backwards in time slightly. Now lets say you could circle the globe at the speed of light, you actually go forwards in time, so says Einstein.

Now blow this image up to a gigantic scale, the universe. Lets say you travel from earth to a galaxy 10 light years away (suppose you could). by traveling at the speed of light this would take you ten years to do. If you travel faster than the speed of light (which the experiments of the Holographic Univeres stummbled upon) you could do this even faster. But one point remains by traveling that fast you go forwards in time by ten years. It is that distance that creates the illusion of time. Travel back to earth and you go backwards in time by ten years.

Now the universe is more than likely an open universe, thus being an infanite amount of space. Think of a peice of paper like the dark space of the universe, untouched, voided space, and a circle that constantly expands as the universe. Now the universe, theoreticly, is so big that it goes outside of the paper, expanding on and on, to eventually touch itself again on the outsides on the peice of paper. This can possibly create a time continum.

Interlaced with the theory of a holographic universe and string theory, (there being multiple universes) time would almost have to be in the scenerio explaind above. Not to mention the countless times the universe has expanded and depleted to recreate the "Big Bang" and us possibly being here again and again.

Distance = time so as the universe expands outward time flows in one direction- forward (or so we percieve it as such) but once the universe's gravity becomes too great it pulls itself backwards...and guess what happens to time? It goes backwards!

As the forward cycle goes outward it eventually goes backwards and as the cycles meet up at a single point you have a combination of the future (further universal expansion) and the past (the universe going backwards) to create the present, the "here" and the "now"!

Have you ever wondered why time appears to be speeding up? This is because the universe is at it's climax of expantion. It is spreading rapidly, It's distance increasing, and as such time expands just as fast!

Have you ever had deja vu? This could possibly be the universe meeting up with itself again and again creating a temporary flux in the fabric of time. And the reason why everyone doesn't feel it at the same time is caused by hundreds of factors such as entry of birth, place at any given time, etc.

Now this is all a hypotheses, but as you look further you see it paints a broader picture than most ideas.

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