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Letter from Michael Jackson, etc IS he Guilty. or Innocent?

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 12:54 AM
Letters from Michael and friends....
Thank you dear Unknown…
Reading your letter I had to cry in thankfulness. For that there’s a
man out there who understands me. Maybe there are more. If I
may I’d like to write some sentences to the people of the world. Sentences you will never find in your newspapers, because for
that they are not spectacular enough.
Dear people, I would like to ask you a question –
the question WHY. Why is there so much poverty in the world?
Why so many wars? Why so much torture and agony? And
must children die and innocent suffer? I don’t understand it.
Do you understand it?
I want to help. I want to make people happy, and may it be
for a moment. That is what gives my life a sense. Don’t you
understand me? What did I do that you judge me? Are you
really envious of me? You don’t have to. I wouldn’t wish you
to be me…
Maybe you just want me to confess my ‘guilt’:
Yes, it is true, I do love children! But not the way you want it
to be. I love them from the bottom of my heart. Because
children don’t make wars. Children have never hurt me. It
makes me happy to look in their shining eyes. Is it a crime
wanting to be happy and want to make others happy?
Many of them who visit me are going to die soon, of cancer
or other terrible diseases. I won’t let you forbid me
through your arrogance to give them just one happy day!
Yes, it is true that I had plastic surgeries! Do you know
what it feels like?! How often did I have to wake up in
pain! How often I didn’t know what would expect me
when I look into the mirror! How often did I cry when I
did it! Don’t you see that I’m punishing myself for that
I cannot cope with my face – and with myself! Why do
you also punish me for it?
Yes, it is true, once I was black! You get darker in the
and get admired for that. But I am sick and you hit me
for it. The sun you love so much can kill me. In former
times I loved to be outside in the light, too, now I can
nearly only go out at night. And you make your fun out
of it. If I hadn’t become the Michael Jackson you know
today, then I would also be like that: I would be a white
black with curls and a thick 'n-word'nose for which everybody
would tease me. Well, now you tease me because of my
little nose. Maybe I would already be dead because I
couldn’t protect myself so good as I can today. Would
you prefer it when I was dead? Or when I had never
existed? But then you wouldn’t have my music! Would
you like to do without ‘Billie Jean’?! My music you love
though, don’t you? Just not me. But I create the music
to make you happy.
You torture me with your disgraceful words. Words can
sometimes hurt so much more than punchs. Often I sit
in an edge and cry. I ask God for what I have to suffer,
what a reason I’ve given you. Cause I never did harm
to anyone. I am afraid of you ‘cause you’ve hurt me so
badly. And I don’t even defend myself. I simply hide
behind my masks. Oh, how I hate these masks!
Under them I can hardly breathe. But I have no choice,
it’s the only way to protect myself. But you don’t like
when I protect myself. You’d prefer to kick a defenceless
man in his face. but this favour I won’t do you. I don’t
need to be ashamed for anything I’ve done. And as I
can see at you, dear Unknown there are people who
understand my message.
My friends and me, we don’t go into the war with tanks.
We come with sunflowers to all of you even though you
laugh at us and snap our flowers off. Maybe you will
understand not before not only the flowers but the whole
sun goes out. With my music, with what I do I would like
to bring a light into the world. But is it necessary that
I kill myself until someone believes me? And until someone
believes me that I just want to do good things and that I
suffer from your hate? But then you would be outraged:
“And the children?!” Particularly you would say that, you
who would love the most to take my children away from
me. You say they aren’t my children. You say I couldn’t
educate them. How do you want to know this?! And is
it important then what blood is flowing through their
veins when I would die for them? Your jealousy and
your hate make you blind for what love means.
You don’t know me, nevertheless you have already
judged me! You, those reporters who hammer me
at the cross in the morning, you listen to my music in
the evening! That is not fair! You are not interested
in what you write if it just attracts readers and causes
headlines. But my name is enough to attract the people.
Why is it always necessary to denounce me? Why don’t
you write something positive, there you wouldn’t have to
search so long! Why do I have to be ‘Wacko Jacko’?
Can’t you see that the only one I’m hurting is myself?!
You hunt me like I was a piece of cattle.
Isn’t there anybody who sees that I’m also a human being?!
Where do you have your heart? Where do you have your
mercy? Where do you have your love?
If just one out of ten people who get this letter
tries to understand me, already then my life is it worth
being lived.

-Michael Jackson

Dear Michael.

I am really sorry you are having to go through this
horrible mess again. I know you are strong and will
get through this even stronger. Life throws us curves
when we least expect it Michael, yet we seem to survive
them and come through every one even stronger. You are
far from being alone and I know you are aware of that.
Your fans, family, and friends will continue to be with you
and at your side, and all of our prayers will reach
Gods ears, and he will see you through this. Keep
your faith Michael...You Are Not Alone....
mj friend number 1

I am a very sensitive person. A person with very
vulnerable feelings. My best friends in the whole
world are children and animals. They're the ones
who tell the truth and love you openly and without
reservation. Adults have learned how to hide their
feeling and their emotions. They can lie. They will
smile to your face and say bad things behind your
back. Children haven't learned those things yet,
and they can't hurt you."
-Michael Jackson-

Michael Jackson
Why do I pose such a threat to you? I am human,
I am like you, I have wants and needs as you do as
well as feelings. The cruel malicious things you say
about me hurt. Why can't you write the truth?
Is is it so hard to do that? What are you afraid of?
Before you judge me, try hard first to "love" me...try
to understand what I am about, don't pass judgment
on me, I'm innocent, I have done nothing wrong accept
to love and do what is right...that is what I was taught
as a child.
My life is uncomplicated, simple and child like. There is
nothing wrong with that. Maybe if you took the time to
know your inner child you'd know what I am speaking about.

When my son was born it was a gift, a blessing from above,
I cannot tell you how happy I was to have Prince in my life.
Children are innocent, accepting, loving creatures.
They're honest with their feelings. Without children,
my life would be so empty and lost.
I bless the day that I was given the three most beautiful
gifts in the world. Prince I, Prince II, and sweet little Paris.
They are my entire life.
"I would never hurt a child, I would rather cut my wrists
than hurt a child. If there were no children on this earth,
then I would jump from my balcony and end my life. For
without children my life has no meaning at all."

-Michael Jackson

message from Michael Jackson

“…I remember a long time ago in Indiana, [when I was]
like 6 or 7 years old, and I had a dream that I wanted
to be a performer, you know, an entertainer and whenever
I’d be asleep at night, and my mother would wake me up and say, ‘Michael, Michael, James Brown is on TV!’ I would
jump out of bed and I’d just stare at the screen and I’d do every twist, every turn, every bump, every grind. And it was Jackie Wilson;
the list goes on and on you know, just phenomenal, unlimited,
great talent. It’s very sad to see that these artists really
are penniless because they created so much joy for the
world and the system, beginning with the record companies,
totally took advantage of them. And it’s not like they always
say: ‘they built a big house,’ ‘they spent a lot of money,
’ ‘they bought a lot of cars’--that’s stupid, it’s an excuse.
That’s nothing compared to what artists make. And I
just need you to know that this is very important,
what we’re fighting for because I’m tired. I’m really,
really tired of the manipulation. I’m tired of how the
press is manipulating everything that’s been happening
in this situation. They do not tell the truth, they’re liars.
And they manipulate our history books.
Our history books are not true, it’s a lie. The history books
are lies, you need to know that. You must know that.
All the forms of popular music from jazz, to Hip Hop
to Bebop to Soul, you know, to talking about the
different dances from the Cake Walk to the Jitter Bug
to the Charleston to Break Dancing—all these are forms
of Black dancing! What’s more important than giving
people a sense of escapism, and escapism meaning
entertainment? What would we be like without a song?
What would we be like without a dance, joy and laughter
and music? These things are very important, but if we go
to the bookstore down on the corner, you won’t see
one Black person on the cover. You’ll see Elvis Presley.
You’ll see the Rolling Stones. But where are the real
pioneers who started it? Otis Blackwell was a prolific
phenomenal writer. He wrote some of the greatest Elvis
Presley songs ever. And this was a Black man. He died
penniless and no one knows about this man, that is,
they didn’t write one book about him that I know of
because I’ve search all over the world. And I met his
daughter today, and I was too honored. To me it was
on the same level of meeting the Queen of England
when I met her.
But I’m here to speak for all injustice. You gotta remember
something, the minute I started breaking the all-time record
in record sales—I broke Elvis’s records, I broke the Beatles’
records—the minute [they] became the all-time best selling
albums in the history of the Guinness Book of World Records,
overnight they called me a freak, they called me a
homosexual, they called me a child molester,
they said I tried to bleach my skin.
They did everything to try to turn the public against me.
This is all a complete conspiracy, you have to know that.
I know my race. I just look in the mirror, I know I’m Black.
It’s time for a change. And let’s not leave
this building and forget what has been said.
Put it into your heart, put it into your conscious mind,
and let’s do something about it. We have to! It’s been
a long, long time coming and a change has got to come.
So let’s hold our torches high and get the respect that
we deserve. I love you. I love you. Please don’t put this
in your heart today and forget it tomorrow. We will have
not accomplished our purpose if that happens. This has
got to stop! It’s got to stop, that’s why I’m here with the
best to make sure that it stops. I love you folks.
And remember: we’re all brothers and sisters,
no matter what color we are."

-Michael Jackson

Messages from Michael

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posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 02:15 AM

I laughed so hard...........

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