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Ex CIA Director Brennan Target of Perjury Investigation

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posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 04:28 AM

originally posted by: sligtlyskeptical
All I care about is if the info in the dossier is true or false. If it was false there is a problem. if it is true then the problem is Trumps and all these allegations of an improper FISA process are worthless. Give the actions of the right here it would sure appear that the dossier has some serious nuggets of truth.

Are you an idiot, or do you just play one here?

Steele already admitted that he pulled most of it off a CNN U-Report page, where anyone can post any nonsense, none of it is verified and most of it is unverifiable, and what has been able to be looked into has been proven false.

posted on Dec, 20 2019 @ 10:16 AM
Great post, thanks for organizing that.
How pathetic is Brennan? What a low-life.
I can't believe how the resistance is above the law, I am counting on John Durham and William Barr to change that.

originally posted by: burntheships
The House Intelligence Committee plans to investigate
Ex CIA Director John Brennan and other Obama officials
for the role they played in promoting the Russian sourced
Dossier on Donald Trump.

Reportedly, The CIA pressured the FBI and the DOJ
to use the unverified Clinton funded reports to
seek a FISA Warrant to spy on Trump's camgaign.
Nunes will be investigating prior testimony
from John Brennan while under oath; claiming
he did not know who paid for the Russian information.

In his May 2017 testimony before the intelligence panel, Brennan emphatically denied the dossier factored into the intelligence community’s publicly released conclusion last year that Russia meddled in the 2016 election "to help Trump’s chances of victory.”

Brennan also swore that he did not know who commissioned the anti-Trump research document (excerpt here), even though senior national security and counterintelligence officials at the Justice Department and FBI knew the previous year that the dossier was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Verbatim: Brennan's House Intelligence Testimony

Hillary Clinton and Christopher Steele were desperate to
get the Russian sourced gossip out into the press,
however reputable news outlets refused to publish
the unverified material. On January 10th 2017
Buzzfeed published the dossier, leading to several
defamation and libel lawsuits.

Previously, Brennan had taken credit for initiating
the inquiry.

Live Transscript CNN

The aide, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said Nunes will focus on Brennan as well as President Obama’s first CIA director, Leon Panetta, along with the former president’s intelligence czar, James Clapper, and national security adviser, Susan Rice, and security adviser-turned U.N. ambassador Samantha Power, among other intelligence officials. “John Brennan did more than anyone to promulgate the dirty dossier,” the investigator said. “He politicized and effectively weaponized what was false intelligence against Trump.”

This is not the first time that Brennan lied to Congress.
Brennan's CIA was caught spying on U.S. Senators as
recorded in an IG Report. Dem Senator Diane Feinstein
was outraged.

Brennan’s CIA spied on U.S. Senators, a fact he first lied about and then grudgingly admitted to Congress and apologized for.

See also:
The CIA Just Admitted That It Spied on the US Senate

And in case you were wondering what Brennan has to say about
all of this, he has taken a job with NBC News,
no doubt we will be hearing all about his excuses.

News, Directly From The CIA, FBI, & Other various Alphabet Agencies

Stay Tuned, The Persistence fights The Resistance.

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