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-@TH3WH17ERABB17-Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings- PART 3

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posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:15 AM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
Q: Is John Podesta's brother Brian Podesta, a Senior Analyst at National Center 4Missing & Exploited Children w/Top Secret Security Clearance?

Someone on twitter said this, but it needs looking into..


Yes. He is in this position and it has been investigated...this subject got a lot of citizen journos kicked off youtube. In fact this girl, goes by the name Honeybee. She had thousands of followers on youtube including me and all of her videos were removed including this one which she mirrored to bitchute. This is a rabbithole in itself and is sensitive. I highly recommend her videos pertaining to her vidme investigation before this and in fact all of her videos. This video I'm linking is ONLY about Brian Podesta and who he is and his position in the government and NCMEC. As she states he is a public official and therefore reporting on him is not taboo or shouldn't be. I am super happy to find these videos from about a year ago are still available out there. Though not easy to find and do not come up in a simple google search. There are still many videos of other citizen journos interviewing her on youtube but her presence is entirely scrubbed. It is and was really hard to find actual reporting on this subject that wasn't filled with disinfo. I find her to be entirely transparent and her reporting very truthful, but that's just my opinion. I recommend everyone checking out her videos for yourself and see what you think. I really do not watch a lot of vlogs but hers is worth watching!!

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:24 AM

originally posted by: purplemer
Peeps on here are doing a great job at working on the bread crumbs. But if people are not asking what Qs motives are. Who Q is, What does not add up and what then the whole thread is only looking at half a coin. Its the glaring elephant in the room peeps.

The simplest answer is, Q has powerful enough backers (apparently including the president and military intelligence) to keep him/her/them going. PG did not.

Just my own theory, but perhaps the white hats did in fact know about PG and were using it to identify pedos in Washington. They would not want to alert the targets that they were being observed.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:41 AM
For those saying Q has done nothing to influence anything...

There are now many millions of us....questioning, researching, speaking and reaching out.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:43 AM

originally posted by: AndyFromMichigan

originally posted by: tiredoflooking
The security video police were watching on arrival "had been rewound" was showing a 20 minute delay... So they thought he was on the second floor when really he was long gone. I'm sorry how does this happen? Who put the delay into action for the shooter to then have a chance to blend in and leave with students. Also that timeline doesn't make sense because they say he was at walmart by 2:35 or something close to that. I thought he blended in with other kids and that is how he got away? Oh trouble is coming for Broward county over this one!

I know it has already been discussed that the Broward leos stood outside and didn't enter when Coral Springs leos arrived they were the first to breach. I'm just bringing it up again because here is Broward county again acting odd.

I know everyone feels this shooting is not as it seems but usually these sort of facts do not get reported by CNN. THAT to me is another oddity.

Re David Hogg and now his sister calling out Trump jr. For "taregeted harrasment" on Twitter, as was mentioned earlier, there is definately something odd about this family's promotion of events. I said it a few pages back and I will say it again. I think they planted crisis actor type crumbs to draw just this sort of attention from the right, unfortunately they got what they wanted. My theory could be way off but it's a gut feeling. There was more craft to this then the kids just wanting airtime. Even the tweets, from these siblings and the other prominently placed students, are still ongoing are just too contrived, thought out AND placed prominently in Twitter's main feeds.

Sorry for the delay, I'm just getting caught up after the weekend. When I look at how the MSM (CNN, Twitter, Youtube) are ganging up to protect the students from any sort of questioning, I suspect that yes, the students we're seeing on TV probably are crisis actors, or at a minimum have been heavily coached on what to say. Hogg certainly has been. When you add that to the fact that the cops refused to intervene (ordered to stand down?), and it took them 20 minutes to respond to begin with, plus the odd problems with the tape, plus that girl who said she was with Cruz when the shooting startd.... sorry, but there is solid evidence this was a false flag attack.

Whatever is going on, something is definetely very strange with the students who are now making their rounds in front of the TV cameras to talk about the traumatic experience they have been through. Or maybe, as James Woods says, "grief wears many faces".

So traumatized...


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posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:51 AM

originally posted by: wanderingconfusion
Check this out. David Hogg in a pic with his momma graduating from Redondo Union High School 2016. Can you say CRISIS ACTOR? Looks like the narrative is falling apart. I am disgusted how they can get on t.v. (all the while being paid) off the backs of 17 innocent people who were slaughtered.


I've been getting suspicious because of how hard the MSM is working to protect Hogg. As if the entire narrative depends on him and his crappy acting skills.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:53 AM

originally posted by: tigertatzen
Ok guys, I think I now understand what the significance was of powder being sent to certain people in the mail.

I found this tweet about the whole mind control thing with regard to the shootings, and it led me to This thread about a powder that only needs to be close enough to breathe in, and causes the victim to do whatever they are told and not remember a thing later.

I'm thinking that might have been the reason for the cornstarch powder being mailed. First Mrs Trump got a letter. Then Hussein got one.

They use this drug to control people, make them do things they cannot remember. Who here remembers the skier who disappeared and reappeared thousands of miles away? Did that happen before Mrs Trump got the powder in the mail?

Because it looked like a tennis match scenario in the Q drops.Message received. Response forthcoming. They flaunted the powder by relocating a random guy...Look what we can do, any time we want..

Then, they send cornstarch to Mrs Trump. We can even do it to your family...all it takes is a little bit on a piece of paper, close enough to inhale it.
Message received.

Then Hussein gets a letter. The response that was forthcoming?

That's how they got these people to kill. Scopolamine powder. And they were bragging about it when they sent that letter.

Devil's trumpet. Goes by many other names, commonly used in South America by criminals to subdue and rob unsuspecting victims and leave them with amnesia. Also experimented with by many governments for use as a "truth serum" could be what is sent in a powdered form to these people. There would have to be follow up like someone to guide them after they were exposed. It could be a warning like you mentioned. Scary stuff this drug. es.html



Three arrested in Paris over 'devil's breath' drug that turns victims into willing 'zombies'

Brugmansia arborea, also known as Angel's Trumpet, from the Solanaceae family, contain the alkaloid scopolamine

Picture: Alamy

By Henry Samuel, Paris
7:11PM BST 01 Sep 2015

The three are thought to have stolen millions from unsuspecting victims by blowing scopolamine, a powerful "hypnotic" drug, into strangers' faces

Police have seized two Chinese women and a man in Paris suspected of using a powerful Colombian drug dubbed "the devil’s breath" that turns victims into “zombies” devoid of free will and rob them.

It is thought the three are part of an international Triad-style criminal gangrunning a multimillion-pound operation around the planet.

The women, aged 42 and 59, approached strangers in Paris’ 20th arrondissement and blew the substance into their faces. It is thought to contain scopolamine, a hazardous drug extracted from a South American treerelated to deadly nightshade.

The Soviets and the CIA reportedly used it as a truth serum during the Cold War, while Joseph Mengeles, the Nazi physician dubbed the Angel of Death, had it imported from Colombia to use in interrogations. However, because of the drug’s chemical make-up, it also induces powerful hallucinations.

South American shamans believe angel's trumpet is a sacred plant  Alamy


In strong doses it is lethal. Infamous murderer Dr Crippen is believed to have killed his wife Cora in 1910 using the drug before trying to flee to Canada.

Paris’ judicial police believe the Chinese suspects administered the substance on “dozens” of victims in the French capital in the first reported case of such crimes.

“The victims targeted, very often old, were accosted in the street by a first woman,” a source close to the investigation told Le Parisien newspaper. “This person claimed to be looking for a mysterious 'Doctor Wang' before being joined by her accomplice.

"They managed to isolate their victims, then got them to breathe in a mixture of plants on the grounds they had powerful curative qualities – even protecting them from misfortune.”

Once they inhaled, all the victims recounted falling into a kind of “hypnotic state under the total sway of their handlers,” said the investigative source.

“They then took advantage by getting the victims to take them to their home, where they asked them to put all their jewellery and money into a bag and hand it over to them.”

One Parisian victim lost €100,000 (£73,500) worth of valuables and cash in this way, police said.

The pair had reportedly been operating since spring in Paris. They were caught this week at the entrance to a metro station after they were identified by a member of one of the victims’ entourage. Both deny wrongdoing.

In a subsequent raid on their hotel room in Seine-Saint-Denis, a north-eastern suburb, police discovered an array of vials including “various Chinese medicinal substances as well as weighing scales, filters and gloves”. Analysis of the substance's precise contents is under way.

A third 56-year old suspect, thought to have prepared the mysterious drug, was later arrested.

Chinese authorities informed their French counterparts that the trio belonged to a notorious Chinese criminal network, which “acts around the world and specialises in mental submission with the aid of unknown products," according to Le Parisien. Other members have reportedly been arrested in China and South Korea.

The two women’s passports suggested that they had recently travelled to Madrid and Mexico.

Scopolamine is made from the seeds of a tree called Borrachero – roughly translated as “drunken binge” – which blooms with deceptively beautiful white and yellow flowers. It is mainly produced in Colombia via a chemical process that results in a white powder resembling coc aine.

Stories surrounding the drug are the stuff of urban legends, with some telling horror stories of how people were raped, forced to empty their bank accounts, and even coerced into giving up an organ.

Miriam Gutiérrez, a toxicology expert in Bogota, Colombia, told Vice News: “From a medical point of view, it’s the perfect substance to commit criminal acts because the victim won’t remember anything, and therefore won’t report anything.”

Dementia Black, a drug dealer, told the news website the effects of blowing it into someone’s face are almost instant. “It works in a flash. You wait for a minute for it to kick in and then you know you own that person. You can guide them wherever you want. It’s like they’re a child.”

According to the US state department, unofficial estimates put the number of annual scopolamine incidents in Colombia at approximately 50,000.

“Scopolamine can render a victim unconscious for 24 hours or more. In large doses, it can cause respiratory failure and death,” its website warns. “It is most often administered in liquid or powder form in foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents occur in night clubs and bars, and usually men, perceived to be wealthy, are targeted by young, attractive women.”

It is thought that other members of the gang may still be at large and that they have already sent “millions” of euros from crimes related to the drug back to China.



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There is a really good movie about this type of drug though it uses a different process and drug in the movie, making it a really specialized process to develop, possibly because they don't want everyone trying the real thing out. The movie goes deeper into the lifecycle of a parasite that comes from the plant used to make the drug and in turn affects the consciousness of the victims. It's a good watch for many reasons!! Upstream Color.
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posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: Skyfloating
Just for clarity, have you superimposed the smaller pictures on top for comparison with the 2 painted figures?

I've just followed the link and they don't seem to be on the original now.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:04 AM

originally posted by: Skyfloating
The tangible result is that you now have around 20 Million people out there with a radically different awareness of politics than those fed by MSM. This new mass-awareness eventually translates into results such as resignations initially and arrests eventually as well as a general improvement of society, as already evidenced in economic upswings, crackdowns on criminal entities such as MS-13 and the House of Saud, Child Traffickers and the reform of outfits such as the FBI and Hollywood.

how did your heightened awareness cause those resignations and/or arrests? which ones?

how did your heightened awareness cause economic upswings and crackdowns on criminal entities?

please be specific about the process. i don't see any evidence that all this internet brainstorming has made anything happen.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:08 AM

originally posted by: IAMTAT
For those saying Q has done nothing to influence anything...

There are now many millions of us....questioning, researching, speaking and reaching out.

One small example...

With just a simple couple of positive words in response to an anonymous poster on an obscure Internet forum..Q made an old, unknown, book a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in a matter of minutes.

The power of Q is VERY real...and is being wielded responsibly, intelligently, effectively,...yet strategically.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:09 AM
a reply to: fiverx313

Im not sure you understand the consciousness thing.

Its not that the mass awakening in and of itself is causing the cleanup.
Rather, the whitehats(Q, MI, trump) cant just start arresting teh swamp and sending 20% of washington and pols around the country to GITMO.
there would be riots, unrest, WWIII or worse.
Therefore Q is laying it all out, over several months to prepare the public so that when the public arrests start happening there wont be a huge freakout followed by disaster.
The the trump gang is allegedly forcing all these resignations across the board. we are here to dig, and show ourselves and others how sick, criminal, and depraved the swamp truly is, so when the time is right you wont be tempted to have any mercy on them. no matter what side of the aisle you are drawn to, if any.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:13 AM
a reply to: fiverx313

White hats feed the awakening. The awakening feeds the the white hats.

This has been going on since before Trump. You think Weinstein resigns if Hillary wins?

No one believes that. Keep trollin.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:22 AM

originally posted by: IAMTAT

originally posted by: IAMTAT
For those saying Q has done nothing to influence anything...

There are now many millions of us....questioning, researching, speaking and reaching out.

One small example...

With just a simple couple of positive words in response to an anonymous poster on an obscure Internet forum..Q made an old, unknown, book a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in a matter of minutes.

The power of Q is VERY real...and is being wielded responsibly, intelligently, effectively,...yet strategically.

It is this exponentially growing power and influence....made possible by the growing multitude and reach of Q followers and researchers...which invites censorship, trolling, insults and silly monkey poo-throwing from those whom FEAR this power.

Make no mistake...THEY see it...and they are right to fear it.
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posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking
Hi tired of looking. The telegraph link does hit the telegraph web site but says it can't find page I'm looking for. Could you check the link please?

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:39 AM

originally posted by: RelSciHistItSufi
a reply to: tiredoflooking
Hi tired of looking. The telegraph link does hit the telegraph web site but says it can't find page I'm looking for. Could you check the link please?

Link will not work though the article is there so I quoted it ...badly.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: Skyfloating

In case you missed it:

The D.C. Police and Child Endangerment

The theory is that many children of color are missing in Washington, DC and it might be connected to human trafficking, and furthermore the police and possibly politicians might be involved in the human trafficking and covering it up.

Let's see how Newsham (Chief of Police), is doing, shall we?

Brendan Orsinger does not like the D.C. police chief. He has made his views clear on Twitter, writing that “Peter Newsham is a liability to this city” and calling officers “a bunch of violent bullies.”

The @AltChiefNewsham account has called Newsham a liar who covers up “the abuse & violence” of his officers against “black & brown communities.”


I wonder... What else is in the news?

Former D.C. police officer gets 15 years in prison in terrorism case

Former police officer with the D.C. Metro system will spend 15 years in prison after getting caught in a terrorism sting operation, even as he continues to argue that he is not an Islamic State supporter but a misunderstood patriot.

Nicholas Young, 38, was found guilty at trial last year, after failing to convince a jury in Alexandria, Virginia, federal court that he was lured by law enforcement into lying for and giving financial support to a supposed Islamic State recruit. The recruit was actually an FBI informant, identified in court only as Mohammed.

"I'm sorry for letting my friends down, letting my family down," Young, the first member of law enforcement to ever face terrorism charges in the United States, said in court Friday. "Those people in my life deserved better from me."

But he also criticized the government, saying authorities misrepresented the body armor in his home and targeted him through an undercover informant "when I declined the government offer to spy on other Muslims in mosques."

The MPD has quite the history.

When including "all of the above," it is worth noting:

As the capital of the United States, Washington is a Federal district and subject to the ultimate authority of the U.S. Congress, including the Metropolitan Police. The MPD has a unique role in that it serves as a local police department, with county, state and Federal responsibilities, and is under a municipal government but operates under Federal authority. They are responsible for operating the District's sex offender registry, approving all applications for motorcades, protests, demonstrations and other public events, and maintain the District's firearm registry.

Sex offenders protecting sex offenders, no?

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:47 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:52 AM
Atheist skeptic subject of serial harassment complaints.

Krauss is a buddy with Epstein and Dawkins, and defended Epstein publicly after his conviction.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:54 AM

originally posted by: AnkhMorpork
Q: Is John Podesta's brother Brian Podesta, a Senior Analyst at National Center 4Missing & Exploited Children w/Top Secret Security Clearance?

Someone on twitter said this, but it needs looking into..


Here's another person claiming they were banned on Twitter for discussing Brian Podesta.

Looking more into him now, looks like his parents are also editors at The Washington Post, where John Podesta is now working ? I need to verify this more.

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 09:58 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

No problem when I try to trim off all the junk at the end ATS won't let me saying there are too many characters in use...but it let me put the post up. I dunno but the article is super intetesting! The things this drug can be used for and the fact they seemed to uncover a huge crime ring. Funny I cannot find any further info, like testing of the substance mentioned in the article... This was reported in 2015!

posted on Feb, 26 2018 @ 10:00 AM
a reply to: RadioRobert

It’s almost like these elitist “victims” forgot that elevating yourself over others puts a target on your back.

I have a hard time believing anything they say.

DC hotel.

Person of power exploits trusting stranger.

How many times have we heard this story in the last two years?

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