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Is America on the decline of world respect

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posted on Feb, 17 2018 @ 04:34 AM

originally posted by: darepairman

originally posted by: Vroomfondel
a reply to: RAY1990

First, the world may not care about silly sex scandals, and I would agree with that. However, the willingness to blatantly lie to the whole viewing planet and the expectation that those lies would be blindly accepted is much more severe an issue and one the demands critical thinking on the part of the viewer. That is, viewers capable of understanding the impact of such actions on a world stage. I excuse you for not noticing.

As for bankrolling wars, we have been in that business for what, 50 years now? War has been a business on this planet since the first time two cultures armed themselves and squared off. Its awfully narrow minded to focus the blame on the new kid on the block, globally speaking. No, its the old money that bankrolls wars. You are just mad that we got a slice of the pie.

As for music, sorry but no. I have been a musician for more than 40 years. rap was and still is a sorry excuse for talent. You can call it expression if you want. I view that in the same vein as an angry toddler smearing feces on a wall. Yep, thats an expression alright... Now, if you want to be taken more seriously, find a more sophisticated way of expressing yourself.

As an American, I am with you on that. I couldn't care less what Willy was doing with a young inturn, hell look at his alternative. It is the lying I cant stand it teaches that its ok. I raised my children with the rule that you could almost get away with murder in my house as long as you told the truth. I really don't have respect for liers.

Oh ya, Rap is the lowest form of entertainment, I think I would rather listen to polka music, and this coming from a rocker/country/ Blues lover

Rap allows anyone to talk about killing cops, exploit women as sex objects, and often say n-word, for shock value, or an image of rebel, It was spoken long before it formed into a genre of music.

A rapper was either being honest, and spoke his mind, or he was just a foul-mouthed street punk, a thug.

There was very little original music in rap, it was mostly street slang. The music was used by rap, and that made rap a popular genre of music..

A bit like beatniks, years earlier.

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