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posted on Feb, 8 2018 @ 02:27 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard

The government was never intended to exclusively carry out those functions anyhow. Investigating, arresting and presenting evidence of crimes to the government was historically a function of the private citizens/militias. This way was good for liberty/freedom for any number of reasons, but needless to say having a government that investigates/arrests/prosecutes/tries/convicts/carries out punishment is giving them a monopoly on justice (something they were never intended to have). For example, their subversion of the grand jury process via federal uniform criminal procedures was another "slip" toward a tyrannical monopoly. Today's grand jury is a laughable farce compared to the founder's intent, and many sickly muse that it would indict a ham sandwich (therefore defacto beholden to a government prosecutor = completely unconstitutional)

No evidence was ever presented indicating Sessions was involved in any crime. Those allegations were thrown at him as retribution, because we all remember how unpopular he was with the Dems (for some unknown reason). Russia allegations are the new nazi/racist allegation. It is another way for conservatives to be smeared for their beliefs, and this is exactly what happened to Sessions.

His detractors knew he would take an honest look at the Russia matter (trusting his FBI's 1st conclusion: that no evidence was found against Trump). They needed a stooge like Rod Rosencrime heading the investigation

I can see you are very angry. I think you are being sold a bill of goods by your news sources, and they are, shall we say, misinterpreting the data.

I say we stick with the Constitution as it is, with Three branches, checks and balances and a Justice system that it independent but not corporatized.

Thanks AB

I am pretty angry by this whole thing, because the "home team, MY team" is being made out to look like a bunch of corrupt, politicized forces for political retribution instead of a force of good that upholds the rule of law, including traditions like presumptive innocence and due process

But there has been none of that. Rightfully, Trump has already been cleared by the FBI once. What on Earth justifies continuing an investigation that is only being used to hurt him politically? I just haven't seen any evidence showing otherwise. If I did, I could change that opinion but where is it? I mean there isn't even evidence showing "The Russians" hacked anybody to begin with. Where is that?

I'd like to point out I am not P/Od at anybody on here, just at the situation in general. It kills me to think so many people have worked their whole lives to live up to the ideals expected of LE and especially FBI. "Untouchables" "Uncorruptables" My a##

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