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Coming to terms with the way people treat me

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posted on Feb, 21 2018 @ 09:40 AM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: AlienVessel


One of the most difficult things in all human interaction, is communication. With so much of our day to day, face to face communication being non-verbal, things can become twisted very easily. Also, when the balance of ones mind is not even, one can easily misread the intent of a persons utterances, even in person. Think then, how much more difficult it is to make oneself clear in plain text, such as this page is full of!

The poster who spoke of the importance of paragraphs MAY have been snarky, or may have been concerned that your manner of communication was unlikely to attract the sort of attention that you desired. Even in the event that this is not the case, that they were indeed being uncivil, are they wrong? Would communicating clearly aid, or harm your effort to gain some placidity?

It makes no sense to retreat away from us, just on the basis you suggested.

It is very clear that people do not want others to feel peace, by loving them. Even if I do nothing, people come up with things that are not true to harass me with, all in the determination to cause my feelings to become not even. Whether you admit it or not - people do have that power, and even the most strongest and intelligent of minds cannot avoid the effects that come from causes. For example, I was awoken to harassment from my roommate at 4:30 am this morning, she was singing outside of my room and telling me that she was trespassing and entering my room when I am not there. I did not give into to her negative energy and hatred, I just waited for her to leave to work, however even though I controlled myself my heart rate still sped up - there is no way to not be affected at all, when somebody is hating you and attacking you.

Making paragraphs in my OP is really the smallest thing I can imagine to argue about when we are dealing with chronic depression coming from an unfathomable amount of hatred by the unrighteous world. It is just something that the people who hate me and want me to feel miserable choose to pick to attack me with because there is nothing else immediately that they can use.

But just to make all these people who hate me happy, fine, I am writing in paragraphs. It still doesn't change the fact that these people hate me and will find something else to harass me about.

The point is that I was feeling like hell. Other people made me feel like hell by treating bad. If people are insulting me and disrespecting me for not writing in paragraphs obviously it is going to make me feel worse as all I am wanting in this horrible world of hate is a small bit of care, that care which does not exists at all in my life. This week I had a real satanist try to wiggle her way back into my life so she can drain me of everything good. it is so crazy that people who hate God really exist because they see that I am aware of the Law of God, which is treat others how you would want to be treated, not how they treat you, and they plan my destruction because they hate that I try to please God because they don't even believe in God.

So the point that I am trying to get at, is the only way for me to heal myself is to run away from everybody that is hating me. And that is what I did, and it made me feel better.

posted on Feb, 21 2018 @ 09:48 AM

originally posted by: nightbringr

originally posted by: AlienVessel

originally posted by: Lysergic
a reply to: AlienVessel

Maybe if you learn to use paragraphs they might treat you mo betta?

You are CERTAINLY 1 of those people. I want to leave this planet because of you.

If a statement like that can bother you so much, you need to grow a pair.

I'm sorry, but you are a snowflake. The world is what we maker of it. Get off the dope, get a job and stop worrying about what others think about you.

This is such a dry incorrect wrong statement. This shows the kind of minds and hearts I am dealing with in the world. These people have the minds of snowflakes, because they are so darn cold blooded. It really bothers me how WRONG people are. And how ARROGANT they are. They are so wrong, but yet everything in them thinks that they are right. That is really why I CANNOT WAIT for the next world. Because in the next world I truly believe that we will not be able to be wrong anymore. Truth will be truth, and finally we cannot act like we are truthful when we are not - it will not be allowed. In the next world - this fool will not be able to make these judgmental accusations about how I am - because he will know how I am, and he will know the truth. He will see the truth that I do not care about what other people think of me. He will also see understanding perhaps for the first time in his life - he will see that it is not about one person saying one thing that upsets me - it is about 50 people saying 50 things to upset me, and the 51st person just frustrated me over the top because I had to deal with the first 50 idiots before him. What a stupid idiot. He walks the world with absolutely pride thinking that he is right when in all truth of God he is incredibly wrong. This will be like a movie with popcorn in heaven - to see all these arrogant prideful fools who thought they were so smart - to be humbled and apologizing in utter disgrace to all the people they judged wrongly against - I cannot wait for it because I know that it will happen! You people will not get away with judging others wrongly in the next world!!!

God I cannot wait to show these people that getting high was so much worth it - just to escape the stupid idiot wrong and incorrect world that try to put categorize me in. Stupid idiot people my whole life telling me what I am not. Getting high is SO MUCH WORTH IT to forget about these stupid idiot lame ignorant people!

posted on Feb, 21 2018 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: AlienVessel

Good to see you are communicating once again. This is progress.

Did you have a chance to look over my first post in this thread?

posted on Feb, 27 2018 @ 10:35 AM

originally posted by: [post=23123142]TrueBrit

Is it at all possible, that the effects of the chemicals to which you say you have retreated, have caused your assessment of the behaviour of others, to warp and change, beyond your ability to rely upon them adequately? Is it possible that something you were using before, added to your low self opinion, caused a pre-existing persecution complex to become ever more present in the forefront of your mind?

This is highly likely. But it also has a twist, as being void and low of chemicals that my mind needs to be stablized naturally has made me paranoid in a sense, in the delusion that I am not loved because of the strange way I feel inside, but has also risen my perception of the psychology for why people say and do things on account of what others say and do.

The other side to this story is what I have become, and the way I act can affect the way others act towards me, sometimes they act that way based on a false interpretation. The foundation that I have is love, I show love through a calm humble caring voice and ready to be at somebody's side in need, showing them I am truthful in my care towards them and my polite and respectful attention I am giving them, regardless if they have earned trust or anything from me. Sometimes it is this righteousness by itself for the root cause of others becoming jealous and wanting to harm my emotions just because I have developed solid foundations spiritually and mentally that they have no idea about why or what they are for, they just know it is right unconsciously, but they do not know what is righteous because they don't understand spirituality, and that alone causes them to lash out at me.

Is it at all possible, AlienVessel, that you were suffering from a malady BEFORE your escape into chemical oblivion, and are now suffering a catastrophe instead of a mere problem, as a result of adding unhelpful combinations of chemicals into your brain matter, likely as a result of poor choices from a psychomedical point of view? I am not saying that all off the books substances are generally bad, it would be hypocritical of me to suggest any such thing. But what I am saying is, that unless you are a very particular sort of person, with a very particular list of skills, interests and learning associated therewith, it is not at all common for a person who does not possess a degree in the medical field, to be capable of correctly assessing what might best effect a troubled mind. The "fling it at the wall and see what sticks" approach is far more common, and I suggest that on balance, it is likely the approach you utilised in finding a source of chemical calm, to ease the crashing waves in your headspace.

Well I think that from a medical point of view a person must take some of that approach simply because I have found in my experience and learning that the medical board and the whole international medical society is luciferean, which means they are absolute liars with the will to trick humanity and ultimately kill them. An example is that the over the counter pain medication is lethal if taken in large amounts because it kills your liver, but the opiate controlled medication for pain is lethal in large amounts, not because it kills your liver but because it makes you so sedated that you fall asleep and die because you choke or can't wake up. My point is that one medication sold to the masses is a poison, and the other which is labeled as the lethal one is actually a natural remedy and if taken correctly is much less dangerous and much more effective than the latter. It's just an example to show how much culprits the medical society really are.

I posit that the choice you made was not made in a frame of mind which lends itself to informed decision making. I posit that your issue started not as a result of the treatment of others toward yourself, but that the more concerning issue you have started when you made poor medical decisions for yourself and your mental health, and are now being flushed down a psychological toilet you pulled the handle of yourself.

I would disagree with your assessment, and thankfully my emotions are not flaring right now so I can explain without being negative. I was adopted, and my whole life I have felt a longing for my birth mother. I started using early and I had no idea why there was a void in me or what it was, I didn't even know it was a void. In my adult life, I decided that I needed a loving relationship to fill the void, because when I first fell in love I found that it worked to help me, and it did heal me. But the reality of my love life has been very painful, I have experienced about 2 months of love and about 3 full years of unrequitted love, so that means that after what happened in my relationships I was in tears for about 3 full years of my adult life. I traveled around the world, being the best I could be, looking for love, but it has not come to me and I have given up on love because I cannot find a woman to care about me no matter how good I am, so it can be argued that beautiful women only are attracted to money, so rich men can have love but poor men such as myself cannot. In my adult life, through my experience of looking for love, I also sought after love from the male view which is friendship. And even the friends I have had for decades ended up burning me and showing that they only cared about themselves - no care for me either in this area. So then I go into the medical arena and try therapists, psychologists, and so forth. And after that I learned that not one person in the medical area cared anything about me, in fact they all hated me and only wanted my money, and the second I didn't have any money they would treat me horrible and bring tears to my eyes. Then, this leaves my career, of course I can find somebody in the world to care anything about me and not want to steal my possessions or cause harm to me or the things I love. But it turns out that among the apathetic people in the world I encountered in the job world I learned that many executives and the world's leading wealthy people are actually satanists!!! I learned their whole philosophy, and it makes so so sick. And now from knowing them, I can honestly say that I hate satanists so much that it makes me want to vomit, because I love God with all my heart, but also I love God's Law with all my heart.

What I am trying to say is that I have spent a lifetime looking for care in the world, from the work field, to the social field, to the medical field, to the religious field, to the romantic field, and the very truth is that the only beings I have found that care anything about me are not even from the same species and cannot speak! Because they are animals! So here you have a sensitive man that was adopted into a world of total hatred - For the Reason That I am Living! When I Did Not Ask To Be Born - But that is the reason they they hate me - just because I am here on the earth - not because of anything I have done.

And just to let you know, I have always been terrified of needles and therefore have never done heroin. My addiction was oxycodone, and I have, after a full year of treacherous work, cut down my use.
edit on 27-2-2018 by AlienVessel because: grammar

posted on Feb, 27 2018 @ 10:54 AM

Hate comes from hell. Hate belongs to the devil. Some of you may think that the devil is cool. Some of you believe in hate. Meaning that you like hell, maybe you want to be part of hell, and I know if you believe in hate, you simply do not know what hell is, because no human would voluntarily give their soul up if they really knew what was in store for them, unless they truly believed and wanted to hate in the creation of the universe, to me it makes ZERO sense.

Love comes from God. The unity of being together in harmony and the meaning of Good. I do not believe in treating people the way they treat me. If I do lash out at somebody treating me wrong, it is not my voluntary decision but a reaction because of my emotional state of mind. My choice, is to love any person even if they do hate me. My choice is to return the hatred of the world that is given to me with a small humble tear. No person must earn my respect. I believe in righteousness which is treating every living being the way I would like to be treated. I love the creation of God.

posted on Mar, 23 2018 @ 01:18 PM
I have gathered enough intelligence that I now know how to describe at least one alternate scenario of my post. Psychology a mist of human relations can go many ways so this is just one kind of event, but nonetheless it is truthful and real, and therefore people who live in a deceptive nature will have negative impulses to condemn me in preaching this, not necessarily because they want to hide the truth but because they don't know the truth and it pinches a nerve when they hear it since they are unable to conceive the truth.

One person develops envy when the other person is minding his own. The envious person believes in deception if deception means putting food on the table for their family and being successful and able to survive. Upon the envy of seeing an intelligent person establish truthful based choices in regards to their freedom, this person decides to be manipulative and cause the innocent person to stumble so that they can show them as being at fault in the view of others and thus persuade others of how to conceive of him or her based on what they say about them.

There are many ways to "cause a person to stumble." One is hypocrisy, saying something you are condemning yet you just did it. Another is contradiction, saying something that is the opposite of what you said earlier. These tactics are known to be committed as pure acts of disrespect, when done to an unsuspecting person it causes frustration - emotion. The tactic used in my example today is simply making the person repeating themselves. If you, 5 or 6 times say something that you are condemning towards the actions of another person, and you are arguing the same thing thus making the person repeat themselves as to why it was being done (their side of the argument), and you are unsuspecting of nefarious activity, it will also cause emotion and frustration. So the goal is to cause the person to be unstable emotionally. It is at this exact time that you press them hard right when they become flustered, this person can rush you with 3 fast questions and not allowing you to answer, and all of the questions involve accusing you of being a hypocrite, and you can explain why as to all of them but you are not given any time as you are cut off and interrupted - this will also cause emotion in a person because it is very much the opposite of giving them loving attention. But if you are suspecting that people are smart enough to do these things on purpose, it is possible to reflect the emotion upon that knowledge and in that time, the knowledge provides that you have to do the opposite of what they think you will ( I don't want to give all my secrets away here with the people that take advantage of me being a human).

So as you can see it gets complex. And when somebody is verbally attacking you, or when somebody is believing another person's word over your evidence and proof that you are the one telling the truth, we don't have time to explain any of this. it is just a nasty world and sometime we have to admit that we will be hurt from time to time because people want to hurt us, and spiritually that is just it. We can fuss about it or reject it and hate them but that would mean we would be indulging in negative emotions also.

posted on Mar, 23 2018 @ 01:23 PM
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