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Need help with Java programming in/for Chrome OS

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posted on Feb, 6 2018 @ 05:04 PM

Bought myself an Acer 2-1 chromebook. Nice little thing, and inexpensive. The 2-1 is in reference to the fact that you can open it up 360 and simply use it as a tablet.

I mainly bought it so that I could use it as the tablet with the screen in portrait orientation. Why? Well, I sing in a band and I got sick and tired of my physical lyrics book.

So, by day I am a masked software engineer.... I fight bad code everywhere! I'm having a few problems with the chrome book that I'm asking for help with because I do not really know java, but this is annoying me so much I'm wanting to write a simple little app that will do the following three things....

1 - When you open it up 360 and go into tablet mode, the keyboard and touchpad do NOT deactivate.... which causes strangeness.... I want to be able to write code that once I execute the problem, it'll temporarily disable the two, then enable them once the program has been stopped.

2 - When in tablet mode and the app is run, lock the screen orientation into portrait mode. Right now, if I change the orientation but look at it in a weird way or the stars aren't properly aligned the orientation will go right back to landscape..... I'm thinking maybe there's a physical level inside that is detecting the tilt...... possibly an accelerometer. Just as with number 1, I wish to lock the orientation in tablet mode, and unlock it once I end the app I've created...

3 - Where at first the on screen keyboard for tablet mode worked fine. Now, when in tablet mode, I cannot get the sucker to come up. I'm wanting my code to turn this on, and then release control once I've ended the program.

Now, I'm not wanting someone to write this for me, I want to do it. But, what I am asking for help with is to know if the above three things are possible.... and what java library/function would I use to do the enabling and disabling?

Thanks a bunch!

posted on Feb, 7 2018 @ 02:21 PM
I have never owned a tablet laptop computer, but it sounds like all of this can be done through the system settings.

Again I do not own one of these yet but you might want to check all of the settings in the main operating system before telling java to take control of your system.

I do not believe writing a script in Java to do simple things will work correctly with the other executables you want to do with the laptop.

I do believe you can turn off the accelerometer, and you can tap a button to open the on screen keyboard at any time. And locking the screen in landscape or portrait mode is possible if you are using a windows machine.

If your laptop tablet thing is running windows I do know for a fact you can turn on the on screen keyboard, you can turn off the screen orientation from auto to static.

But the keyboard being turned on while the screen is flipped I believe is actually an on off switch. Where as no current runs through the keyboard while the screen is flipped. If it still has power running to it then it is a simple registry hack really. Just find the registry entry that turns off the keyboard when in a certain state and it will work while it is flipped. Just do not delete the registry as instead change it from a 1 to a 0. Or keep it at 1 if it is the opposite.

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