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POLITICS: Uganda Admits To Recruitment Of Child Soldiers

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 03:23 PM
The rebel group Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda has been kidnapping and brainwashing children to fight their war for them. As child-soldiers are captured or escape however, a second problem is emerging. The kids want to fight their former captors, and the Ugandan Army is all too glad to accept them. A spokesman for the Ugandan Army simply calls it the lesser of two evils, as the children could not possibly find employment outside of the military. Unicef has been working to identify the under age soldiers, some of whom are under 16, and get them out of the service.
During the 19 years of conflict in northern Uganda, over 20,000 children have been abducted by the rebel LRA.

The BBC's Will Ross in Kampala says that in the LRA, the children are usually brainwashed and given the choice: "Kill or be killed".

There has been concern raised in the local media that former LRA fighters who are even younger than 16 or 17 are joining the Ugandan military.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It stuns me that things like this are going on in the world. We never think about it because we're perfectly safe over here in America. We will never get involved because there is nothing in it for us.
Truth be told there IS something it it for us really- if we could build and stablize those nations we could have mutually beneficial trade for their ore, and their arable land would open up the possibility of produce-for-oil trading with Saharan nations. That doesn't matter though, because corporations want to leave Africa as an untapped reserve to be unfairly exploited later.
How can anybody be OK with something like this? I'd love to do something about a situation like this. You'd think that there would be a charity dedicated to hiring mercs to go kick the living snot out of the LRA or something. If I was gonna be a missionary, I'd be a mercinary missionary and places like this would be where I wanted to go. I simply lack the vocabulary for how incredibly repugnant this situation is. It makes you want to kill somebody.

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 03:26 AM
Good focus, and im really sorry to do this two you because yo useem like a good person. The whole child soldier thing is a lot sicker than you seem to think. It started when the "moderate" replacement for Idi Amin decided that one of the provinces, i think it was the luwheru people, were getting too uppity. The ugandan armed forces then procedded to try and kill every man and woman worth spending a bullet or macheti swing on. (unfortunatly far to common in central africa, and you will see why soon). They succeded. theproblem was Apollo Milton Ubute (i still can't beleive that's his name) the "moderate" president (moderate is a title african strongmen use to get western reporters to ignore there little genocides and reduce them to tribal policing campaings or disputes). He didn't order the kids killed (sounds sick but the consequence is worse). So the kids pick up the AKs and kick the Ugandan defence force (?) out. yep apparently the best schock troop you can get you hands on is a 13 year old with an AK. Makes sence, once you repress your desire to vomit. no need to conditioning for war. your not going to need them to do anything complicated so there training involves point that end at the otherguy and try no to lose balance. They follow orders without question and have moral forged in hell (no wife and kids at home, no sence of mortality, just hate for the other guy and love for you). well after kicking te snot out of an army and the former leader of the region (who had fled to london), had returned and taken power over the entirety of Uganda (still the case today), a good chunk of these kids joined Aunti Alices own bulletproof crusade, The LRA. Since this people have understood: young enough not to know death, righ wrong or pubencent rebellion, but old enough to fire a gun, makes the best front line troop. and they're almost free to boot. hence LRA, Uganda, eteopia etc using them as front line troops as fast as they can replace the casulties.

It's sick but the moral is good: first, if your going to fight a zero sum war (chechnya, Kurdistan, greek revolution...) be prepared to kill everyone that might remeber they existed, and don't forget the Goldeneye Bond Villan (that means above the age of... dead) otherwise just give up. Now for most of the world that means just leave these guys alone until they turn into the basque or corsicans and realise that the bigger the country your in the better for you, as long as that country has good social policy and gives municipalities plenty of power. Central africa that means either run to europe or sign your soul away because the only people who can actually change the rules of the game (that would be us, don't know or care enough).

Second moral: WE NEED to fix this mess. I don't care who you are: if fixing a senerio that encurages child soldiery genocide and mutilation, as elements of rational national policy, you deserve to be lathered up in bacon grease and airdroped into the "not much the" Peoples "not so" Democratic "having nothing to do with a" Republic of Congo. It takes money and will (by the way money is fake, we made it up, it used to represent a certain amount of gold but now, not a whole lot) As a planet we just need to fix it, or at least those of us who shouldn't smell like sunday at Denny's.

This is not new knowledge though, this is wy the turks let greece gain independance and Saddam gassed the kurds. The turks didn't suck enough as people, and Saddam was using British plans for the kurds. (the original plan was to gas them until the moutains wouldn't support life for another century, but RAF strikes held off the plan long enough for the Kurds to regester that their leaders were about to get them ALL killed and seek a peacefull solution (not rebelling during major war time(WW2 and the Iran Iraq war being right up there on the list).

Sorry this is a little crass but its not exactly a warm and fuzzy topic for me(NGO/Policy/Development Politics being my focus of interest).I'm also kinda drunk...

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 08:20 AM
Good piece Vagabond.

The "civilized" world ignores the illegal trade in children across the board. ...It's horrific - and runs the the gamut from child soldiers to slave labor and the sex trade through to organ and stem cell harvesting.

Can't see any way to deal with it except by strengthening the UN (
) and somehow tightening the supervision and monitoring of "protective" agencies.


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