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What happened to the slingatron ?

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posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 02:54 PM
Some interesting concept,

crudely described here:

For a high-velocity launch stream, either for space or millitary purposes , dubbed "the poor mans worldwide delivery system" much chatter about it in the nineties, but can't find much material dated after the year 2000,

What happened, somebody debunked the concept, or did it become a classified project ?

Any takers ?

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:35 AM
I saw this in the paper today, talking about conspiracy theorist's believe that this idea has gone black.

The concept is a very old one, and obviously couldn't be used for humans with the Gforces.
But a cool idea, but where has it gone.

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 05:37 AM
its also funny how this is in the weapons section, i did hear that this technology could be used to send missiles across the globe very fast, so maybe that's why.

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 12:48 PM
The US army did a study last year -

and just this week DARPA were reported to have planned to spend $7m on it, but it somehow disappeared from sight...

Black program, as the writer suggests? or just another flaky idea that can't work?

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by Wembley
or just another flaky idea that can't work?

From what I've read on the sparse pdf's available on the subject, the latter.

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