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Myriad of Allusions (an ATS exclusive POEM)

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posted on Jan, 30 2018 @ 03:45 AM
Suddenly I feel compelled to bestow upon thee the cryptic logic that makes my wisdom so cold. This is my first poem that I've ever published on the interweb. So please, DO feel privileged.

Myriad of Allusions (a poem by Cold Wisdom)

reality to me, is what I see
it's one big b-l-a-c-k-h-o-l-e

at the center of our galaxy gravity starts to bend
the dimension of time which we seek to transcend

TRUTH is the course and REALITY is the source
omnipresent like the force yet impervious to divorce

cosmically endorsed and universally enforced
that all pervasive warmth begets celestial intercourse

wake up FOOL, before you nod out and wreck
reality is a wall and YOU are the architect

my deck is high tech, I’m a magician and a prophet
I move spheres with my mind with the universe in my pocket

like Jack Parson's rocket, you cannot stop it
I'll open the door for you - step through - close it - then lock it

calculate your fate when I deal you this next hand
the cards, they command.... divide - add - multiply - understand

now, check your treble, lest you get on my level
I’m doing god’s work but I work for the devil

I’m a rebel, see? on a quest for my cause
I seek meaning in life, I create my own laws

out of the ordinary, extraordinary, telekinetic
interstellar constellations and quantum mechanics

this poem is interdimensional, rising with each dawn
to create a theoretic-prophetic-phonetic conjure of Babalon

now break the facade to see what lies beneath
quite the difficult task, it's no ordinary feat

ordinary in that line, is the word to hold key
your eyes may be open, yet you still cannot see

allow me to help thee, realign thou’s chi
begin by exhaling, then breath… breath… breath…

you will find your center once I’ve finished this tale
if you read between the lines you may find the holy grail

not holy in the sense of the words we define
words are merely words, they are nothing divine

words are ideas, they are constructs of mine
carefully arranged to rhyme with the time

buddha once said “time cannot be measured by man”
like a projection of your mind, or a footprint in the sand

time is an illusion, it's no more than a myth
the fourth dimension perhaps? so then… what is the fifth?

the pentacle may be, as close as we get
to gaze upon a god, before our moment of death

Additionally, the short poem in my signature was also written by me.

I really don't care if it makes sense to you or not. You will understand as much of it as you need to.
If you think you've got it figured out, by all means explain away. If you're even remotely close I'll PM you some detailed instructions on how you can join my cult. My cult is called the Iambic Pentameters, and it's very expensive... I mean... exclusive!

posted on Jan, 30 2018 @ 06:55 AM
a reply to: ColdWisdom

Good stuff, my man.


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