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January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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posted on Apr, 30 2018 @ 04:37 AM
a reply to: paraphi

Pictorial evidence of the Duke of Edinburgh keeping company with Nazi party members, the Queen, her sister and her mother giving Nazi salutes, easily found if you want to look, I'm not spoon feeding you. Edward and Simpson meeting senior members of the Nazi party etc, it's all there, but hey, that's just circumstantial isn't it, it's a better view down there in the sand, right?

Of course anti- Judaism exists, all forms of prejudice exist and will continue to exist. It will never stop as long as human beings are in competition with each other. WTF is so hard to grasp about that, it's called life. male lions that take over a new pride after ousting the old leader will kill the newborns to ensure his own bloodline runs pure, shall we all start bleating about how beastly that is and seek to ban it ?

Pfffft. Too much soya in some peoples diet.

posted on Apr, 30 2018 @ 06:30 AM
a reply to: Fermy

that is exactly what I am talking about, doing bad things is not unusual, everyone has done it, but to make talking about something someone else did illegal or punishable then I have an issue. If you don't believe the slave trade didn't happen and have proof you want to present then no issue there, lets discuss. If you want believe the civil war or ww1/2 where about which prizes go in the cracker jack box, then so be it as long as you present your argument. I am not going to advocate banning folks from doing things exactly like the people who banned me from doing the same thing, that is just hypocritical.

I like the part where the whole Nazi master race thing is thrown around then Hitler pictures with his army has a lot non master race folks sitting around the dinner table. The thing where France/Britain tell everyone that Hitler wants to take over the Earth while they are still world colonials in the 30s makes no sense. It must have been interesting for the Brits to tell the other races that Hitler was a racist, better yet when the army told the Black reserves in the U.S that they where going to fight a racist regime that believed in subjugating other colored folks and stuff.

posted on Apr, 30 2018 @ 01:01 PM
a reply to: chishuppu

Good points well made, inconvenient for most hand wringers on this thread I reckon.
Were Jewish people involved in slavery? (answer, yes, big time), but 'we' don't call that a holocaust.
Slavery's a holocaust to put on the table. Oh, what's that, it's only holocaust when it happens to one group of people?
The hasbara bleating is thick in the air of this thread.

posted on Apr, 30 2018 @ 02:02 PM

originally posted by: chishuppu
On your first point, I put this out to show that stopping people from having another point of view because you have established your own into some type of universal law is redundant.

That is not what they said. They said if you feel that way towards Hitler thats fine, but dont discuss it on this site. Contrary to popular belief the 1st amendment protects people from government actions. Private individuals / companies / etc can restrict. Dont like it then go somewhere else that allows it. Or start a new thread so we can discuss and debate this topic instead of derailing this thread.

originally posted by: chishuppu
On your second point I would point out the soderkommando who where an actual group of Jews who where told by the guards to carry out the gassings, I am sure your response might fall along the lines of they where made to or else, but for some reason which is close to my argument for the won't be acceptable for the Africans who had to capture other Africans or else. Then again the whole story of Africans selling other Africans is told by the children of the people who came to Africa to look for humans to enslave and now feel sorry and want to shift blame. I mean if I sold you a kid and you abused them then obviously I am to blame, and if we go with that narrative then the majority of gassing/holocaust should be placed on the Jewish soderkommandos.

You need to research history then when it comes to africans seizing other africans and selling them into slavery. Maybe read up on Anthony Johnson (1600-1670), a black man from Angola, who was the first slave owner in the British territories in N. America.

I am not shifting blame to anyone and reading into my response to come to that conclusion is the typical bs argument I get when confronting people who seem to ignore certain aspects of history because it doesnt suit their agenda. If you sold a child and I bought that child then we both are responsible for the outcome. You, for kidnapping that child and then for selling the child. Ignoring the first part to blame only the second is disingenuous and naive. It also highlights the problem of discussing this topic. When you only concentrate on one aspect you dont get the complete picture, which causes problems because the very people wanting to change things cant accept their own responsibility in the very problem they want to change.

You are either against slavery 100% by ALL participants or you are a part of the problem.

originally posted by: chishuppu
I find it perplexing when Caucasians blame other races for the wrong they have done. Look through out history and now, its Asians vs Caucasians , Arabs vs Caucasians, Africans vs Caucasians, Latinos vs Caucasions. When was the last time you saw Arabs vs the rest, Asians vs the rest, Hispanics vs the rest, or Africans vs the rest... Even the Holocaust was Caucasians vs Caucasians. Come on son.

The clash of civilizations is inevitable throughout history however your comparison, once again, ignores 1/2 of the argument. The half on how these conflicts started and the treatment of these people prior to expansion by cultures. You, for some reason, are ignoring history and are only starting it at colonialism. The world existed before colonialism and if you spent some time researching these cultures you will make some interesting discoveries of truth.

Arabs verse Caucasians was based on religion.
Africans verse Caucasians was based on colonialism and slavery.
Latinos verse Caucasians was based on (N. American - Manifest destiny / World - colonialism.
The Holocaust was not based on Caucasians verse Caucasians. It was based on Hitler / Nazis removing God and replacing with the the Nazi ideology. It was about blame for why the first WW was lost by Germany. It was about blame for economic conditions as a result of that loss. It was about the lie of a master race and inferior subhuman race used to justify their actions.

Maybe you can point out how many slaves were present in the Middle East / Islam before the crusades and how many of them were Caucasian?

How many wars on the African continent dealt with tribal warfare and how many blacks were enslaved by blacks before Caucasians arrived?

How many wars on the American continents dealt with tribal warfare and how many Native Americans were enslaved by Native Americans before Caucasians arrived?

As I pointed out you want to start your debate long after the problems first started and the only reason to do this is to ignore the very crimes you are railing against now . It does not work that way so you can stop with the selective history lesson with an agenda instead of facts. Thus far you are coming across as being ok with slavery and crap conditions up until the white mans hows up.

originally posted by: chishuppu
Again, that wasn't my point, I don't like that we can't discuss things, because the ruling people in govt and on this site have decided that some event that happened in Europe for some reason can't be discussion by Americans in America. So I wanted to see whether this is a bias for Jews from Europe or can African Americans get that same bias as well. If that is acceptable then we can't open that discussion, because you would be denying the slave trade... Checkmate

and as I pointed out start a new thread to discuss the slavery debate and we can go from there. The owners of this site have every legal and constitutional right to restrict what topics they want and dont want discussed on this site. This is a private site located within the US.

Do you find it acceptable to deny them their rights simply because you feel its denying yours?

It is you right to disagree with their policy.
It is their right to say go elsewhere to discuss how great Hitler was.

Trying to make an argument based on ignorance of the law is also not helpful in your case sir. Trying to compare the private policy of this site to what occurred in Europe / N. America is also not helpful because once again you ignore everything that comes before when your argument starts.

Respectfully just my 2 cents.

(post by chishuppu removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

posted on May, 3 2018 @ 02:48 PM

originally posted by: chishuppu
You seem to have a different view on the whole slavery thing, I want the same privilege the Jews get on here of not allowing you to discuss it, because it will hurt my feelings, what is the purpose of this site again?

Actually I dont believe I have different view on slavery. It is wrong regardless of how it is looked and and regardless of who engaged in it.

This is a conspiracy theory website among other general and specific discussion however you dont seem to be understanding the point.

You raised the issue of slavery in a thread dealing with the holocaust. If you dont want to discuss slavery then dont bring it up. Simple as that. If you do start a new thread.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 08:41 AM
a reply to: Xcathdra

no, my point is that slavery happened in American and can be discussed on this forum no matter whose opinion, the holocaust which happened in Europe to Europeans can't be discussed here. Thats my issue, I don't like it one bit, but at least its better here than Europe where they jail you so.... whatever.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 03:42 PM

originally posted by: chishuppu
a reply to: Xcathdra

no, my point is that slavery happened in American and can be discussed on this forum no matter whose opinion, the holocaust which happened in Europe to Europeans can't be discussed here. Thats my issue, I don't like it one bit, but at least its better here than Europe where they jail you so.... whatever.

Again you need to reread and understand what was said.

The holocaust can be discussed here as can Hitler.

The topic of how nice and misunderstood Hitler was is a non starter, not to mention not supported by reality, history or facts.

understand now?

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