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Songs of fools and sages.

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posted on Jan, 26 2018 @ 01:59 AM

My craving for ice cream melts into the ocean of everything,
My laughter and tears are starting to do exactly the same.
In my chocaholic dreaming by feet barely touch the nitty-gritty.
Still, I never seem to give up trying to walk on water.
Of course, I never seem to pass, my course in levitation.
I always end slipping through and maybe that's just it,
I should give up flying and dissolution is the way, through and through.
Little giggles of laughter bubble up through this life of courage and confusion.
We have all been weaved into a network slavery, working daily on illusion.
I've seen goldfish, much happier than me. They seem so perfect as they dance in their own particular way.
Just wiggling happily night and day.
Of course, I know that's not exactly the way for me.
For my fingers must dance across the pages.
writing the songs of fools and sages.

Eliberocelta @ El Torcal jan 2018
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