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Obama Lawyering Up?

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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 05:48 PM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: MRuss

Did Qanon tell ya trump agreed to testify to Mueller UNDER OATH ???

And what is your source?

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 05:50 PM

originally posted by: Liquesence
By the way, you guys know that Obama is already in a secret prison and that's just his body double, right?

I thought his double was in prison, while Obama got the guards to let him out in exchange for some extra favors and deals he could get them using all his contacts while on the outside.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 05:53 PM
Is this from the same 8-chan Q who posted a known fake Podesta email as proof of something and then deleted it after realizing he posted a debunked email?
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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 05:58 PM

originally posted by: SlapMonkey

originally posted by: BlueJacket
a reply to: MRuss

This past year and a bit has proven our government a bunch of self serving idiots.

Good god man...just the past year?!?!

The past eight have been horrible, just watching that con artist

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 06:59 PM

originally posted by: whyamIhere

originally posted by: intrptr

Isn't Obama a lawyer?


Kind of like Sargent Pepper is a Sargent.

Or like Captain Kangaroo was a Captain.

Or Col. Sanders is........I get it.

Awww, spit... if you're going to tell lies, at least link them...

Obama entered Harvard Law School in the fall of 1988, living in nearby Somerville, Massachusetts.[94] He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year,[95] president of the journal in his second year,[89][96] and research assistant to the constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe while at Harvard for two years.[97] During his summers, he returned to Chicago, where he worked as an associate at the law firms of Sidley Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990.[98] After graduating with a JD degree magna cum laude[99] from Harvard in 1991, he returned to Chicago.[95] Obama's election as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review gained national media attention[89][96] and led to a publishing contract and advance for a book about race relations,[100] which evolved into a personal memoir. The manuscript was published in mid-1995 as Dreams from My Father.[100]

law careeer

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: SkeptiSchism

I don't think he ever passed the bar.

Link? Degree from Harvard Law School notwithstanding ^^^

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:08 PM
a reply to: MRuss

Oh no he isn't. These are outrageous made up lies.

You really are a tool and you got a few morons believing this.

There is absolutely no evidence other than the lies made up.

Stop being silly now. You are no BOTticelli angel, you little devil.

People, Obama is the same today as yesterday. This is all made up CRAP. Obama will never been indicted for anything because he is an innocent man who has not broken the law.

Neither Trump, Obama nor Hillary will ever be indicted for anything. Wake up you silly lot.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:12 PM
a reply to: MRuss

This is the only real recent news about Obama.

All this trash is for silly people who like making up little stories and spreading illusions.

You are deceiving people, OP. Stop it. Show me one scrap of evidence about your made up nonsense. You have none. I challenge you here and now, show me...

I am waiting. I am going to have it out with you now and make you look silly for spreading this garbage.

You are FAKE NEWS. Stop it. Soon you will not be allowed to do this. Sites will get in trouble for spreading lies because you ar abusers of the truth. Your crap needs to come to an end. If that means the end of ATS it will be because of unscrupulous members like you.

Really, it is coming. Fake news will be subject to law. You did it to yourselves by being such little lying monsters. Enough of you already.

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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:13 PM

originally posted by: SkeptiSchism

This one?

Well... that's not White House stationery. And the pen is a relatively cheap one. The Donald is not in tune enough with pens to use a MontBlanc (the preferred high end pen) but he does use the Cross Century - a rather traditional choice for US presidents.

So that's not a pen Trump uses.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:17 PM
Obama should definitely defend himself, legal scholar and all. What could go wrong?

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:18 PM

originally posted by: whyamIhere
If he's involved in a Secret Society he should.

He does seem to be in legal jeopardy.

He weaponized every department in the government.

However, he will never face real Justice.

He could shoot someone on 5th ave and it wouldn't make a difference.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:21 PM
Obama lawyering up. "Really". Proof please. Or have you been watching to much Hannity. The raving lunatic.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:34 PM
a reply to: Revolution9


Quite the rant there!

If you are truly on the side of truth and enlightenment, you’d be secure in your argument and not quite so...angry!

The libs are running scared. So they’re going to be insulting the rest of us and trolling our threads.

Instead of making this a democratic/republican thing, how about sticking up for your fellow man? For our right to freedom and liberty. Our right to an honest government.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:36 PM
a reply to: hoss53

I know that the light of day shining on the truth scares the libs.

I can see you quaking through your angry words,

Release the memo!!!

Can’t wait.

You can bet Obama is lawerying up! Wouldn’t you at this point?

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:37 PM

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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: Byrd

Good stuff!

Thanks for weighing in and explaining your thoughts on this.

How this pans out will determine whether I follow or put any stock in this Q guy. I think that’s true of a lot of us.

Your thoughts on this are really helpful. This is the kind of healthy debate I can get behind.
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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:45 PM
a reply to: Revolution9

The OP was clearly written as a question to ponder—-not as fact.

I’m not sure why you’re on this thread? You’re not going to convince anyone here of anything. You just want to argue.

It sounds like you’re trying to convince yourself.

You’re a globalist. Don’t try to talk anyone into believing that’s a good thing to be.

Your fellow man is suffering.

Globalists are narcissistic psychos.

You certainly seem to be both.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 07:48 PM
I wouldn't trust this guy QAnon, he sounds like he has ulterior motives and is trying to manipulate people with fabrications. The fact that he seems to be very sophisticated with his methodology only makes him more dangerous, not more trustworthy.
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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: intrptr

Ah yah I was just joking, says here he billed 3,723 hours with a law firm from 1993 to 2004, so that's 3,723 billable hours over 11 years, or almost 340 hours of billable time per year.

The law firm says Obama logged 3,723 billable hours during his tenure from 1993 to 2004, most of it during the first four years.

I guess he did pass the bar exam but his productivity as a lawyer is questionable.

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 08:16 PM
Looks like one of Obamas lawyers James Cadogan and worked for the DOJ as an adviser to Loretta E. Lynch.

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