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Origins of Bitcoin??? Who is changing the world of currency???

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posted on Jan, 20 2018 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: ttobban

It does really matter who he is. He's just a guy who created the first code. If the world knew who he was, the only difference it would make is that the IRS would try to sue him for back taxes if he lived in the US

It is 100% open source. Right now, you can download the source code, change it any way you like and build your own coin and put it out there. That's what it was meant for. Today, many crypto out there is using the same source code that BitCoin was built on. It's just tweeked in a way to suit the needs of those who put it out there. Also, there are similar coding for other coins but most came from the bitcoin source code.

TPTB couldn't do anything for or against it other than try to find some way to regulate. The only way that could happen, and I've given this a lot of thought, is to ban all transactions unless it was through a bank or some sort of similar institution where they could track the movement for tax purposes. This would be very hard to do. Since wallets can't be tracked, the only way you could tax this stuff is on the purchase level through stores and banks through storage *IF* they make it enticing enough to where people would want to store their coins in an actual bank. But... Who needs banks when you can have wallets. So I suppose, the only real way... Ban all exchanges and allow a government institution to be an exchange. That's really the only way. If the government really wanted to kill it ( I think they're just watching right now to see where it goes) all they have to do is ban the sales, purchases and exchanges that have anything to do with crypto.

posted on Jan, 20 2018 @ 04:47 PM
a reply to: StallionDuck

I'm no expert on all this and am trying to soak in as much as possible, but I was led to believe that privacy coins are the only ones that are free of scrutiny if a particular entity wanted. I thought transaction ID's could be seen... working backwards to source.

This part is important, and is the primary reason I feel Shatoshi is a secretive entity. Who were the participants of the birth of Bitcoin? Well the world's largest criminal network that is... the world's criminal whales are on the base of that chain.

Shatoshi will remain a secret because Shatoshi's ledger reveals who the world's most prominent law breakers are...

And, who is the world's largest money launderers? Well that's easy... it's the cohesive efforts of the U.S. and banks. Laws are made for all others to suffer tragedy if laundering... banks just get a fine and go back to laundering.

Hmmm... go figure... government's making the same claims it did with the evil internet in the 90's. "Stop them criminals from using and abusing the dollar so we can abuse it as a government.". It's no coincidence that the same verbiage is being repeated with crypto... identical plot with crypto and internet births

Didn't the U.S. invent and implement the internet? Internet was the bait... crypto is the hook, line, and sinker all wrapped up in one.


posted on Jan, 21 2018 @ 04:36 AM
a reply to: ttobban

Why does it matter who Satoshi is?

Every bit of code that operates Bitcoin is available for anyone to view.

I also don't see how it can ever be "centralized".

posted on Jan, 21 2018 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: nOraKat

Personally I could care less who Shatoshi is. When I stand back and analyze things from a 3rd party perspective I am viewing the entire globe run and latch onto a new currency formed by a mysterious faction... nobody knows if Shatoshi is a group or an individual.

When looked at like this, it sparks a huge conspiracy, and this is a damn to conspiracy debate site.

Some people look at it as an "ahhh, it's just a Bitcoin fad." Not me... I see quite a few Mark of the Beast elements to this and the mysterious nature of who Shatoshi is just adds fuel on the fire.

Trust me, once people wrap their heads around how huge of invention block chain is this debate will arise to be of the utmost importance.

What if Shatoshi is AI? Wouldn't it mean that the next in line (the world's richest and crooked criminals) end up being the real Shatoshi? This being ignored would define crazy... crazy to the umpteenth degree.

Not to mention, I don't mind thanking the creators of block chain while it exposes who the world's largest network of criminals are at the same time... I kind of call it a wash. The global patrons get the technology while ending reigns of tyranny at the same time. To walk away from connecting these dots is a death sentence to allowing this decentralized platform be manipulated by and to a central core.

This is no joke stuff. Make light of it all you wish, this technology will be the sole pivot of whether the people have AI working to benefit them, or having AI centralize and manipulate them.

The identity of Shatoshi is the red or blue pill here! Which pill is the right one to take is what I want to know... not, "what the hell did I just swallow!"

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