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Time travel/Alternate Universe.. through dreams?

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 09:06 PM
I've believed for a long time that the dream world was a thing of it's own. A place where perhaps other entities etc .. could speak to you.

I'm starting to believe you can do more in your dreams. I've come to wonder if some dreams are really glimpses of your life in an alternate universe. Not to say you are living that moment there, but that you are swapping dreams with your altnernate selves, who are all somehow connected on that plane.. dreaming. Much like some twins share strange abilities of communication

The strangest of all (i know I said I don't believe you actualy live the moment.. but i'm going to break the rule for a sec) just happened today. In my "dream" I was suddenly about 4 years old, I realized I was 4 years old but I had the same mind and memories. I started flipping out and going off on some tangent about quantun universes. Being that I was supposed to be 4 my mom freaked out because well.... you would to if your 4 year old started doing that. So anyway she mentions my dad coming home... and I freaked even more, here in my life my dad dies when I was 2. I started grilling her with questions..... realizing I'd landed in the past in the wrong universe. I made my mother call up scientists, names I remembered who might be in that field, most thought she was a nut or a hoax. But finaly someone sent us to a colliege on the east coast to interview and do a medical exam. The last thing I remember is going there and being offered a lollipop.. He presented it to me and said "Would you like this?" and I said "Sure but you'll have to ask her" and pointed to my mother.

So yea pretty crazy.... I know as far as "time" more passed in my "dream" then in this reality.. but who's to say time passes the same everywhere.

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