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Wal Mart increasing mimimum wage and benefits; say tax reform is a reason

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posted on Jan, 14 2018 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: mikell

I have a daughter that works in ammo manufacturing. They treat their employees very fair. She and the entire crews work whatever the company needs. Sometimes, that includes a slow down in orders and the employees work less hours as well as more when orders increase.

posted on Jan, 14 2018 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: Nyiah

Im sure they are. Id never say the average CEO is a good soul.

But the complaint against wal mart here really isnt much. Im happy to see the employees in viable stores make more money

posted on Jan, 14 2018 @ 09:12 AM

originally posted by: mikell
I have a friend working today Sunday probably making $70 an hour and they can't get people to work. Can't keep them working and can't get them to work OT. I used to love OT it was my toy money.

People want more money per hour but less work.

I never had any issue with OT, my husband has no issues with OT. I know no one who has issues working OT except those who've done so much of it that they're effectively burnt out & say f# it when future OT offers arise (so hold yer tongue)

There is a slight lie there, though. I do know people who refuse to work Sundays for any amount of OT. They're in church ATM, though. And that is why.

posted on Jan, 14 2018 @ 09:15 AM
Just a text from him at work and so I asked how much rail for the railroad we can but with his days work. Almost 200 feet of 15" gage. We'll be at nearly 3000' on the ground this spring. Got to have a plan.

posted on Jan, 14 2018 @ 12:49 PM

Walmart employees are eligible for the $1,000 bonus only if they’ve worked at the company for 20 years.

The company confirmed to Business Insider that about 3,500 “co-managers” will be laid off across the country. They will be replaced by new, “assistant manager” positions, which would have a lower salary.

giving til it (doesn't) hurt...

After bonus announcement, Walmart fires thousands of co-managers, replaces them with cheaper workers

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 10:55 AM

originally posted by: Saiker
a reply to: MOMof3

That's because it doesn't require much to be a cashier or stock hand. Years ago it was a position for high schoolers and college level kids to have an income to get by while in school. As American exceptionalism died so did drive to do something with one's life and people decided to make minimum wage a career choice.

I think you mean, as people got priced out of education, so went their ability to get a better job.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 11:04 AM
a reply to: Grambler

And they're CLOSING Sam's Clubs and laying off people.

Yeah. Talking out ONE SIDE of their mouths.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 11:20 AM

originally posted by: DanteGaland
a reply to: Grambler

And they're CLOSING Sam's Clubs and laying off people.

Yeah. Talking out ONE SIDE of their mouths.

Contracting where sales are low and the operation doesn't produce.

Growing where operations are producing.

THis is business. How is this something that shouldn't happen? Would you rather Wal Mart continue funding losses until the entire company fails?

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 06:39 PM

originally posted by: bigfatfurrytexan
What i am reading here is that companies giving their employees pay raises get bad press and hateful rhetoric. Companies that do nothing dont.

Seems like a no brainer to one should get pay raises as its a bad investment on the part of the company. Wal mart spent $400mil to be insulted over what seems like a decision that benefits their employees.

I hate wal mart but hate absurdity even more

I think the issue is deeper than that. Walmart as a company is structured for short term employment for the rank and file members. Everyone now makes $11/hour. Walmart ended up increasing payroll by about 10% to make that happen. What happens to the longer term employees though? They're also at $11 now, they didn't go up. In some circumstances you can argue that that's ok, but in others you have to look at the advancement structure within the company. We have a moderator here posting about his wifes experience with Walmart. 22 year employee and she's still a cashier. Where's the career advancement?

Taco Bell gives a 25 cent raise every 90 days, that's $1/year, with no cap. If you started there in 1990 at the minimum wage of $3.80 you would be making just under $32/hour today. If you started at Walmart in 1990 you're still a cashier today, and you're making the same wage as anyone just off the street. There's no advancement in either your career or your wage and I think the career aspect is what's most important here as that comes with salary changes too, the wage really just boils down to the same old minimum wage arguments.

I think it's good that Walmart increased their wage, I'll even applaud them for it, but they did that because of consumer pressure rather than benevolence. Wages however are just one aspect of a more nuanced problem with employment issues in the US.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 06:44 PM

originally posted by: eriktheawful
Sure, I imagine that if you offered these young kids a huge amount of money to work that they might want the job more......but why do that when you have people who have much better work ethics and are much more glad to have a job period willing to be employed?

Money will get you bodies, it won't get you a good attitude. At the end of the day, most Walmart jobs are monotonous, dead end jobs, where as you've learned from your wife, you're dealing with ungrateful customers all day long. Regardless of what you're paid, people (especially young idealistic people) don't want to deal with that, so they'll not care much about the job, and will eventually move on.

Most people do not want a McJob. They want a career involving something they're interested in.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 04:24 AM

originally posted by: bigfatfurrytexan
a reply to: theantediluvian

My hope is that no one will actually defend Wal Mart, beyond pointing out that business operate where $$$ is.

But the way they treat their employees leaves much to be desired, for the most part.

I'm a department manager at Walmart.
So here's what they did:
They increased starting wages, and gave employees a bonus that's dependent upon how long they've worked, that goes up to 1000$ if you've been there 20 years+. But instead of giving employees raises, like they should, instead of some dumbass bonus, they decide to invest in associates that adopt kids..... yea... adopt kids. Which is an extremely small number of associates. They did all this to look good. They're going to pay much of legal costs to ... .... . .. adopt a kid.
That's where everyone's raise went. They decided to invest in the one stupid thing that very, VERY, few associates do: Adopt kids.
And to top that, every store is losing all co-managers but one. And if you are that co-manager you're forced to sign an agreement that you'll move out of state every three years.

It's a #ing joke.
Just like a few years ago when they made themselves look good in the news regarding "raises" and all that, but what they really did is take away everyone's holiday pay, among other things. It's all a joke.

For the crap we have to deal with as the "ground troops" we deserve a decent amount of money. We control the PI of the company, we have to deal with the bitchy customers, and the only thing the college-educated Corporate Sobs do is worry about the bottom line behind a desk, though the company is making billions a year, and they wouldn't if it weren't for us.
It's hilarious.

I'm on the hunt for a new job. I only started working there because I needed steady income for my kids, and we still need government assistance. We work our asses off for our kids, and we still hardly make enough to live. It's crazy.
Literally crazy.
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posted on Feb, 21 2018 @ 11:28 PM

originally posted by: ilikenotebooks
a reply to: LadyGreenEyes

So many people. There used to be a lot more 20+ year associates until they got rid of UPC last year and most of those 30-35 year associates took severance rather than going to other depts and take a pay cut. most of the people at my store were in the 6-20 year range. except cashier and cap team (crappy jobs, high turnover).

So, not a lot that would get extra pay, eh? Not surprised there. Still, better wage is something.

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