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Something I'd like to share

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posted on Jan, 10 2018 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: JameSimon

I always wondered if this sort of thing is mainly a First World "disease". What i mean is that with nearly every worry of survival pretty much a non-issue, the brain simply has too much time to collapse in on itself while people are living what amounts to a charmed life. It gets bored and convinces itself its sad and of course there is no reason.

Move to the bush of Africa and live hand-to-mouth while dodging predators and real diseases for a year and see how you feel.

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: JameSimon

That is absolutely despicable.

If you have the time and the energy, I would love to see a thread from you, specifically on the state of mental, and other healthcare in ROI, because its something that even here in the UK, we hear very little about.

The very idea that one ought to have to be insured at all, rather than simply going through the taxation system, is utterly alien and frankly opposed by most people in the UK, so more data on that from your perspective would be invaluable, if only to demonstrate to the rare few who believe in a privatised NHS, that their beliefs are utterly amoral and should be thrown in the trash, alongside eugenics and exceptionalism.

And another thing... no one should be forced to choose between effective treatment, and their livelihood, unless they have such a serious complaint that it threatens their life, and at that point, with the greatest respect to yourself, I really do not think that someone experiencing that level of mental trauma should be making the decision as to which to prioritise, since ordinarily speaking, the main thrust of the evidence for serious mental illness, is a total inability to reason well enough to make good choices.

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 08:58 AM
a reply to: Urantia1111

Your hypothesis falls apart under the following strains.

Africa, or more properly, the many nations which make up the African continent, whether we are speaking of rural areas, tribal cultures, or more urban locales and societies, experiences mental illness in their populations also. Of course, it has been typical for people expressing mental illnesses ranging from epileptic fits, to delusions and paranoia, to be treated as if they are possessed by dark forces, and simply killed outright, lest the devils within them reach out and harm the rest of the culture concerned, although this is more common in the precise sorts of places, that you are talking about, the rural, tribalist regions, where there is little by way of safety, and much danger in the simple business of getting from the start of the day to the end of it.

The stigma attached in many regions of Africa, to people experiencing detachment from reality as a result of mental illness, is so strong that it has led to many people being killed for what we know to be absolutely no good reason whatsoever, which is an absolutely unacceptable situation and must, eventually be altered, by way of educational efforts on the part of centres of learning in Africa, reaching out to rural, tribal communities to prevent unnecessary death and cruelty being inflicted on those afflicted by mental health problems.

Mental illness does NOT come about as a result of a soft existence, nor is it limited to what we commonly refer to as the "developed" world. It spans the entire breadth of the human race, can affect people from any origin point, living in any region on the face of Earth, from tallest peak to lowest delta, from richest and most affluent lands, to regions suffering financial woes uncountable in number, in places with large cities, and places where there is nothing but savanna. It is simply a facet of human existence, that some people are not wired in a manner conducive to what we refer to as "normal" modes of behaviour or emotional existence, whether that situation developed as a matter of neurophysiology during maturation in the womb, or in an epigenetic manner, or as a result of trauma during the sentient experience of the person suffering the complaint.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 08:09 AM
Just briefly, on the nutrition and exercise tip.

After being discharged initially, I used to swim lengths early morning at the pool for an hour or two. Did that for about 6 months.

Often individuals with this condition experience racing thoughts. Physical activity can be used to force the mind to slow down. You need to be exhausted though. It helps with the weight gain that is often a side effect of the medicines doctors try.

Another thing that has been a blessing us drinking unpasteurized milk kefir for breakfast. I find it helps with getting to bed at night, and beating back depression.

I'll put 4 heaping table spoons of hemp hearts, an apple and banana in the blender with around 500 ml of milk kefir.Fresh Ginger, Turmeric, and Pepper to taste (optional)

I prefer one liter, but it really depends on how big your blender and water bottle are. Don't operate heavy machinery after consuming large quantities of Kefir.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 02:49 PM
I am a schizophrenic and my aunt has had bi polar disorder for 30 years i think . She gets in these manic phases where she will clean the whole house then get depressive and do nothing for a few days. On psych wards the vending machines dont have any caffeinated drinks. Caffeine can cause the meds not to work.My best friend is also bi polar and he talks about the mood swings and says he feels better with his meds. Also if you have bi polar take your meds, if you are manic and cant sleep your meds can help. I cant sleep without my meds, i have a brain injury and dont get tired. Last time i went without my meds cause ran out i was up 2 1/2 days.Your meds can help you level out hold down a job and sleep in a shedule so you wake up and sleep at same time . Can get you in routine.

My symptoms went into remission since i changed location . My symptoms were dialogue of neighbors close by and the delusion was they were real using technology throwing quiet sounds so i couldnt shut them off when i was in the house. I am on my meds and sometimes when i would drive away from my house they would leave. I feel great on my meds now audio went away and trying to eat better and lose weight. My friend told me that his ear was ringing and he thought his girlfriend put something in his ear and works for the government.

This is the same friend with bi polar, i said try to think logically. Your girlfriend doesnt have a job why would she be connected to the government ? She probably didnt put anything in your ear. He has to much time on his hands. He used to live in a group home for 5 years then they moved him into apartment phase last 2. Everyday he hangs out with his roommates and friends in the gated community. I try to give him advice. He lives pretty comfortably.

I am very happy the audio went away. Feel normal and just living life . Thats what the meds are supposed to do. If they came back and told me there was an alien in my head, you get overwhelmed with voices 24/7 and now i know if they come back get meds and dont listen to the delusion. Mentally ill people often isolate and before they had medication families would lock them in a room and take care of them. It is very real and there are lots of different types of illness. Be careful talking to a doctor, how you talk about your symptoms is how they diagnose you and treat you. Try to be clear and get your point across.

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