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President Trump to be murdered, L.A. nuked ???!!!

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posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 02:56 PM
(....) things, and it gives them the chance to say later on that if things didn't happen then it was because of a change of attitude in millions of minds. Now it seems like she's overreaching herself by making excessively earthshaking predictions. If the planet refuses to collapse in 2018 then her own credibility will.

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 04:54 PM
a reply to: quodlibet

You're touching on Human Free Will. If a Prophecy is true, then is it impossible to change it?? If someone makes a warning, is it different from a prophecy of something coming? If "participant fulfillment's", can change these outcomes, then are these really prophecies, or only warnings? If they have to happen, then why bother with the prophecies??

This lady doesn't say who, or how, the President is removed, violently. No body gets off this rock alive, so you can predict that everybody will be dead and gone in a Century. But this is known as a self fulfilling prophecy.
I made a reply to this thread, using Reagan and Kennedy as examples. One stayed dead, and one was brought back. But these are the Presidents who are elected in years ending in zero, per Tecumpsah's curse on the Presidency. The Court appointed Bush in 2000, so he may have dodged a bullet.

So, if Trump doesn't make it to the 2020 elections, then is that old curse, a self fulfilling prophecy? If he wins again in 2020, then is that curse pushed way beyond his lifetime? The Nostradamus prophecies are garbled, but he told us that every piece had to occur, before you would know what he was writing about. Some, like the demise of the Zeppelin Hindenburg, are jammed into a single day. But at least one abut Charles De Gaulle, took from 1941 to 1958 to fill out.

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 05:00 PM
The wall is meant to Trap Americans in...

a reply to: quodlibet

posted on Jan, 12 2018 @ 09:29 PM
NO WONDER TRUMP has successfully avoided visiting CA in 2017 and still yet.

Hollywood elite are likely saying limit it to a neut.

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posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 10:53 AM
Chapter 3
Free Will, Time, Space & Profits

"If they have to happen, then why bother with the prophecies??" Carpooler, the obvious answer is, "because they allow one to prepare for the inevitable". I'm quite scared, preparing for a nasty earthquake, making a list of things to place in a few bags I will rush out with before the apartment building collapses, explodes, crushes us and burns everything.

The "free will" controversy is ancient and will never end. Among believers in immaterial realities one's viewpoint depends on how one conceives the Builder of Worlds. Some people say It is fallible: It creates worlds, then sees how many things happen unexpectedly and is unable to avoid them. Others say It is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-seeing. In that case, It exists necessarily in a timeless reality because the future is by definition unknowable. This means that It knows what will happen (in our terms), including what we will choose to do, which seems to be incompatible with free will, yet we do have options and select one among two or more.

The concept of "creation" is also part of an old discussion. Creation is logically impossible because "ex nihilo nihil fit", nothing can issue from nothing since nothingness is nonexistence, which is why Eastern thought replaces that concept with the idea of "manifestation". Everything is a manifestation of things that have always existed. (We can't help using expressions that allude to "time" because ultimate reality is unexplainable and paradoxical for us. The nature of time and space is incomprehensible, whether they be endless or not.)

One final conclusion would be that there's no such thing as "time" at a certain level of reality, that consequently everything (what we call "past", "present" and "future") is simultaneous and eternal and that reality at our level is a simulation that makes it seem like there's a sequence of events. (This is different from the idea that life is a simulation on Someone's computer game, which is a recent discussion. A Net search on "life as a simulation" will bring up many things relating to this.) In the books of the Theosophical Society they call it "the Eternal Now".

Movies supply a useful metaphor. They're a collection of still images that we're shown quickly so that we see continuous action that's not really there anymore. Similarly, life would be succession of infinitesimal still instants, a false stream of happenings, as only the Movie Director and Its Helpers are fully aware of. The complexity of the matter is explained in the Seth books, which seem to have been the source for the concept of "possible worlds" in the TV series titled "Sliders".

Colby is the CIA director who was murdered. Steven Greer says (p. 59): "CIA Director William Colby was involved in [Majestic-12, or MJ-12] at one time. He was in the process of defecting and was going to provide us with [secret techology]. He knew that, with my connections, I would have gotten [it] out to the world./ He was found floating down the Potomac River the week he was going to meet with me (...). They made an example of him." The CIA is involved in the Shadow Gov't. but the hardcore seems to be the Pentagon and its contractors (Bechtel, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Northrop Grumman, Phillips Labs, Raytheon, TRW, Wackenhut et al.).

FauxMulder warns about the "terms & conditions of use". It would be point # 6: "These usage rights do not apply to any commercial use of the content found on TAN [The Above Network, LLC] websites, and such use is strictly prohibited without prior written authorization from TAN." All I have to do is ask for permission to take my share of the huge future profits coming my way so I can spend my last years traveling all over the world in my own little jet plane. Simple!

Maybe all of us would want "anotherside" to tell us more about "the guiding voice".

posted on Feb, 24 2018 @ 09:15 PM
a reply to: quodlibet

Mad Max's dupe, was in a hotel, and didn't even mobilize his own people, but only tried to escape. That's where he was shot in the jaw. But this could have been done by a Robespierre agent, to silence him. Simon the Cobbler was dragged out of the prison, gave a speech near midday, with his own wife in the audience, and only then was guillotined.

The $64 question here is who else, but Mad Max, would run off with the Duke of Normandy, but then, never, ever, ransom him back to his uncle, the Holy Roman Emperor. Because Mad Max, had to "stay very, very, dead"!

In 1920, Georges Clemenceau broke the Crown Seals, read Louis Philippe's "Red File", and remarked at dinner, that nothing in the Red File changed his mind that the Dauphin had escaped. Then along came the NAZIS, who swiped an entire boxcar full of priceless French Treaties, including the Red File, and disappeared them, in 1945, near Berlin. The Frogs are still looking, for their Treaties, all across Europe.

But there's something I only found out in Germany, in 2016. The Red File commission went to Berlin in 1837, and set the stage for a change in the Monarchy. When that change occurred in 1840, the new King of Prussia set up a new Noble in Westphalia, who decreed that every Catholic had to convert to Protestantism. So this commission worked a little like the Three Wise Men, who visited Herod. They decamped, so the New Testament says that Herod massacred all the male infants near Bethlehem. The Red File commission went home to Paris and wrote their report, known as the Red File.

The new King couldn't do what Herod has been accused of, but he did the second best thing. He demeaned all of his Catholic subjects, many of whom, fled Germany in a smallish diaspora.

Lastly, I've read Edgar Cayce's books, but I'm not a student of his. I only bumped into the Jean Peniel ( Phonetically ), prediction. I am a student of Nostradamus, and at least have a seat at the table to be his 500th Year decoder.

I"m shooting in the dark, here, but Aenobarb, or Bronze Beard, is a character who may turn out to be Donald Trump. The angry, black headed one, is more or less understood, to have been Gen. "Stormin Norman" Schwarzkopf. " A man called the Gaul ", might be none other than Charles De Gaulle, who really did lead France three separate times, throughout his lifetime. FWIW, Bronze Beard is put on a spit. This sounds like "the dark and evil man" who loses his proud glory in Venice, being Benito Mussolini. Most of this is well written up, in printed books, but then it switches into a Genealogical Puzzle.

And no academic can solve such a puzzle. You have to be part of a family, in order to learn of that family's secrets. Without these names, and close by, catastrophic events, These Nosty verses are only gibberish.

posted on Feb, 25 2018 @ 12:55 AM
the psychic ...(see the double post below)
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posted on Feb, 25 2018 @ 12:55 AM
the psychic seer/ diviner does not give a name to her 'Guide' therefore she is not 'channeling' a Spirit...

I am leaning towards the notion that she is being given insights by the non-entity we call the collective consciousness which can reveal data in 'visions' 'voices' or just mysteriously 'download' future timelines into the recipients memory/intellectual areas of One's brain

I too have had my memory/intellect ingrained with the idea that Mary/Virgin Mary Apparitions are not from the Heavenly Realm...but that is not one of my passions to witness against
(as for the term Heavenly...that does not mean or imply from a Holy place)

I can be comfortable with this woman's utterances...but I sure won't be a follower

posted on Mar, 1 2018 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: St Udio

Cayce's channel got so far off that it may have been regurgitating another world's demise, with the Atlantean Cr#$kp. Picking off Nostradamus' verses, was also beyond it, for the most part. Some of the Theosophist Spiritualists did and do get "Calls", which can foretell future events. But this doesn't mean that you can derail a future bad event. It's fate may already be locked in. Nostradamus used astrology to help him date future events, but he clearly said that no astrology was used in his printed book.

Dowsers agree not to try and dowse future events, as they are all jumbled up, until they work out. Some years back, I bombed out on a Super Bowl blind pool board, when in the game, both coaches tried to get T.D.'s instead of taking chip shot field goals. This didn't change the outcome of that game, but only made their respective scores three points less than they were projected to be, by the Foot Ball gods. This is point shaving, NFL style. California's ruin has been predicted, as coming from any number of causes. Only one will be the end of them, or maybe Kali will skate safely through any and all tribulations. This also doesn't mean that an 8 or 9 Great Quake won't cause terrible damages.

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