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SHOCK North Korea WARNING: One WRONG MOVE from Trump and World War 3 WILL start

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posted on Jan, 8 2018 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: antiantonym

Sooooo. that might be their claim, but , look into what our President just shot into space.

posted on Jan, 8 2018 @ 08:45 PM
Having watched for years this going on back and forth, this article and the comments by the other posters the following can be stated:

As far as Trump being unfit for the office. Is anyone really ready for that position? We do not know about the mind set of Trump, as there is no law that would compel a president to have a battery of neurological and psychological testing done. There was talk of such, after it came out that Reagan had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease about 2 years after he had left office, with some suspecting that the man had symptoms earlier while in office. So right now we can only speculate, and listen to rumors, a few which are scary, about the mind set of this president.

As far as North Korea, the reality, is that the US is ill prepared to go into another armed conflict against another country. Nor do I see this being a win or an easy win. The US understands tactics, but does not understand how and why North Korea does what it does, or says. Nor does it want to, that is very apparent. The leader of North Korea, has to put on a show, a dangerous show, but a show non the less, for propaganda purposes. It needs to show to its people that yes it can take on a bigger power and win, and that is what it is doing and what it has been doing since the armistice that put a hold on the Korean conflict. That conflict never was ended, there was no peace treaty, it was just a very long cease fire.

So can this lukewarm conflict heat up, yes, can it be sparked by a word, yes. However, here is what both sides are wanting, and that is for the other to throw the proverbial first punch. And therein lies both the problem and solution. The US is waiting for North Korea to throw the first punch and it is stalling and waiting for the US to throw the first punch. And ultimately, it is only going to escalate and keep going around and around. The winning move in this case is not to take the bait. Kim put out a tweet, and Trump had to respond to it. Kim goaded and got Trump to respond. The reality is that Trump is being played, and hopefully the Presidential advisors will quickly start steering and getting the President not to respond or follow through with anything.

posted on Jan, 16 2018 @ 01:17 AM

originally posted by: CulturalResilience
The daily express tabloid a credible source? You're not from the UK are you.


posted on Jan, 16 2018 @ 02:00 AM

originally posted by: antiantonym

North Korea and Donald Trump’s verbal war could escalate in a nuclear war or in an “all-out war” very soon, said John Garamendi, Congressman for California. 

In an interview with CNN, Mr Garamendi said both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are unfit to run their countries.

North Korea is the equivalent of a cornered, wild animal. There is only one way for it to go, and that's straight at whoever is cornering it.

Unfortunately, the whole world is cornering North Korea. Consequently, we get the threat of a world war.

At least Trumpers can't cry "fake news" this time. We have a named, credible source.

What am I saying? Trumpers can always cry "fake news."

Part of the fun here is seeing how they justify it.

The bloke from NK and the people that surround him are not stupid. He and they know the US can blow them out of existence if they want to and the and those who surround him know NK has little to offer in return.

What I wonder about is exactly what is this bloke being told by the American diplomatic people. We cannot be certain the diplomatic people talking to the bloke from NK are even telling him the truth because they all want trump out so they might be setting Tump and the Republican party up.

I would expect Trump would be talking to directly to the NK bloke but does and can the NK bloke bleieve what Trump Tells him.

For all we know the NK Bloke could be being lied to by the diplomatic people and as a result of that he does not believe Trump.

Imagine this as a headline post nuke NK. "TRUMP NUKES NK BY MISTAKE!" Communication breakdown, President must resign - Gotchya mate.

Trump would be disgraced and so will the republican party be for years to come. This would hihgly likely ensure the democrats victory for at least two presidential cycles.

It would also achieve a secondary goal for the hawke diploimatic people who many of it seems support Clinton.

Any nuke hit on NK would be two hits.

The first would where ever the bloke is who is running the place had holed up in, the second would be as close as possible but not too close to either or both, Russia and China and would be on supposed "secret nuclear installations only recently discovered."

Either way Washington would laugh and sit back and see what the Russians and Chinese do about it.

This is the kind of people we are dealing with in the US these days.

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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 04:39 AM
I really wouldn't underestimate NK, for 2 main reasons.

1. They know it is an all-in conflict. Any war would cost financially and the country is already on the cusp of collapse. It could very likely cause a famine and widespread suffering, which could be the death knell of the kim regime. There is no easy way out of a conflict for NK, no matter what they do. Documents smuggled out of NK state that the regime believes a nuke is a safety net and will allow them to reduce military spending. They will not give it up.

2. They have nukes and they have submarines. Their sub fleet has been retrofit and they do have silent submarines that are very difficult to detect. Even if they can't launch from particular submarines, they can detonate a nuke within the submarine. Never underestimate an opponent, particularly one that is willing or needing to risk everything to strike at you. It's not beyond reason that they have smuggled nukes onto cargo ships to the US, from China.

It's nice to play that pro-[insert your country here] line, but you have to be pragmatic. They will throw everything they have at the US.
They can't afford a war so are making every threat they can and are attempting to make them as credible as possible. You have to be concerned when they go quiet, because that is when the subs are moving into position around the US or US interests. That is when they believe there is no option to strike, and it will very likely be a pre-emptive strike.

If NK believes a strike is imminent, don't expect them to sit on their hands. That belief may come from a late night stupid social media post by Trump or a scripted threat. Remember, Kim and Trump are both political amateurs with little buttons to play with. Neither wants a war, but both believe the other might cause it.

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