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Bigelow, UFOs, MUFON and ‘DeLonge’ Road to AATIP

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posted on Jun, 16 2018 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Of course most people aren't being purposely deceptive they just aren't qualified experts in astronomy, astrobiology, psychology, theology, engineering, quantum physics, electro-magnetics, geology, theoretical physics, meteorology and all the other disciplines you find involved in this topic.

I appreciate your response

Let me focus on your above point.

I do agree most people aren’t consciously deceptive, though maybe just misguided and wrong. But they should have the right to have an opinion, we all agree.

Though, I don’t believe one has to be an expert in these science fields to know something about the UFO/alien phenomenon, mm.

Certainly, it’s useful to have such knowledge but the so-called PHENOMENON may even be above or even beyond the sciences you mention, maybe. Or these sciences may just be irrelevant to basic information we are seeking.

Were looking for an explanation of the origin, reason, and meaning of the phenomenon at this point.

Thr focus on the science of this phenomenon, in fact, may be an indication of sinister intent. Some are NOT seeking knowledge they are seeking POWER from this phenomenon. That's is problematic, to say the least.


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posted on Jun, 16 2018 @ 10:29 AM

originally posted by: mirageman
a reply to: Sublant

So is incorrect when it says

How long does my clearance last when I leave the military?

● Clearance becomes inactive once your service ends.

Source: has it right. That's how it is for most, if not all, uniformed military personnel.

For some other government employees, it is not so.

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posted on Jun, 16 2018 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: Sublant

I though Burroughs was military? Did I miss something?

posted on Jun, 16 2018 @ 02:58 PM
This is kind of old and may have been posted but the thoughts on this YouTube could have been from this very thread

posted on Jun, 18 2018 @ 07:24 AM
Due to events in Russia I have not been paying much attention to the ongoing story here for the last few days.

However there have been a number of updates :

Former Sr Chief Petty Officer of the USS Princeton, Kevin Day spoke on Phenomenon Radio regarding the Nimitz Incident as pigsy2400 kindly reminded us earlier in the thread.

Day also appeared last night on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp. The free Youtube excerpt will probably not be available for a while. But coast insiders can download and listen to the interview in full.

Day's fictionalized account is available as the See'r story in his book Sailor's Anthology (free pdf)

Below is a partial explanation of the incident as it appears in the See'r story. Remember it's fictionalized though so dates and names could be changed and anything else the author sees fit.

The enigmatic Jeremy Corbell also recently released an interview with a character only known as 'Trevor'. Trevor was supposedly a radar operator aboard the Nimitz (not the Princeton). He reported odd activity on his screen, of what looked like solid airborne objects appearing and disappearing rapidly, to his superiors who seemed to indicate there was no problem.

Around two hours after the UFO incident 'Trevor' was called and shown video of a 'saucer' like object, not a tic-tac UFO as described by David Fravor with a number of senior officers. He believes this was a very unusually fast transfer of the source material from the aircraft. He also said the object easily outpaced the F-18s and eventually banked left and shot upwards at an impossible speed. Kevin confirms this is different footage from anything we've seen released via TTSA.

I haven't listened to the Kevin Day interviews but it seems apparent something is going on for sure.

֎ TTSA release videos. One of which can be dated back to 2007 residing on a German film companies website. The Pentagon cannot confirm if these were ever classified or de-classified.

֎ David Fravor goes on record in news interviews confirming his witnessed tic-tac UFO but recorded no footage of it.

֎ George Knapp releases what looks like a drafted report on the Nimitiz UFO incident with no indication of who it is meant for nor who created it.

֎ Kevin Day suddenly comes to the fore. His 'firctionalized' story is conveniently available on the net and he then appears on KGRA and C2C AM with his odd story. A very odd story.

֎ Anonymous 'Trevor' speaks to Jeremy Corbell with yet another story regarding the incident. Did he see a different UFO on his radar screen from Fravor? Was the footage he was shown a careful set-up? Or was this genuine footage and we have a mysterious, multiple UFO case on our hands?

It seems like different media outlets are being utilised to drip feed us with more snippets of information. Was this some form of new technology being tested with military personnel left purposely confused? This would explain the odd stories. Or is something else going on?

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posted on Jun, 18 2018 @ 09:55 AM
a reply to: mirageman

I don't think there's any grand plan or puppet master behind it all.

Paco Chierici reported more than 3 years ago that Fravor had told his story to him a couple of years after the incident and for years to friends. The FLIR footage was leaked to YouTube some years after the incident, after having apparently circled among a smaller group for some time. For all that time it was just a relatively unknown UFO story among others. It seems AAWSAP was aware of it in 2009, and unofficially interviewed key participants and made an unofficial report. What happened in the TTSA launch event wasn't a controlled disclosure, but a marketing campaign that took advantage of that old and already reported event, which gave it visibility and credibility.

Since it seems none of that data has been properly officially released, the people who have had access to it have been somewhat cautious what they can publish, and/or the TTSA may have planned to drip feed the little they have over a longer period to gain extended visibility for collecting money from the gullible.

The material we have seen earlier has consistently described the same single intercept and FLIR footage afterwards and everything has indicated that's basically all there is to that event. The lack of footage of the actual intercept and the low quality of the FLIR footage has been a major disappointment, and many have refused to believe that's all there is, despite Fravor telling so and the publicly available information of the physical limitations of the ATFLIR.

Now the accounts of Kevin and Trevor have suddenly provided believers what they had wanted to hear in the first place, so badly so that most apparently choose to ignore how those seriously contradict all the earlier info, and each other too. Isn't this the standard pattern for such stories? Just think how e.g. the Roswell story gained new elements over the years, whereas in reality it was almost certainly just a crashed balloon.

The fact that Kevin has been making fictionalized stories about it first is a big red flag for me. I don't want to see witnesses trying to be good storytellers. Similarly the account of Trevor isn't the first time we have seen a flying saucer being connected to this event, neither are the new claims of sudden jumps (most likely originating from not understanding the camera artifacts in that video) and bright light. Those details were contained in the first fake version thefinaltheory posted here, one day before providing the real video and navy event log:

The UFO was floating extremely still in mid air, this was 30,000 ft above ground level. It looked literally and i mean LITERALLY just like a disk, no stupid traingles or any gimicky things like Independence Day or whatever. It looks exactly how the goverment wants you to NOT think it looks like. It's simply put, a disk.

After about I say 10 seconds or so the UFO started to move. It moves in ways that we have never seen before, it spontaniously moved in a half circle upward and paused once again. Then it suddenly teleported about five times all over the pilots screen. The movement is instant and cannot be followed. It simply put, is amazing and so fast the eyes cant see it.

There was a bright light and suddenly it dissapeared, out of sight.

The year of the event was similarly changed to 2005 in that version. Given the connections to that German film group, that was just another case of a storyteller playing a witness. Which no doubt was a significant reason few took that incident seriously back in 2007, as the person telling it just tried to perform a hoax one day before. That may have resulted a significant loss of information that could have been available at the time in fresher memories, if it would have been properly followed back then.

Also, if the events had actually been as fantastic as those new accounts have claimed, and plenty of people would have been aware of them, without even been told to keep shut, could we really expect none of that information would have leaked out yet?

posted on Jun, 18 2018 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Burroughs was, but they were talking about Elizondo.

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Lol, how did you get those 3 together?

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 04:43 AM
a reply to: mirageman

It seems Corbell is really pushing since he recently released his own podcast. Same pond, different outlet (though I like his production value on these media).

As for Russian matters, I look forward to when our countries meet.

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posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 06:11 AM
a reply to: mirageman

"events in Russia" getting squiffy whilst watching the world cup eh MM

Oddly out of all of these I find seers story the most interesting, why? He stated it was fictionalised from the start. Honesty from the get go and more compelling IMO. Just what is real and isn't...certainly makes more sense than others explanations or maybe I just like a good story....

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 07:01 AM
a reply to: zeroPointOneQ

As for Russian matters I suspect that when our two nations confront each other that it will be all about plotting the easiest path to Moscow
But it has been interesting that Germans have failed to learn the lessons of their own history there and once again struggled to defeat.

a reply to: pigsy2400

I don't know whether these stories from "Trevor and Kevin" have suddenly appeared because of attention seeking or to provide further UFOtainment and thus obfuscation. Adapting real events to create fiction is something Tom DeLonge has already embraced himself. In fact 'entertainment' is the name of the game when TTSA was created.

But perhaps these small 'leaks' are being orchestrated and seeded into various media outlets so that people like Zondo can then openly talk about these issues without breaching NDAs and security oaths? Although what the end game of that might lead to I don't know.

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 03:27 PM
a reply to: mirageman

So was it a Tic Tac, or a saucer? Did someone match move a tic tac over the original object?

Why does Kevin Day not want to talk about missing time?

This feels like a PR campaign. By whom, I’m not sure.

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 04:42 PM

originally posted by: ctj83
This feels like a PR campaign. By whom, I’m not sure.

Yep, and I think the answer to that question is here:

The logistics haven't been hammered out.. but I will be going to San Fran in a few weeks for an interview with a documentary producer ... I'm now on a team with Sen. Harry Reid, Luis Elizondo, Dr. Hal Puthoff, Dr. Jaques Valle, and others.. later this summer, it is hoped, I will likely be traveling to DC to testify before the U.S. Senate with the same folks.. I can't even believe this is all happening.. wish me luck.. I so desperately want to do the right thing and pray to God I have the right stuff to do it..

And also:

The linked paper below by Dr. Hal Puthoff and effort by certain qualified others is what I'm hoping to support.

If I was suspicious before, now I'm at least twice as much.

posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: Nickless

So now Kevin Day is being interviewed by a documentary producer? Hmm who might that be? Given he's joined a team with Harry Reid, Zondo, Puthoff and Vallee?

Then he says later this summer he will be testifying at some form of hearing before the US Senate?

It's like the story emerging from a UFO case on the other side of the Atlantic 38 years ago....

Your suspicions by now should have just quadrupled!
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posted on Jun, 19 2018 @ 10:15 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Its fascinating to watch all this thats for sure.

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posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: mirageman

That's for sure! Good work as always MM.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the target audience of this hoohaa was the MIC itself, perpetuated by outsiders within the MIC that want in but don't have a need to know, was just wondering it the other day riding home from work.

Would make sense in some ways, the press haven't done any major followup since December , Joe public isn't really arsed unless it stopped them going on social media or getting a new iPhone and the ufo community has by and large been sidestepped, nothing has really happened with Congress, all that really leaves is the MIC themselves.

I know there has been whispers of some black tech wrapped up in usaps that some want outlined the white world, well if you believe that, I'm not so sure but would make sense on some levels.. Hmmmm

posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 07:29 AM

originally posted by: ctj83
a reply to: mirageman

So was it a Tic Tac, or a saucer? Did someone match move a tic tac over the original object?

Why does Kevin Day not want to talk about missing time?

This feels like a PR campaign. By whom, I’m not sure.

I listened to the interview with Kevin and he admitted he had spoken with this Trevor guy, maybe collusion between the two?

Regardless, I would bet the house on Kevin being an "experiencer", he said in the interview that he didn't want to cover some parts due to something that had happened to him before, interesting that he is now involved with vallee don't ya think?

posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 08:10 AM
a reply to: pigsy2400

Peter Levenda said that TTSA hadn't targeted the UFO community because they already know there is a phenomenon. The general public either totally missed the news, or saw a crappy video that proved nothing and have since forgotten all about it.

So this talk of Senate Hearings does seem like someone is trying to pry something out of the MIC for use in the outside world. Meanwhile there are all those neuro-scientists and biologists listed as 'advisors' to TTSA. Put those two things together and what possibly could they be trying to achieve?

There are some clues but they could also be scarlet fish thrown into the pond..According to DeLonge someone told him it was the 'Cold War and we found a lifeform'.

It's also no secret what is in the documents filed with SEC by TTSA.

Put these things together with everything else we've been told. Throw out the chaff. What do we have left? What could they need and what do they want to really achieve?

posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: mirageman

What could they need and what do they want to really achieve?

posted on Jun, 20 2018 @ 11:47 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Whilst the right hand talks about metamaterials, Titanium and the Sierra Crash, the left-hand talks of the antenna, of MRI scans and unknown Bright Objects in them. That consciousness drives everything.

Neither may be true, both cannot be true.

Mind controlling skin walker type creatures don't have the time or need to build 60 micron thick layered waveguide meta materials for controlling terahertz radiation do they?

I'll put out a few guesses here:
- The Hunt For The Skinwalker is largely archive footage shot up to 2008 by a pro documentary crew working for Knapp
- It is focussed largely on cattle mutilations
- If the Knapp footage exceeds the Corbell new footage then we can't really say that this is solely Corbell's film
- There is likely none of the footage that Knapp has described over the years, such as the fireflys taking down the camera (this was recorded by security cams) - although I wish it would.

Regardless I'm a big fan of Corbell's aesthetic style, editing and pace. The fact he's done this solely with Canon SLR and Final Cult is a testament to a true artist who knows his craft.

I would caution everyone to question:
- Why is Jacques Vallee still under NDA about SkinWalker, but George Knapp is able to release 30-40 hours of security cam, ENG and pro documentary footage taken over the last decade?
- How does Bob Lazars story, with his Billy Mieir like Sports Model fit into either the TTSA narrative or Corbell's? I struggle to see how the narrative of SkinWalker can sit beside it
- Why do cattle mutilations matter so much again?

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