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Sister Lucia of Fatima dies at 97 years of Age

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:40 PM
It was with much sadness that i found out that Sister Lucia (the holder of the 3 Secrets of Fatima) passed away, yesterday, Feb 13 at 17.30 PM
I was baptised as a Catholic and thou i am not one, i still held very close to my heart the Sanctuary of Fatima and its Apparitions. I lived about an hour from Fatima, and Sister Lucia lived in a convent 10 minutes form my home in Coimbra.

May she rest in Peace!


The 3 Secrets of Fatima

On August 31 1941, Sister Lucia wrote a letter to the Bishop pf Leiria, it read the description of the Secret revealed in 1917.

1st Secret of Fatima

The Secret is divided in 3 distinct parts. Two of which I will reveal now.
The First was the sight of Hell.
Our Lady showed us a great sea of fire that seemed to be under the Earth.
Drowning in that fire the demons and the souls, looked as if they were black transparent coals. They floated in a fire of flames that came out of themselves, in the midst of painful moans and screams. The demons stood out for their transparent shapes of despicable, horrible animals shapes of unknown origin. This sight was a moment, and thanks to the Promess of Our Mother from Heaven, on her first apparition, that she would takes us to Heaven, we endured such sight, otherwise I am sure we would have died of fear and fright.

2nd Secret of Fatima

We than lifted our eyes to Our Lady, who told us with kindness and sadness:

“- You have seen Hell, where the souls of the poor sinners go to, in order to save them God wishes to establish in the World the devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If you do as I say many souls will be saved and there will be Peace. The war will end, but if you have not ceased to offend God by the rule of Pio XI, a worse war shall begin.
When you see the night illuminated by an unknown light, know that it is the mighty sign of God given to you, that His punishment of the Crimes of The World will start by means of a war, famine, persecutions to The Church and the Holy Priest.
To prevent it I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart and the repenting Communion on the first Saturdays. If you attend to my requests, Russia will convert and you shall have Peace, otherwise, it will spread its errors thru the World, promoting wars and persecution to the Church, the good will become martyrs, the Holy Priest will have much to suffer, many nations will be destroyed, and finally My Immaculate Heart will Triumph. The Holy Priest will consecrate Russia to me, wich will convert and the World shall be given some time of Peace.

3rd Secret of Fatima

“ I am writing to Your Reverend Excellence the Bishop of Leiria, in an act of obedience to YOU my God, and My Mother in Heaven who tell me to do so.
After the two parts I have described we saw at the higher Left side of Our Lady an Angel with a Sword of Fire on his left hand, that spit flames as it sparkled. These flames seemed to be sent to set the World on Fire, but they would vanish when in contact with the shining right hand of Our Lady.
The angel, pointing at Earth with His right hand, shouted : > And we saw the Immense Light that God is (something similar to the reflection of light in a mirror…).
A Bishop dressed in White (we had a feeling it was the Holy Priest), several other bishops, priest, reverends, religious men and women followed, climbing a scarped mountain. At the top, a Great Wood Cross. On the way to the Cross the Holy Priest passed thru the ruins of a city, as he prayed for the souls of the perished. As he arrived to the Cross at the top pf the Mountain he was killed by soldiers who shot at him many times, many other followers were killed, bishops, priests, men and women of all classes. Under both arms of the Cross, there were TWO angles, each one carrying and crystal water sprinkler, where they held the blood of the Martyrs and with it blessed the Souls of Those who approach God.


God Bless you Sister Lucia

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posted on Feb, 17 2005 @ 10:07 PM
Yes this is very sad, and very troubling as well. I remember hearing somewhere that she would live through part of the chastisement, and then after she died the
world would not last much longer, after which the three days of darkness would happen.

Look, I know I sound like a judgemental fool to some of you, but for those who have any sincere ears I would beg to you if you have not confessed your
sins to God to please understand that we are near the most frightening time coming up which is the three days of darkness, which my God is absolutely frightening to think of. I love each
and every one of you souls here and don't care how stupid I sound and truly want you to come back to God, I have to do the same because im far from even good myself let alone from God,, but I truly want your souls
like literal angels on earth for God ,and enjoying eternal happiness forever with him who loves you more than you love yourself.

God Bless.

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posted on Feb, 18 2005 @ 12:45 AM
I am saddened at the passing of this most pious woman. She was the living embodiment of, perhaps, the greatest miracle and religious mystery of the last century. The miracle of Fatima was witnessed by tens of thousands of people and, over the years, has fallen to obscurity. Interestingly enough, however, the three secrets of Fatima have held their interest over this time....especially the Third Secret.

The Third Secret of Fatima has a great deal of controversy surrounding it. Several years ago, the Catholic Church finally revealed the secret .... a secret that Our Lady had expressed should be revealed in 1960. However, it was supressed because it was felt that we were not ready to know and cope with this knowledge. But when the Church finally revealed it, it was quite anticlimatic. The secret revealed was , it seemed, the assasination attempt upon Pope John Paul II.

Many people, scholars, church men, do not believe that this was the real 3rd Secret. As a frequent topic on Art Bells radio show - Coast to Coast -, guests such as the eminent author, scholar and exorcist, Malachy Martin (himself one of the few privy to the actual 3rd secret) stated that the secret revealed WAS NOT the secret that he had read in his capacity as the private secretary to Pope John XXIII.

We have to ask ourselves, in the light of Sister Lucys passing, just what IS the real 3rd Secret and what does the future hold for the church.


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