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How do you feel about private messages from anonymous people?

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posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 10:48 PM
This is the only place I send pm to people I don’t know. And it’s not been many. However, it’s been nearly 100% positive, because I have become more comfortable here, by feeling like I “know” a few people better. I realize that everything we receive and put out is biased in some ways, but it’s nice to feel a little more connection to the few posters I have communicated with via pm.

I even have one person that I have been in contact with for over 4 years. And it’s become a real friendship.

posted on Jan, 7 2018 @ 04:39 AM
Are you the poster who used to write all the relationship threads? Then you got called out for contradictory in formation so you told us it was all for an experiment?

You sure post as many threads as that person and have the same style.

Edit: I'm going out on a limb here an saying you are and that this is the second time I've caught you doing this stuff under another name!
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posted on Jan, 13 2018 @ 09:49 AM
a reply to: antiantonym

Eh op, I enjoy mail and the u2u's.

It easier to be myself more privately sometimes, when it comes to more sensitive topics.

Idk, in the other community I called home there was a generally a more younger crowd. I think they used it more often, because I got more mail and the topic was brought up often during thread drift.

Everyone here has been great, I find.

Civil, and polite in private exchanges. I sometimes wish that icon lit up more, it's tricky wondering how others take some things in. The messaging in the other community was less polished.

I haven't really run into too many challenges with private messaging, only minor regret. In messaging more frequently with other members, it may be good to Skype or talk on the telephone.I enjoy the otherworldly aspect of life, and hearing another's voice can help reassure myself that they are ok. It's easier to reassure them too. Text alone, makes it more difficult to know how they're managing.

Another thing, what if you don't here back?

I'll share ideas privately, like for example for writing a thread.I like asking for feedback beforehand, especially if they were a catalyst for an idea. I don't hear back or see they've logged in in a very long time, a part of me worries for the well being. Some members mention taking a holiday, or leaving but they don't always have the chance.

Idk? Give it a year?
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