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Why is Wikileaks lying?

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posted on Feb, 17 2018 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: themuse

Happy days to you too my friend.

posted on Feb, 17 2018 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: purplemer

Thanks for replying
Feels good to be here with live realtime people again.
So indeed Thankyou for the welcome back - in-kind also to you - May all your days and nights find you well and having Great times with Very Best of Them.
WOW I can see its going to take me some good researching to catch up on all I've missed.

Haha do I dare ask... Do you have an ATS Highlight reel purplemur? Great things Ive missed ? that which the likes of I should go hunting for to start me back here..on ATS ...I'm kinda serious but yet theres alot here.. I may just follow posts and threads of friends and interests... But if theres any WOW WOW WOW that I have missed in the last 4 years... Please do direct me
kindly thankyou.
I've not been under a rock, I moved from Western Australia to Virginia 3 years ago near on the dot and was promptly T-boned TWICE by the Biggest Gardening State Dump truck they have here... resulting in 2 years bedridden some spinal injuries and one year so far of travel and fixing my own injuries and studying - trying to make sense of America whilst living here lol, well the "Health System" here is something Im versed in personally now and wow I maybe Should post some words on it ( and finally getting to unpack just 3 years after moving here LOL - hubbys o/s ALOT for his now not so new job, so cant blame him...)

Apologies purplermer Its been way too long since Ive had any live interaction on here.

Wikileaks and Julian - I am torn on atm, - emphasis on ATM, I really am, but for good reason, I will explain when I find the appropriate place to do so here.
I was quite involved in a thing, a few years ago, a radio show - involving interviews with whistle-blowers, with Julian inc and some close as fam -to me- people there got legally tied up so to speak and silenced for some while. Shutting that down.. for some years- for reasons Unrelated to the radio station legally but nonetheless targeted because of it.. and literally some actions of stupidity by people involved - across areas unrelated - that allowed a way to silence the show.I will go into this perhaps, if it has not been covered on here or if it can be covered on here in relevance.

It is nice to be back and see old handles active. I think maybe I should catch up on Ts&Cs too.

Have the Best Day

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