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The great big thread of whacky flat Earth arguments

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posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 07:43 AM
a reply to: hopenotfeariswhatweneed

Funniest thing I've seen today! Made me laugh heartily!

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: OneBigMonkeyToo

Well said! Much like the other poster who referenced the bugs bunny cartoon, I would relegate flat Earth nonsense to fodder for comedy.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 07:56 AM
a reply to: LungFuMoShi

Ain't been on here in a while but been seeing and hearing a lot 'bout this ol' flat Earth so thought I'd compile a shortlist of my favourite arguments that I've seen put forward by flat Earthers. 1. If the Earth is moving then why come it takes the same amount of time to fly 100 miles east as it does to fly 100 miles west? In another, more specific variation of this argument the locations New York and Los Angeles were mentioned. I suppose what they're trying to say is that if a plane is in the air and not making direct contact with the Earth, that the rotating Earth should move inpedendently of the plane. Thus, if the plane is moving in a direction contrary to Earths rotation it should travel at a faster rate - like the rotation of the Earth doesn't actually affect its contents, this really boggles my mind. But then you realise that there are a lot of variables that could and do affect the time it takes to travel anywhere, a flight from NY to LA might take longer than it did previously because things travel at different speeds and can be impeded by natural phenomena like weather. Or perhaps weather is a lie perpetuated by NASA.

I cant move forward and read or discuss anything until you clear something up for me.

You say your favorite arguments and then post this one quoted above.

you say it boggles your mind.

Is this because its so ridiculous that it hurts most people brains or that you think it has some relevance as an argument supporting a flat earth?


I just finished the OP, I get it.

I got scared and thought your favorite meant the ones most valid in support, actually sorry, my brain must have stopped to think anyone could take that seriously.

my sincerest apologies
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posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 08:03 AM
All I know is that a flat earth doesn't support trees.

I see many trees, therefore the earth is not flat.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 08:08 AM
we haven't had my favourite flat earth-adjacent theory yet, which is the one about how all the mesas you see in the deserts are actually the stumps of long dead trees that once reached the firmament, and also something about this being responsible for the degenerate state of society.
i don't have it on hand but i read an article about it some time ago and it was.... fascinating

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: continuousThunder

There is also a terrible YouTube video that says there are no trees on Earth now. Just huge shrubberies everywhere. I understand they posit that an advanced civilization clear cut all of the real trees and took it all away for intergalactic log cabin construction, or something equally ridiculous.

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 12:12 PM

originally posted by: LungFuMoShi

You have to credit the folks what come up with these things for their inspired, original thinking.

Or does everyone just nick ideas that are already out there? I's all very interesting.

Well...this post went nowhere.

These ideas are millennia old, when humans had less equipment, data and such to provide actual science, surely then what is worse is now having actual telescopes (and an understanding of the science) in space and still believing these oddball ideas.

If the Earth is flat how does telling me its round really change anything, the observable laws of physics to which I see, will still be the same, so whats the lie actually for? Hey its raining outside, hold on if we live in a "snowglobe" is that just condensation

posted on Jan, 15 2018 @ 12:17 PM
Maybe the earth is flat, in the 7th dimension and projected down into the 3rd.


posted on Jan, 22 2018 @ 03:47 AM
Even the ancient Greeks (Pythagoras 500 B.C., Aristotle 350 B.C.) proposed that earth was spherical. Since then it has been proposed and “proven” many times. Consensus in the last centuries is a spherical earth. Even in the days of Colombus the educated knew that earth is a sphere.

Exactly when did NASA (and ESA and all other space organizations around the …globe) realize that Earth is flat?

Did they know from the start?

Why would they hide this fact?

Twenty years ago, a kid would read a book about the flat earth-theory, and later, in school, he/she would ask his/her science teacher. Even a bad teacher could easily explain why the flat earthers are wrong.

Today kids apparently don´t ask questions in school. Instead they read a whacky theory online and later finds supporting “evidence” on youtube, comfortable in the bubble.

There are no facts anymore, no truth. Everything is up for discussion.
But where will it end?

Suddenly I am feeling old

posted on Jan, 22 2018 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: Thosjo

in my opinion - a " better " question = :

why did rival and warring empires maintain agreement on the " spheroid earth model " during the 17th , 18th and 19th centuries ???

flat earth proponents cannot claim " political hemogeny " as the reason - doe to wars

they cannot cite " religious hemogeny " - due to religious schisms [ ie spain vs england ] or the ottomans vs everyone else , or the chines // japanese [ isolated ]

so why maintain agreement ???????????????

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