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Self May Be The Most Important Thing We Have.

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posted on Nov, 27 2018 @ 08:55 PM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

If one wants to come to understand some of this stuff, you have to be willing to get very much down and dirty.. to face things that are unthinkable.. and that's on day 1 of the journey.

We're free here to cross all sorts of PC boundaries.

You are right about the definitions on souls and tulpas (and sparks) being rather mushy, in the best of cases

So perhaps "self" instead of soul? Self as in "me" "I" "you" without the mystic bullcrap?

Then there are the others. The "sparks" or "entities". Entities is insulting to them because of the baggage that defines "entity". Hmm how about your "sparks" in the context of the matter at hand. I don't think they mind that one.

I'ts an ugly subject. People don't want to confront that 'souls' are no different than any other tulpa,
and that in the big picture, everything is temporary and cyclic.

Now I've run into some really ugly 'tulpa/souls' that 'don't want to die.. so they prowl around certain vulnerable people and try to take them over. Of course there is 'some' actual reincarnation after a fashion. And you are correct.. tulpas tend to go to the mass-delusion egregores after death... and unless that faith goes extinct, that egregore will survive for a long time.

The "souls" of the Christian definition, Iseem to have an artificial counterfeit feel to them.

There are some really nice young deceased people I know who didn't want to die too. I see the fuglies too.

But is everyone a tulpa?

What I mean is the self. A kid growing up and spending an ordinary life, is a "single self".

But what about the occultist who wants power and being an ordinary human to begin with decides to take a short cut and starts gathering "sparks" to augment his meagre self? Temporary power borrowed from others? That would be a "composite self".

I would think that a composite self would be very temporary and fall apart sooner or later. That end would crush the human. To loose all that ability and power and return to comparative nothing would be crushing. One could understand such a crushed person wandering the afterlife desperately trying to find his former powers.

posted on Nov, 27 2018 @ 10:15 PM
Of course, if a human life is just a tulpa, and therefore only a thought form, it then necessarily follows that there is a creator of the tulpa/though form.

In which case we would be bubbles of awareness that come into being and then disappear like soap bubbles from a child's bubblepipe.. A total non-permanence without real meaning (that I can fathom).

While there are fluffy critters (sparks?) that just eat consciousness and grow in size, when house sized they just vanish and later reappear as cute little fluffies again.

But they are cleaner level critters that just like food and follow me about sometimes.

The more complex the more permanence (long jevedy?)?

In the scenario of the bubble there is likely to be a creator of some sort, even if just natural forces like rapids in a stream creating bubbles.

That would upset every one. To find out they are just bits of foam on the surface of a stream.

The equivalent of a "slime" in a video game.

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