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The False Frontier Of The $

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posted on Dec, 25 2017 @ 01:33 PM
Accelerated Transfusion Technology! You heard it here first folks the new technology that will utilise the resource that makes up 90% of the worlds resource for energy. Now the boys at Los Ala Mos have been working on cracking this wonder under the gauze of A.T.W Accelerated Transfusion Waste Disposal for Uranium 235. However, it is Uranium 238 that is the prize and by 2025-2035 one of these nations China, Russia or America will break the news to the world of using a new source of clean nuclear technology. Maybe it will be a joint Russian Chinese venture for all we know, but the rumour mill at the universal bar is that all sides are extremely close and that there is money riding on it.

Once utilised it will leave Uranium 235 in the stone age and it will leave it to die in the way of the dinosaurs. The U.S petrol $ will be no more and we as humans will be ready to set foot into the great wonder and discovery!

This in turn will lead to Accelerated Transfusion Engine development and it will propel mankind into the age of colonisation of Mars, Moon, Venus and other planets within the solar system. After this the galaxy is the limit my fellow people of Planet Man! We are about to put our big boy pants on and transition towards many great wonders and futuristic technologies that will make iphones/ipads seem like stone tools!

Space X, Boeing and other companies will start to go into private space sector from 2018-2030 for this very reason and we will be witnessing one big pissing contest for the rights of space!

We are in the golden age of wonders and discovery! So really exciting times ahead


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