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14yo girl facing felony child porn charges, 10 years for selfie

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posted on Dec, 29 2017 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: AtomicKangaroo

Yeah. No teens snuck out or #ed or went to stay the night at a friend's to sneak out when parents go to sleep. None of that happened till windows 95

posted on Dec, 29 2017 @ 12:01 PM

originally posted by: AtomicKangaroo
Yeah when we were kids we had this thing called a curfew. You stopped talking to your friends once you were home from school, or home for dinner until you saw them the next day.
We had enough respect back then of our parents, guardians and peers to inform them where we were. Parents had land lines, they could ring the other parents house and check we were there, or inform each other we were expected to be there.

Yes, but teens still sneak out when parents are asleep and break the rules. You can't know everything they are doing at all times. What if your kid goes out to ride bikes with friends in the summer? Do you really know exactly where they are and what they are doing at all times if they don't have a cell phone? I had a curfew as well, but I sneaked out and so do a large amount of teens today. It's in their nature to disobey. If you think they are just going to always listen to parents, then you haven't had teenagers yourself. I'm sure some obey, but part of growing up is rebellion. The youth is always rebellious to the previous generation. It's been like that for 60+ years, at least.

If we weren't where we were supposed to be there were consequences, not idle threats. Now you cannot do anything because every do gooder and SJW... I mean social worker tells kids they have rights, don't have to obey or listen to authority and that disciplining your kids is abuse.

That's not true, I work at a child abuse agency. There is a big difference between disciplining your child and beating the # out of him or her with a rod. Threats of violence and beatings aren't good ways to teach kids, especially teens, it can damage them psychologically.

Also Kids were honestly, smarter back then. Access to technology and social media early in life has made them dumber I reckon. Sure kids will always be and do stupid to some level. But my friends and I and I would say 99% of kids back then would of told a person to sod off who asked to see their privates and told an adult. Not anymore.....

I disagree 100% on that one. Kids were not smarter, they were different. Today we have access to instant information at the press of a button. When I was growing up, we just heard things from other friends and thought they were true. I can't count the amount of false things we use to believe when young, because we had no way to fact check many things.

Sure the internet COULD be an awesome tool. But like everything good we come up with, someone always has to come along and ruin it, make it awful and turn it all to junk.

Guarantee if someone cured cancer and aids tomorrow. Someone else will find a way to use it to give people cancer and aids.
Internet is no different. For every person adding knowledge to the net, that is using it to advance mankind, there are a million people just adding stupid to it.

This is true, but you can't blame the technology for the way people use it. It does very much help make our lives more convenient. Some people use it for things that are perceived as wrong by certain religious groups, but it's really just teenage curiosity and hormones acting up. Trying a teenage girl as an adult and giving her 10 years for something like that is beyond absurd. That's a life ruining thing, she will learn nothing from it. Instead of pretending that sex or nude pictures are evil, we should show more understanding toward the youth and how they feel, because we were there and it's not easy to resist.

We do not let kids (well sane adults anyways) have guns, do drugs, drink booze and engage in sex. Same with video games as I said.I do not see how it is any different with the internet.

We do not let them do those things, but a large amount of them pretty much do it regardless. There is a huge difference with the internet because it's not inherently bad. It can be used for good or bad, unlike drugs, alcohol and how sex is perceived.

And as for safety settings, blockers and the like, sadly as I pointed out earlier, the majority of adults are stupid and have no idea how the tech works either.

Well whose fault is that? Any adult can do a google search for phone safety and parental controls. It's not really that complicated.

If you're gonna let a 6 year old have a mobile phone so their parents know where they are, then you may as well give the kid a loaded gun too.

That an extremely absurd comparison, and very fallacious. Sorry. I agree 6 years old is too young to have an internet capable cell phone that isn't regulated by the parents, but claiming it's like a loaded gun is complete nonsense. Nobody is dying from a teenager sharing nude pics with her boyfriend. In the old days teens played spin the bottle. Now they send nudes. What would you rather have your kid doing?

I mean if your kid is very young and you do not know where they are, have curfews in place and cannot teach them how to use things correctly, then honestly such people should not have kids to begin with.

True, but you can't control everything teenagers do. This is a fact. They find ways around rules. It's part of growing up.

Seriously is it really that hard or bad to keep kids away from the net until they are 18 (depending on where you live) like we do with alcohol and other things?

18 is ridiculous for internet access. Again, the internet is not always bad. Many students in school now have laptops and computers that access a school internet to help learn and submit assignments via email. I would say anybody over 12 should be allowed to use the internet, but when they are young their access should be regulated by the parents, something that is completely doable. If they are too lazy to learn how to regulate it and limit their access, then that's on the parents. Parents can blocked their child from access at home, there's no reason to put an age limit on it like tobacco, alcohol or firearms.

It's all broke like most things in modern society. Instead of shrugging and saying "oh well, it is what it is" we could make an actual effort to fix the damn problems. Especially when the fixes are so obviously easy.
But anythings these days that requires a little amount of effort is too hard these days.....

I guess if you see technology and internet as a problem, but not everybody does. It's only a problem if somebody misuses it. I honestly don't see a problem with it, because we DO have software that regulates it and if set up right a teenager cannot bypass it. That's like banning nuclear energy because some people use that knowledge and technology to build bombs.

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posted on Dec, 30 2017 @ 09:38 AM

originally posted by: TinySickTears
a reply to: AtomicKangaroo

Yeah. No teens snuck out or #ed or went to stay the night at a friend's to sneak out when parents go to sleep. None of that happened till windows 95

I never said life was perfect back then. But compare now to back before the internet and you can see that society has definitely deteriorated in comparison. Especially in regards to children.
I didn't see gangs of youths walking down the street openly screaming obscenities and attacking people like I do now.
Kids #ed about, but they were a lot more discrete about it.

Kids sneaking out, is not the same as little girls taking a photo of their vaginas to send to online randoms.
How many little girls and boys took photos of their genitals for sharing about before "windows 95"?

I'd guess Zero, that's how many. But sure, go off on tangents that completely avoid the points I was making if it makes your feels feel better.

Anyways said my piece. No good just repeating my self and explaining everything in detail to satisfy a few. Not a fan of going around in circles.
You have a very pleasant day.

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