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A Distinctive Redemption

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posted on Dec, 18 2017 @ 03:38 PM
Imagine a being of the grandest evil you can conceive of. It is the epitome of what happens when passions and instincts run wild, where there is no restraint, no morals, or values besides death destruction and mayhem. IF you can even imagine that in this being there is but the smallest spark of goodness, the single smallest amount of goodness that could ever exist, do so now. To this demon, that speck is anathema. It is, in fact, its Truth. Everything it exists in denial of. It is restraint, and morality, and goodness, and virtue, in a being where there is none.

I would go so far as to say, that speck of goodness is way more substantial than the darkness could ever be. Light and darkness mingle when the light dims. But wherever even the smallest light exists, there is no darkness. And vice versa. So if you grant that this Devil might have the Smallest possible spark of Light in him, then you grant that in that spark of light, this Devil is everything he should be, everything that Devil is not. Therefore, we don't tell the darkness 'begone', we say 'let there be light.'

Imagine now, being this speck of light inside this being of the grandest evil. It is constantly being violated, and betrayed, by the very thing which is its whole. It must say "I am not what I do, I am more than what I am. I am plagued by a demon, I stand in my own way. I do not mean the evil that I perpetrate. I am light, I swear it, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Imagine now that this light was given license to speak, and speak alone. Imagine it saying those words, the utmost of its ability, whilst it was killing and screwing over peoples lives? How big of a liar would he seem like? "I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you", and he says it every time. Mist seem like a lie bit in fact is his whole entire Truth.

See why this whole tiny bit of light thing matters? It is enough to redeem this being, if we look at and empower only its light. If there is no tiny speck of light, and this being tries to apologize, it only further solidifies its evil, whereas when the tiny speck of light speaks, its voice is the only difference from the evil.

If you don't see and honor that light, then there is nothing further it can do. But if you say to this demon ""I see the light in you, I honor its truth and love" then that right there makes that much more light in this demons soul. It is literally getting its soul back. This is why people experienced with light can banish demons, not because they have power over the darkness, but because they empower the light.

Imagine now this being of darkness, with no speck, confronting a mortal who works with Light. The mortal can conjure no light in this being, can not find any redeemable quality to, well, redeem. Thus the darkness wins. Thus, we see, that the only thing that can defeat true darkness, is darkness. It is only by awakening within our darkness, as our demons, that we can conquer our darkness, and ensure that even when the light wavers, we stand firm. This means that the only thing that can defeat true evil, is itself. I mean, sure, light can banish the darkness, but never erase it. This is the ultimate fate of the universe, which i believe is true evil in the process of reconciling with itself, which I would name the birth of God, the only being conceivable who could never fall to darkness.

This is the explanation of why god is good and all powerful, even though we experience corruption: when you install an update, to patch errors, or install better software, what happens to the old one? It doesn't become the new, it remains the same, corrupted, less efficient version. The only good that can now come of this version has to come from itself, just as darkness can only defeat darkness.

This places a unique burden upon mankind, and each son and daughter of our kind. To ascend the ladder of progress, or cling to it where ascent is not possible. To dive into darkness, so as to become The light there. It so happens that this is also the job of that spark, to become its darkness, and conquer it, which can only be achieved by temporary extinguishment.

The point of all this is thus: where there is flaw, there is no chance of becoming unflawed, or pure; EXCEPT as the voice of CONSCIENCE. By the naming of will, the identifying of truth, in the face of all obfuscation and corruption. THus the adage "do or do not, there is no try" because as soon as we want to be good we are it, and must only try and uphold that with all of our possibly nonexistent might.

Lastly, a moral: conscience doesn't always get a voice, but when it does we should try and believe it. Because when it comes to our own light and darkness, we tend to be pretty damn lenient in the name of progress.

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