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Where is Iraq going ?

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posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 07:46 PM
What a day for IRAQ, the elections are over..
Do we really believe the result is 100% genuine??
They come in, spend 200Billion Destroying the country, then spend 200Billion repairing it ''if they'll let us'' kill the citizens, then put forward a few people we beleive are good enough to run the country for them to vote for?.. what a fast...

And yet they still cant catch Zaraqawi,

What i am worried about is if Zaraqawi grows up a little.
He needs to realise he cant beat the US military.. He needs to pull in all his horses, and all his cells, and sit tight.
Let this new ' and very green ' government sit in, and try to run the country. Using a military that is half curropt, and the other have had no other choice for survival but to join up for the pay cheque. Sounds to me like a powerful confident building force.

Once this new government is in place, an the us starts leaving, zaraqawi should gather his men. Do like saddam and just take over the country. Half of the insurgents are bloody X Saddam Men, the others are War Trained and jihadist's VS Curropt/Desperate army... who do you think would win?

Zarqawi doesnt care about nationality, or past wars...... so he would have no problem siding with iran... in his mind they're just another fighting force whom hates the US... and that list seems to be growing daily!

Imagine those two countries side by side... IRAQ & IRAN Vs the US.
Iraq has the people whom the US has devistated and really left a mark, Zaraqawi has the backing of UBL and the rest of alqaeda, IRAN Supposidly is building the bomb and X amount of suicide bombers...and now NK Says they have the bomb.

Considering they're pretty much the man BITE of the middleeast where's one place on earth right now you woudlnt wanna holiday.????
can we all say ISRAEL?

USA says there in the box seat, there getting through their goals in IRAQ a new governemtn is being setup, and they world is a safer place.

The world was a safer place with saddam, because he didnt allow uprisings, he didnt allow IRAN to become a powerful force, all he wanted to do was end his days, in his lush palaces with the world convinced he was a powerful man.

I bet he's sitting back having a chuckle at the mess american has created for itself and the entire world, all because of himself.

Im only 21 and live in Australia, but ive read many books of conflicts and disorder from the 40-s to the present day.

I cant see any chance of this turning out well.

How you can destroy a country and leave saying it was in their best interests... Its like breaking into someone's house, killing the wife, and the daughter stealing everything then leaving, with a smile and a wave saying i hope you enjoy the improvements... MY A**.... logically the husband and the son will do everything nessecary to make those who were involved suffer.

The US will suffer for this, and unfortuntley Blair and BLOODY Howard were dumb enough to follow, and now there citizens are in trouble.

Thankyuo for taking the time to read this, i know it was long and really no main point, but its how i feel and id like to get a response.

'' We Destroyed the holiest country on the face of this planet all to fun a nut in a spiderhole ''

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posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:41 AM
Yes,they're free from Saddam.So?

Yes,they have the freedom to choose.So?

As long as the new Iraqi government would be puppet to the master puppeteer which is U.S,Iraq will continue to suffer but silently.

Which is more evil,a dictator that kills,rape and steal for fun or a dictator hiding behind a democratic mask and controlling the mass without them knowing it?

To me,I'd say both are equally evil.Hang'em both.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:43 AM
puppet? right, afterall our picks took 3rd place....yup thats logical.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 03:06 AM
Well,let me change the saying of "God works in mysterious ways" to a more Bush modified saying.

"Bush works in mysterious ways".

Note that not everything you see is what you really preceive.Anything is possible.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 03:14 AM
You could blame Bush and Blair. You could disect what the meaning of everything out of books, or liberals who blow smoke up your a$$. Saddam was a man who got greedy when he took over the country. We have lost many people over the years from people like Saddam, the Iraian government, Lybia, and Syria. Real life situation gives meaning to truth, not in books, newspapers,or media. It is the people who live it are the truth like the Iraqis. If you could just spend a time with these people, you would find that the truth they share are real, the ones who have no ties with terrorist or government (the working class). May be it will help you understand. I am sorry you feel this way.

Golden Shellback..............King Neptune Rex Royal Court

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 04:13 AM
Bush and his cronies bungled post war Iraq they couldnt have made more mistakes if they tried. Bushs half baked policies are leading Iraq down the road of disater. It gets better Bush will blame the Iraqi people for the US failuares he spilt out that rubbish about Iraqis not fighting for there freedom!

When ever you occupy a country you can expect native resistance the fact that the US and its allies wernt prepared is inexcusable. Mayabe the Australian and pommy SAS should have stayed in post war Iraq.

Its almost hard to compehend that Bush expects that joke known as Iraqi sercuity forces spose to defeat the insurgency?
When it comes to winning hearts and minds of the local population the yanks are useless. It gets better Bush will only give out luctive rebuilding contracts to countries that took part in the invasion of Iraq.
Why would the likes of France sent troops to Iraq if they dont have national interests to guard?

Sure Saddam wasnt a nice guy but if the sad fact is if Bushs half baked policies continue the end result will be no better.
Heres what needs to be done send 80% of american "conventnal "troops home and replace them with special forces.
Improve sercuity screening and give the Iraqi sercuity forces proper special forces training.
Would you mess with special forces trained by the pommy,Aust SAS and other American special forces?

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 05:23 AM
Well at least some people know how to have fun What ashame the national game is soccer #yawns# perhaps some good will come out of Iraq If they become a new cricketing nation.


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