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New York Times : "The Pentagon's Mysterious UFO Program" (plus DeLonge's new website/videos)

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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: spleenika

Heh...I nearly died several times and don't remember any of it. I'm a C6/C7 quadriplegic (aka Tetraplegic). Was on home IV antibiotics and my IV site (PIC line) got infected and I went septic (aka septic shock). Crashed (BP bottomed out) in my wheelchair...wife dragged me to the floor and started CPR. Before all was said n done I coded 7 times total, was shocked 5 times in ER and C-ICU and remember none of it. I remember crashing at home then waking up 3 days later in ICU, intubated and battling multi-organ failure from the sepsus. Looking back, I kinda wish I'd had experienced something least a little something for my

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: KenTodd

That sounds traumatizing, I think I would want a little something too!

If it is a topic that interests you, there was a book I especially liked called "Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences".

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 01:17 AM

originally posted by: The GUT

originally posted by: 1ofthe9
Oh wow! The gangs all here.
GUT, Isaac good to see you guys again. I'm glad to see I wasn't totally out there speculating a few years back.

Per the mystery material - Vallee is involved with it. I don't know his exact role, but he was talking about this in at least one interview BEFORE the NYT story.

Hiya 1o9!! Good to see you too and good contribution in that article. Vallee talks about the "slag" materials--in case anyone didn't read it--so I guess that adds to the building knowledge of what's being claimed about recovered materials.

I see he's accepting letters now, so I've been considering writing him. I know KPB eventually got in touch with him...

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 03:50 AM
Has anyone seen these yet?

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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 05:06 AM
a reply to: The GUT

The author did a bang up job of outlining the incredible tangle of Ufology. For conspiracy enthusiasts this is the stuff of dreams. For people who are looking for hard provable facts this type of "mess" is off-putting in a major way.

It's exactly why most people just shake their heads and walk away.
It keeps getting said that the religious or plain non accepting can't accept UAP's or UFO's but JMO it's all the mumbo-jumbo intrigue and surrounding obfuscation that leads to the disinterest.

People care less about the "secret squirrel" who said what and to who than cold hard facts even if those facts equal a very defined "We just don't know."

Hopefully a slew of FOIA's are now pending before some of this gets retroactively classified. I agree with the author that altho Public Funds were to an extent minimal we are deserving of answers to at least some of the ultimate science utilized and findings.

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 05:33 AM
Robert Salas comments (paraphrased, edited), from:
Rober t Salas' comments on DoD/Elizando/Pentagon Dec 16th 2017 controlled release

How is it that Mr. Elizondo was able to release info about this highly classified program?

If so we should be able to file a FOIAon it.

Why was Robert Bigelow singled out to do 'research' on this project?

What exactly was he paid for?

What resultedfrom his investigations?

Was there a final report of his findings?

What other activities did AAITP engage in to accomplish their mission?

...why was it terminatedin 2012?

Questions, questions, questions.

Let's see if either of the journalists (Cooper or Blumenthal) follow up on this...

To me, it still sounds / feels like another controlled test release, testing the waters, ready to deny everything, etc...

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 05:46 AM
I have always wondered why those nations who have stepped frward with releasing their UFO-files never show their real stuff.... the in your face stuff.. Nations like France, England, a few south american countries.. They all brag about how leberal they are with the ufo-question but have never shown us the real stuff. The real stuff must be the dozens of gun-camera evidence of their jetfighters encountering UFO's. I am sure there are recordings with ufo's up close and personal.

The only value of this Pentagon is tat they confess something is out there. Maybe they have choosen this old and mild news to carefully prepare the people for the real stuff. I am convinced that an agreement between the great nations of the world has been made not to give the world the in focus, color and high definition film of UFO's until the US-government gives the green light. Some simlular agreement they have made about what is really going on in Antartica.

IMHO the whole thing has a smell to it... Maybe they are trying to condition us for a extraterrestrial threat from outer space which will be an excuse to keep the weapon industry going. Maybe it is nothing but a scam to take your money.. One thing I would like to add... I believe that Tom DeLongs heart is in the right place and probably taken for a ride..

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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 06:00 AM
CNN this morning: 7/12/20/opinions/keep-looking-for-unidentified-flying-objects-opinion-don-lincoln/index.html

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 06:12 AM
a reply to: MarsneedsGuitars

CNN this morning via MarsneedsGuitars

Good find Mars, I remade your link. It doesn't seem to work when you paste the actual link for the text portion.

Edit: My favorite quote from the PHD who wrote this opinion piece "More broadly, what need is there for craft to surreptitiously enter the atmosphere? After all, we are broadcasting our culture into space. Why not just watch the NFL playoffs from orbit?"
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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 06:39 AM

originally posted by: Blue Shift

originally posted by: Hyperboles
None on these sightings or disclosures will change anything as far as Jesus messages and Salvation thru Him alone

It has often been said that religion will not suffer, but merely see the confirmation of aliens as a holy opportunity to do more proselytizing to get those heathen aliens up to speed and worshiping the right myth instead of their crazy alien gods and monsters.
We have been ordained by His Mighty Grace to Evangelize the heathen and lukewarm Christians alike

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 06:39 AM
a reply to: Pathaka

The contract was put out to bid, bigelow won that bid. Most of the information is there if you look for it. He also never made any money from it, as he employed about 46 scientists so most of it went on wages. Go watch all of george knapps interview with the senator. The final report exists but I doubt we'll see it. Elizondo was the director of the program and still holds a security clearance, the videos went through a declassification process/deal.

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: The GUT

What about anybody named Richard in your opinion?

You didn't ask for my opinion. But I'd definitely say they would be called a Dick.

For example :

The Liar, the Witch

....and the Fraud show

These were both before the recent 'news'

But he's creeping around like it's 1988 again. Good to see Dick supporting Movember though!

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 07:12 AM
a reply to: mirageman

You are right on that one.

"Only time".

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: mirageman

"Birds of a feather flock together"

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: IsaacKoi

Rick Doty has been posting on my Facebook page in recent weeks.

Yes your interaction with Doty was picked up very quickly. Not too long after came the radio show with Linda Doty and John. From observations Doty does not have a way with words at all. I would consider him to be pretty obnoxious.

Isaac, I believe you where putting together some questions for Doty, did this ever happen as I saw nothing further on the matter, I could of missed this of course?
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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 07:57 AM

originally posted by: JimKerr
a reply to: IsaacKoi

The Pentagon, DOD or any other three letter agency did not release this information or video to the NY Times. Everyone is acting and talking as though they did.I believe there is far more to this that will be revealed in the weeks to come.

There has been no rebuttal from the Pentagon or DoD. And the Senator who initiated the program, Harry Reid, has confirmed details in an interview as highlighted earlier in the thread.

There is undoubtedly more to come before we can see the lights Mr. Kerr.

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 09:24 AM

originally posted by: jedi_hamster

originally posted by: spleenika
a reply to: JimKerr

Well the DoD declassified the video on Friday, and on Saturday simultaneously the NY Times and Politico released full reports and the same day had interviews with the actual pilot. That clearly had not been all arranged over 1 night. Also To The Stars had their full takes and deeper analysis of the videos up Saturday at the same time as the press stories dropped.

And Luis Elizondo has not been arrested for disclosing the existence of the Pentagons secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program...

It is hard for me to believe the DoD, which also acknowledged publicly that the AATIP program did exist, just in time for the stories, is somehow not coordinating with the TTS group.

the fact that the government has to be coordinating it, is common sense.

but look at something else. Reid said that the intelligence community was afraid that it'll all hit the front pages, and now they're releasing it? someone is lying.

I think that specific career folks in the DoD were afraid to be labeled as kooks and passed over for promotions, etc, due to the stigma associated with the topic. These individuals are not targeted for scrutiny in this release, or at least I haven't seen any unwilling participants, and those worried about religious implications are not speaking up (yet) for themselves, so maybe the actual worry was that they would be outed as individuals, which didn't happen (with the exception of illegal Wikileaks documents). The topic itself is out of the bag now, and it's too late to make it go entirely away without effort.

So it isn't necessarily that someone is lying, but that those who wanted the information out prevailed with the caveat of not outing those involved who wished to remain 'under the radar' so to speak. IMO
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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 09:54 AM
I don't know if it's been linked yet, but the Popular Electronics article seems to go much more in depth than the NY Times article. To include.. that there were two craft the Air Force encountered. One was below the water, churning it.. the other above (the one under the water was much larger than a submarine). The white capsule in the air, they were unable to get a radar lock on, and easily outpaced their jets.

That Time the U.S. Navy Had a Close Encounter With a UFO

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posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 12:08 PM

originally posted by: Woodcarver
Tom Delonge doesn’t know anything special. What breaking news has he ever informed us of?

The partners in his company are some of those who were in charge of AATIP while it was still active, namely Elizondo. So...the very same article you're looking at could at least in part be attributed to DeLonge's company's efforts to work toward disclosure.

posted on Dec, 21 2017 @ 01:13 PM
Holy s**t. Of all the potential reasons to prevent disclosure, overly religious officials was so low on my list that it never even crossed my mind.

It boggles the mind, really.

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