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Lord Pakal - Astronautical Benefactor or Noonautical Tyrant..?

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posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 02:57 PM

This is a very long thread, primarily because it requires a forerunner of introductions to various concepts & definitions which can't be skirted around, if one is to fully grasp the potentially deeper meanings of the various points of my theory, which is detailed as soon as it possibly can be.

So without further ado:

I've been fairly quiet around here for a while, but a couple of months ago I was researching a totally 'mundane' topic (not mundane at all, but certainly not, to my immediate mind, at all related to the lingering mysteries of the Ancient World & its varied selection of patrons, gods & tyrants). A little exposition is involved; I had intended to keep it reasonably 'lite' to begin with, but it kind of ran away from me, hence it's taken a long while to get this through to completion (I actually sat on it for three months due to personal illness). As it turned out – and again, unexpectedly - there are elements of this investigation, which, following on from my principal 'holy crap' moment of realisation, literally jarred me to the depths of my soul.

Background: I have been engaged this year on a course in hypnotherapy. I started this course as a possible means of securing professional skills which might enable an adaptive form of self-employment. The goal was to afford me the opportunity to overcome limitations imposed by a disability, which otherwise removes me from consideration as any sort of an employee due to its severity & unpredictability. In practical terms it also prevents me from initiating perhaps 90% of entrepreneurial endeavour too.

Explaining further on this personal aspect of the topic (apologies if it's a bit boring) is perhaps warranted in the light of what will come later in the thread. My deep & enduring hope, partly borne out so far, is that understanding & skill in the art of hypnotherapy will actually help me in the management of my disability – a condition which is neurological, involving a little-understood mechanism by which my brain/nervous system as a whole, have become locked in 'fixed loop signalling errors' - a problem which generates constant, severe neuropathic pain. The means touted for this paradoxical & apparently irreversible health condition has been acknowledged by my neurologist as a veritable 'god of the gaps explanation'. He's one of the good guys, and following the second serious change in my condition, he freely explained that the finer details are beyond even the best medical understanding at this time in history (though development in the field of neuroscience is fiercely quick of pace, with exciting new or refined theoretical insights being discovered as the months & years go by, so fingers crossed!) It can be described as a 'degenerative, wide-spectrum influence, sensitising, circular feedback action between the brain & other parts of the nervous system, a paradox of unexplained, counter-evolutionary neurological effects, which actually serve to increase pain effects over time'. As the brain seeks more information on the source of the pain (a normal brain response to new or enduring pain stimulus), it is in fact - in my case - directly causative of additional new & ever-enhanced pain signalling patterns (an abnormal brain response to enduring pain stimulus) - being therefore, some sort of erroneous 'reverse-activation' of pain response pathways.

There may ultimately be some relevancy between the above description of my condition, with regards neuronal maladjustment (or even direct conscious manipulation of the nervous system) when we get round to discussing Lord Pakal himself (also with curious possibilities uncovered during investigation of the principle matters in this thread, by way of a series of experiences which could be categorised as anamnetic* memory recovery in the wider schema of what I'm attempting to explain, specifically with regard to the pain condition I experience & have endeavoured to describe as well as I myself understand it, per the above paragraphs – but most principally, there has been a personal, unusual sense of connection to this subject, and the personage of Lord Pakal, which deeply shocked me as my research continued.

*'Anamnesis' is the descriptor for consciousness events by which a person is able to recover information/ memories from former times, which they were not previously consciously aware of, in any sense – whether in this life, or a previous life/ lives. I apply the term as it was often intended when discussed by the Greek philosophers who came up with the nomenclature: detailed past life memory recovery, inclusive of intuitive skill acquisition, apparently possible because knowledge from past incarnations could be carried over into the present life. If we can become aware of those past aeons of experience, we may automatically know, via some immediate sensorial awareness involving the spirit body, keen mental acumen & instant understanding, with muscle memory enabling us to perform certain tasks which we had no former knowledge of, in this life of mere decades... The successful experiencer has not any need to consciously think of the actions being recalled or called upon, as he is apparently possessing a 'knowingness', which instantly informs the mind & body of the correct way of actions under concentrated contemplation. Sounds cool, right?

Moving (slightly more) swiftly on:

So, let's travel onward to the bizarre, potentially groundbreaking, utterly 'random' or synchronous/ providential, deeply sinister, new modality of context regarding a possible connection between 'the mundane' aspects of neurophysiology which I've been researching for my course, and the mysterious 'Lord Pakal' of Meso-American 'Ancient Aliens' lore, who is well-known on these boards for the rather bizarre 'stele' inscribed on his sarcophagus lid...

Many people believe that the stele represents Lord Pakal operating a machine of some sort – perhaps a flying machine or a mining machine – and that's the general limit of the ideas proposed since rediscovery & sharing of the information & imagery when the internet took off back in the nineties. Many people & research groups, authors & some scholars have formed quite strong, fixed beliefs regarding the mystery of Lord Pakal. Observe the definite 'machine-like' image graven upon his sarcophagus lid as follows:

Now some people will state quite assuredly that he was a personage in the same vein as Quetzalcoatl, a patron of the Meso & South American culture of pre-Inca times. To provide grounds for comparison, Quetzalcoatl was a kind-hearted culture-bearer, teaching the primitive tribes he encountered in his travels the basic arts of agriculture, law & order, city-building & so forth. He was 'one of the good guys', by all accounts.

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 02:58 PM
However, I will state without any doubt whatsoever that 'Lord' Pakal was NOT the same as Quetzalcoatl – he was NOT one of the good guys. He was a dominator & intimidator of Mankind, encouraging the abuse of women & the emasculation of men, generating a culture of fear & subservience, by one means or another, at all costs maintaining his power. He was manipulative in the deepest & most sadistic sense of the word, and anything good written in his honour is immediately suspect to my mind, because of:

a) What I propose his sarcophagus lid actually represents, and
b) The apparent anamnetic memory I have re-experienced, which brought on an immediate & full state of total horror - with regards to this bloodletting tyrant, in disguise as a culture-bearer. He seems to have lived out his long days in open rebellion against the harmonic principles of the Universe. One could say that he was lashing out* at those under his control, in order to cause pain to the Universal God he hated. I believe that 'Lord Pakal' was one of the ringleaders of the rebellion; the 'Watchers' who forsook (destroyed in the 'War in Heaven') their first estate, according to multiple ancient writings, in order to interfere with earthbound, primitive humanity, driven by lust for power, for dominance over the whole of mankind, for wealth & status, taking the 'daughters of men' for themselves, as many as they saw fit.

(*read: murderously destroying, generation upon generation, with residual spiritual effects which persist to this day in our genetic & phenomenological heritage..)

Lord Pakal was perhaps one of the very first, seemingly of non-human provenance, who could be considered to be an 'Acosmic Satanist' - who believe a hideous blend of perverse, nonsensical & quite clearly 'blasphemous' precepts which are inverse to normal morals & values, to an extent you simply wouldn't believe unless you read their works (***NOT recommended - over the aeons, the proponents of Acosmic Satanism have received insidious 'wisdom' which can ensnare the heart of the innocently curious with dark choking thorns, black magic in operation with highly complex & twisted logic games, purposely designed to entrap & to confound, to cause existential terror even, with the aim of destroying the soul. ***) Principally & simply stated, 'Acosmic Satanists' hate life, they hate ordinary people & the ordinary princes/rulers; they despise any representation of God, whether in the hearts of simple peasants in some jungle region of the Andes, or as expressed by great thinkers of their times such as Isaac Newton; the various leaders of church movements, all scouting & civic volunteering organisations - pretty much any person belonging to any organisation or movement which celebrates life in a positive, constructive, harmonious way. The thing is, the 'acosmic' part of their title means they literally resent the fact that they, and that life in general, exists at all. As a result, they hate any expression of conditions among Mankind whereby our human needs are fulfilled, where the love of life has found opportunity to flourish (living the dream, finding one's destiny & striking out, best foot forward - as espoused originally by Emmanuel Swedenborg, for instance).

Somehow, these perverse satanic sorts have separated themselves from any desire to be alive for any reason, other than to assist in the demise of Mankind, the destruction of the Universe, and even (were such a thing possible) the destruction of God. They may be fully ascetic with regards to leisure, or may permit themselves any of the darkest activities along the pleasure-pain spectrum which gives them any sense of enjoyment. Essentially experiments in hedonism, and often with very dark ritual accompanying, or at least intimated within, their gatherings (Eyes wide Shut?) Acosmism = hate God, hate life, hate self, hate others, destroy everything – but offer some reverence to Satan, for his rebellion. They sincerely believe that their 'commander-in-chief' holds them in high esteem & will 'bless' their endeavours. Spirit cooking, anyone?

Lord Pakal was one of the original Satanic Princes, I believe; he loved blood, he loved to destroy.

So, in order to step back from these details of the sociological/spiritual perspective, and to (finally..!!) lead up to the connection which I have perceived (between aspects of my neurophysiology research & the details of the sarcophagus lid, and other artworks associated with the totality of the situation), a bit more exposition is required (sorry..!!)

In recent inquiry, related to my hypnotherapy course, I had been considering the structure & function of the limbic system of the mid-brain – the [amygdala, hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus], comprising the agreed-upon 'emotional centre' of the brain, the primitive seat of our most basic, fundamental emotional responses which we experience in response to the stimuli we are presented with arising from the world around us. The entire set of structures is physically arrayed in the very centre of our brain, behind the neocortex (the higher, rational aspect of the brain), between the two hemispheres, and even cushioning the pineal gland, which as many will know, is responsible for the manipulation & generation of endocrine hormones, the chemical messengers which play a huge role in many general & specific actions of the brain's neurochemistry, with secretions going directly into the bloodstream for rapid response when necessary (one example would be the release of adrenaline when a fight or fight response is triggered).

Indeed, it makes evolutionary sense to cushion the limbic system centrally, for it is that part of the complex systems comprising the brain that both –

1. Enriches our inherent sense of reward for actions which are beneficial (the elation & satisfaction feelings arising both during & after a successful hunt, for example), and indeed this extends further in complex weave giving rise to the deeply emotional-centric meaningfulness of our lives.

This is also that part of the brain which can:

2. Serve to save one's own life - on a level of simple, straightforward, unthinking programmed responses, with regards to our pure 'selfish' instinct to survive if we find ourselves in an overwhelming crisis scenario. By seating the limbic system in the very centre of our 'brain-box', the drive for personal survival & the complex emotive tapestry which serves to give us a true sense of purpose – our narratives of family, adventure, destiny & spirituality - all are deeply protected from any significant shock/trauma damage in the event of a knock to the skull.. Damage to exterior portions of the brain have been known to be survivable events, and the phenomenon of neuroplasticity has been known to effectively deploy as a countermeasure to what may otherwise have potentially engendered a loss of function caused by head trauma, with said 'neuroplasticity serving to allow for re-learning & re-routing of such aspects of higher brain function as are required for the management of some of our more complex behaviours, or indeed any autonomic function which has been compromised as the result of such an incident

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 02:59 PM
In the context of hypnotherapy, many of the emotionally traumatic experiences or unwanted habits which we live & relive in our mental life – for let it be known, there is no fundamental difference in the perceptions arising in the higher functions of our brain activity, between that aspect of Reality which is evidenced as real before our eyes, and that which is extant only in the strictest sense as part of our imaginative faculties. Our dreams serve to prove that the brain is capable of 'reality generation', and perhaps it could be said that the brain is its very own 'holodeck', by which our dreams, although often not entirely sensible, can still be accounted as realistic enough to have seemed a legitimate, 'real' experience when we compare its qualities against the sensory data & the rational affect of our actual experiences in our waking lives - there is an overwhelming amount of similarity between dream reality, and actual reality. This can & does cause us great difficulty of interpretation, and perhaps even stands as a testament to an apparent manipulation of our genome/ brain function, at some much earlier stage of our development. We don't intuitively understand why & how our brains can create realities inside our imagination, and I posit that a species which evolves naturally, with a minor amount of the right tuition serving to unlock the latent potential possible in that phase of evolution, can become far more connected to & aware of the deeper mysteries of the brain/mind. Instead of any such natural, deeply intuitive understanding of the way our minds work - as modern humans, potentially genetically altered in deep historical times - we are instead faced with a mystery which is beyond our ken, something which we are told is impossible to achieve, leading to the quest for meaning which will forever be beyond our grasp. I contend that we were conditioned into this belief system, that the 'unreachable mystery of our lives' was implanted into our collective unconscious, a ploy to inspire us to have an attitude of "We'll never understand it, so why bother with rational philosophy or moral speculations?" - a fall-back therefore into a position accepting of hedonism, allowing also for the potential that 'Others' who actually do understand the deeper realities, to manipulate & dominate us with measures designed to be emotionally traumatic (eg, MK-Ultra type activities, which often utilise 'back door' hacks accessed via some measure of hedonism). We are easily manipulable by outside sources who have access to the right measure of understanding & practical skill – an awareness of technologies & techniques applied to change us into 'mini god-lite' creatures, instead of the 'ye are gods' version, which is what we, as naturally evolved humans, would actually be. We therefore fumble along, working it out bit by bit, unable to be certain of even that which our own mind seems to present to us for our consideration as a real or unreal experience. Hypnotherapy unlocks much of the mystery of these matters, and yet again, it attests, in my humble opinion, to the fact that we have been advanced artificially, by an outside source, and yet aspects of our potential have been deliberately restrained - which has developed pathways of subtle operation/ manipulation directly accessible in the architecture & operations protocols of our brain/mind, as suits the interests of the controllers, in whatever circumstances they desire. Thus we are like sheep which have been carefully genetically crafted to have short legs, so we cannot leap over the low fences which keep us restrained in the wolf's territory..

Dialling it back a bit, we can see that the emotionally complex, often confusing state of affairs which our brain/mind presents us with, as our daily experience of consciousness, is open to serious problems of operative efficacy - negatively affecting us in all manner of ways, simply by way of the use of our imagination/will, in conflicted & unwise ways. For example, we can have an upcoming job interview – an event which will only happen once – and yet we have lived & relived it fifty times during the night before it is due to happen, mulling over the (99% negative) possibilities which might arise during the real interview, and considering the various ways in which we might stutter to respond to, or be crushed by, each & every one of these negative potentialities. The stress & negativity which accompanies the imagined problems, or the crisis which accompanies the actual experience of not performing well, are absolutely, fundamentally no different – one & the same, in terms of the stress effects they levy upon our brain/mind's functionality, whether they have their genesis in actually real, or actually imagined events. Therefore, one single interview, which may perhaps go well – we cannot know in advance – has actually occurred already, fifty, a hundred times by the time the morning rolls around, with such a resultant flood of negativity affecting the sensitive neuroelectrical/ neurochemical array of our brain's systems, with each & every rehearsal, that we are totally & irrevocably unbalanced when we arrive at the hiring company's doors to 'perform' that interview, for which we have tried to micro-manage dozens, even a hundred mental models of the millions of potentialities. No matter how much negative forecasting we do, we are not even scratching the surface of the potentialities in any given scenario where we may be under pressure**. This highly stressing effect could well cost you the interview!

NB - never rehearse the interview (or similar performance-based event proposals) negatively – always handle the situation lightly in your thoughts; assuming you have done your research & have the necessary skill set/experience, then the only way your thoughts can have a positive effect is if your deliberately forecast mental modelling which is constructive & overwhelmingly positive. Ensure you have a good list of questions prepared the night before, and some calming affirmations after you get into bed. The proper, calm manner of such preparation actually hugely enhances your prospects – and eventually, after your affirmations once you hit the hay, actually literally forgetting about it until the 'morrow is the only way to properly wind things down for the night & to complete the correct manner of preparations to enhance your prospects.

Switching track a little, to go back to the power of our own negative forecasting: The point I've laboured here is crucial – what we imagine, is real. No two ways about it – our brain (which I have often joked about as being 'the stupidest, most intelligent thing in the universe') literally cannot tell the difference between what is factually real, and what is imaginary.. What is rather fascinating (& somewhat disturbing) is that in terms of karmic consequence, our deeds in the realms of imagination & fantasy, are as real, in terms of their karmic debt, as anything we do in actuality. This is the reason Jesus said “If a man imagines sleeping with a woman he is not wedded to, he has committed adultery” (paraphrased)

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 02:59 PM
So then – what's actually real, and what isn't?

The apparent constance of the details of our waking reality is attested by the primacy of certain unchanging evidences, the macro-scale laws of physics - with psycho-social factors being evident in agreed-upon macro-scale certainty of that constancy. We can thus depend on the confirmations arising from friends, family & colleagues, to serve notice that we are in the 'real' world, and not in some imaginative fancy which exists only in our heads. NB – the Mandela Effect may offer a proof that in some way or another, our brains are not infallible in this respect; or, perhaps, that our reality is not quite as solid as we had agreed it to be...

We are real, but wow, our brain needs to catch up somewhat! They seem to be massively over-engineered, well in excess of our needs, even in the 21st century. And this, quite possibly, is the sign of the manipulation which occurred, which we have inherited in garbled form as 'the Fall', and also the root of the monumental scale of mental dissonance afflicting us in all manner of ways, dividing & disrupting us so destructively as a species. We could be interstellar by now, but instead we are throwing death at a distance & stealing one from another, breaking down & killing ourselves, and ruining the planet for all who come afterwards. I suspect that this massive self-destructive tendency & dissonance as to what is actually good & true, has grown out from the very deliberate & purposeful activities of the maleficient master of manipulation, Lord Pakal - and others like him; the 'Jade Rulers', who sought immortality by direct manipulation of the physical medium, and the basic codes & operant principles of sentient life.

By creating additional 'space' in our brains, have they engineered a species which can be tampered with at will? Are there elements of our psychological constitution which represent the programmers' 'back door' into the system? Certainly, the use of hypnosis - and in some cases, the application of complex stimuli such as patterns of light & sound – can elicit a 'secret garden' in the psyche of the subject, with routes of access & control thus maintained, which can influence his/her actions & character to a phenomenal extent, largely depending on the thrall in which that person subconsciously (or semi-consciously) esteems their secret oppressor. It is paradoxical, but in some sense, inevitable. We are an artificially (biologically) accelerated species, and yet our society is artificially antiquated! It only takes a review of the aeronautical black projects in the US & other militaries to see that we could have broken away from a dependence on fossil fuels long ago, and yet we are held in this condition because it serves to enrich certain established families & corporate entities. We are kept 'just so', as useful servants to some extent, as they gradually build up our technology to a level at which 'they' can take full control once again. Heck, we already know it is possible even that a totally alternate personality can reside in secret somewhere through the labyrinth of MK-Ultra style hidden doorways & corridors, laboratories, classrooms, command centres & storage lockers of the mind. Was that the intention from the outset? Are we intended as 'hackable' personalities, suitable for all manner of useful (sinister & perverse) purposes, able to be manipulated in highly complex ways should we be inadequately protected within the hallowed confines of our mind? I believe it is so – but there is hope; it is not quite as sinister as the makers of the TV show 'Westworld' would have us think..

For now, let us be just lightly aware of theoretically possible hypnotic access points in our minds, which have been set aside as options for all manner of potential tinkering (& use/abuse by the programmers) as we further consider that much of our worryingly 'real' imagination, the devastating mental rehearsals of future events with outcomes impossible to predict - and all the attendant stresses (negative forecasting probably accounts for something like 85% of the stresses we allow ourselves to experience/ are forced to experience in our waking lives). All of these problems are in fact deeply rooted within the limbic system; the amygdala, et al. This is where our non-intellectual, primitive, emotionally-driven responses would arise in response to a set of deadly environmental stimuli, locking us into a fully-blinkered mode of operation, focusing our attention sharply, and engaging a set of urgent, unthinking states of mental ideation which were patterned in our genetic memory millions of years ago = fear or rage-driven responses, which are reliably generative of immediate behaviours of an emergency nature, in order to respond to a threat - the fight, flight, or freeze reflexes.

Why do we have such a hugely prominent limbic system? Because we have the 'Spitfire twitch' of a survival mechanism which has needed to adapt quickly to a huge change in the genetic evolution/ tinkering of our basic nature – always expecting another attack, spinning on a sixpence to observe potential dangers spotted in the far corners of our eyes.. This may seem already to have been a long-winded diversion from the 'Lord Pakal' element which this thread concerns, but I imagine many of you are catching on to what I'm thinking here. Please bear with me as we further observe the inherent instability & ignorance of the Human Condition, our incessant war against the “thorns & thistles..” Knowing precisely how we are wired to respond, will unlock the meaningfulness of what I intend to convey. And this thread has taken weeks of putting aside, weighing up whether it's worth it, even wondering if it might have direct negative consequences. All told, I have finally decided to complete it, and to do so in a full & structured way; unfortunately this involves time & patience on your part, dear reader. Thank you for your commitment to hearing me..

Not everyone will experience common 'Fight/Flight/Freeze' responses such as those I expand upon below, and indeed many will have found that treasure, the pearl of great price, the gold under the field, the hallowed middle path, the narrow gate. You exist in an intergenerational 'grace state', a state of being which is all about natural, unaided receipt of divine promise & fulfilment; life is easier for you than others might find it to be - you are less troubled by what seems to oppose you, and yet you (& perhaps others) cannot quite perceive why this is so... Things just seem to go well..! You are financially free, you have an interesting & rewarding career, your family is beautiful & successful; people respond well to you, and to your efforts in the world. God bless you, may your reward continue to increase. Whether or not you know it overtly, if this sounds like you, then it is my deeply held conviction that God has chosen you to be an instrument of virtue in the world; that your general comfort in life, your positive social, financial, familial & political engagement with the life you are happy with & perhaps thankful for, helps societies to grow & develop in positive directions, despite the natural tendencies towards decay which are evident in our history as a species, and as regards biological life in general.

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 03:00 PM
The paradox of humanity is that we continue to build & improve, despite degradation all around us, despite the potential for acts of great evil, should we choose to engage life in the wrong way (and of course here we're considering the opposite potentialities, those of great acts of charity & love, which are also present in each of our own personal matrices of potential). Your naturally beneficient heart is rewarded in often-subtle ways, leading you carefully & protecting you in ways that you may never know unless you make a point of asking, in the hereafter. You are an instrument of virtue, and society depends on your willingness to continue in your good works. Thank you.

For those who struggle, read on.. [again...

'Fight' in our modern urban/digital environs, where there is a need for repression of our 'base instincts', can become suppressed inner rage (postal worker syndrome). Similarly, as we are generally locked into this 'modern mode of survival' - which means we can't run away from our angry boss, or pack up the family & leave quickly when things get difficult in our local area - the 'flight' response becomes a sort of neurotically-reinforced anxiety. We want to escape the madness, but where would we go, and how would we survive? We must consider the disturbing possibility that we are somehow locked into a very sophisticated form of slavery (well-elucidated by author JP Farrell, though I disagree on some rather major points of his overall thesis as it evolved over the course of many years & many excellent books). We must consider that we are unaware of a monolithic order behind the scenes, and that we are thus sailing on very dark ocean tides indeed. It is possible to exist in this 'dark ocean' system in a reasonable state of 'comfort', by either a) Becoming a barely concealed sociopathic predator/ scavenger, one of the sharks that swim below, selfishly accruing all that we can in efforts to be content, attacking/defrauding those who we deem to be easy meat; or b) It could be that we rebel against that 'dark side' of the pattern of our fiat currency culture, forge ourselves 'a bigger boat', & become charitable, decent folk; perhaps spiritual, but principally surviving (& indeed thriving) by living according to universal precepts which offer a banner of protection from much of the madness. These are they who sincerely try to do good, to be a positive force for peace, for harmony, working in all spheres according to the call upon our hearts - bringing change to our communities on a varying scale according to our potential, despite the dangers & the limitations imposed by our isolation upon these ocean waves. These are the instruments of virtue for our age whom I discussed as existing in a 'grace state' in the preceding paragraph..

Alternatively, in the maelstrom of possible fight/flight responses, accounting for a disordered, dissonant engagement with a confusing & disturbing reality, we might decide that we cannot cope with this sophisticated system (of enslavement by debt, trinkets & distractions, plus societal pressure to be the same - 'normal') – and thus we do one of three principle things as sub-category response patterns, aside from those already discussed: 1) We exist in some measure of misery, ignoring or hiding from the bad stuff by turning to means of escapism such as drugs, sex, adventure or violence. 2) We skill up, pack up, and move to the country/wilderness/ or even to another nation which is more in line with our ethos. 3) We commit suicide.

Only 'Sub-Category (of Fight/Flight response) - Option 2' is a reasonably good one, but even that is fraught with emotional entanglements, practical difficulties & possible legal consequences - possibly leading to a total emotional shutdown, locking everyone & everything out & taking to isolation as a coping strategy.

The 'freeze' reaction would have been evolutionarily driven to develop due to, for example, the need for stealth arising when a jaguar strolls within easy strike distance past our jungle hide, as would undoubtedly happen when our ancestors were entrenched on long hunting trips, at some time in our paleoancient past. This prime reactionary instinct - when neurotically-reinforced by oppressive modern pressures from which we cannot possibly escape – can biochemically morph into the drawn-out, awfully destructive emotional state which we know as depression. There are, I suspect, added hidden factors rooted in the rearward components of our mind/soul matrix in the generation of true clinical depression, but the 'freeze' instinct is certainly the root of the basic mental archetype/ideation of a temporary withdrawal from reality, and a lack of happiness arising from a biochemical decimation reducing our serotonin & dopamine production.

There's much more to it than that, in terms of the three emotionally-driven base reactionary instincts which are routinely neurotically warped by modernity - indeed much more than my course delves into, and this thread cannot hope to cover the bulk of of the complexities; however, for now, that's a reasonably tidy explanation of how the 'emotional centre', a subcortical region of the brain persists in deeply influencing much of our behaviour, even in our sophisticated modern times. You just have to look at the myriad soap operas, political rallies, MMA & horse racing events & so on to see the depth of such powerful emotional connections between the 'stars' & the 'fans'... The sheer force of emotional will, or constant emotionally-driven bickering in the soap operas, to see just how potent these emotional aspects of our character remain, and indeed how primal they actually are. Then there is the centrality of powerful emotion in modern human life which is expressed in the tribal stances encouraged in politics. We hear the terms 'partisan', or 'left/right', or 'party', like it's some jazzy intellectual idea to organise in these ways – but in reality it's TRIBAL, and that is manipulated by those whose birth circumstance, education & financial situation enables them to see the panoramic viewpoint. It's a known fact that advertising & media empires imprint the enforcement of their will upon the masses through the use of subliminality, or through simple emotional manipulation – or both, as has often proven to be the case. The old Carpenter flick 'They Live' may have come to mind in light of these considerations, and it is a valid connection. Our species is highly emotionally strung, and we are very easily manipulated when our blood boils, or when we are passionately defensive, or if we feel the excitement & preliminary rush of emotional anticipation, or the paralysing fear of threat to our security..

Mob mentality?

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 03:00 PM
What if I told you, that the string of genetic manipulations, or evolutionary step-ups, which led us to this point, show signs (basing the theory on this present condition of Mankind as an emotionally manipulated being) - as having had one final adjustment made, back in our paleaoancient past, and that this manipulation was a design feature, a change in the biological construction of our bran, arising from a perverse operating principle, a purposeful device, created specifically for control – but not by making us docile, as fluoridation of the water has done in our modern times - for if we were docile we would not innovate (& they need us to innovate, so they can rebuild their stellar ambitions). Instead, this manipulation design feature has made our emotional complexes hugely overblown, making it ridiculously easy to send us collectively, or individually, one way or another in the triad of fight/ flight/ freeze, whipping us around in frantic emotional scrambles to catch up to whatever carrot is being swung before our wild-eyed, clutching claws, or running from the stick which torments us at the other side of the arena..

Yes, I am claiming that the lineage of Homo Sapiens Sapiens has been altered, in the remotest of antiquity, in that our brains have been specifically adjusted so as to make us highly suggestible, to ensure that we can be led 'en masse' according to our emotional furies when necessary (Helen of Troy?), or by subtler prods & pokes on other occasions. As the need is, so the response can be manipulated. Our subcortical emotional centre has, I believe, been altered & enlarged, or its capacity increased so as to establish a protocol by which enforced takeover/suppression of our higher mental ideation in the neo-cortex (the rational, intellectual part of our brains) can be achieved, according to the will of those who understand just what buttons to push, what levers to pull, what flaps to raise, what running speed to maintain. Our brains, in short, have been hijacked. Let me be clear – the idiotic emotional hysteria which constitutes the way we interact with celebrities, political stars & the drumbeats of war, and various affiliations such as can be found anywhere, where passions flare up with a single word, where the red mist descends on the sight of a single image... That response, has been carefully crafted in our very biology. It must be understood, that we are not in need of such a large 'emotional centre' – we also have a ridiculously complex & advanced rational neocortex, most of which is not in active service (at least most of the time, or perhaps not in our own personal service, but rather in the service of the operators). And although basic fight or flight reaction centres would of course have been present in our ancestors' brains, much of the remainder of our bodies & brains, shows signs that humans of ancient times had an unbelievably long period of slow, peaceful, unfettered evolutionary progress. If that was reflected in the anatomy of our too-large brains, (and the corresponding 'aspect of least fit' in the anatomy of the female reproductive system) then my guess is that the subcortical 'emotional centre' would have been at least one third less-pronounced than it actually is. Probably more like half, in reality.

However – we have been hijacked. We all know the stories of the ancient alien gods, the Shining Ones, and the way they engineered Humanity in part from their own genetic ensemble – but the depth of some of these tales, is quite staggering if one thinks through the implications. Note that on frequent occasions, the 'gods' thought we were uncontrollable, breeding like rabbits, breaching the peace, being thoroughly uncultured, and likely, having already been manipulated along the rungs of evolution before the due date, we weren't exactly 'at one with the universe'. We were probably wildly irrational & rowdy/terrified/confused beyond belief. The symptoms of a psychotic break caused by interference which conflicted our innate relationship with our intended, & actual, stages of evolution. At some point therefore, steps appear to have been taken to bring us under control – or at least, to enable control to be levied more easily, should the occasion arise. This may have occurred shortly after the last great cataclysm which every civilisation around the world has preserved an ancestral memory thereof; the Flood.

It would have been noted that mob mentality seemed to suit us, and so the engineers set about engineering new aspects & functions of the most complex machinery in the known universe – the human brain. It is my conjecture, which is perhaps a limited-measure inference based on multiple sources, collated mentally throughout my adult life (of which I will try to provide a sample of relevant & representative sources in the footnotes), and which I have brought to bear on this problem, since my realisation - that which is the central axis around which the ideas in this thread pivot - the actions & activities of Lord Pakal & his merry, evil cohorts.

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The only other thing to add is that hypnotherapy can transform these three destructive emotional imprints, those expressed in our negative habits & the emotionally exhausting re-living of past trauma, changing our experience into an intellectual, rationalised, narrative set of memories or understandings. This process relieves the emotional content of our memories or resurgent neurotic fears, and thus relieves the inexplicable, innate, instinctual, unconscious drive to enact memory or action, even when those thoughts or actions would have habitually gone against the choices we try to make by use of our rational, intellectual understanding, our cerebral, cortical, intellectual mind (what we might call our 'higher will', or even, our 'willpower')

We can realistically ask - has the emotional centre been enhanced artificially, an original sin perpetrated against us, by 'the Serpent, which causes us to be fear, rage, or sloth-driven? Driven too heavily by our instinctual behaviours in other areas? Knowledge of good & evil, or rather, the excessive fear of loss of good or damage through evil?

And so now, we look at what I have found to be the 'primary evidence', and then I will add my own personal connection to this situation, in the form of anamnetic memory of Lord Pakal.

Here is, again, the sarcophagus lid of Lord Pakal, which is frequently said to be evidence of ancient machine-based motion, possibly flight in some form or other:

Now it is my suggestion that this image does NOT show Lord Pakal riding on a nuts & bolts machine. It is my firm belief that this is intended as a representation of his ability to CONTROL HUMANS as though he were riding on a machine. That he has the capacity to drive humans any which way he pleases. And indeed, that he does this, by stimulating emotion-driven responses arising in the primitive sub-cortical regions of the brain; amygdala, hippocampus, hypothalamus, thalamus, and so on. The amount of control he claims to have, is represented by the sheer complexity of the system he is riding upon. And indeed, the brain is literally the most complex object in the known universe, and so this image shows a huge amount of complexity, perfectly in-line with this situation. Below is a 3D representation of the sub-cortical region in the centre of the human brain. Observe carefully the shape of the brain model, and the shape of Lord Pakal's posture on his 'machine'. They are the same, and it is my contention that Pakal is indeed laughing at us through representing himself in this 'seat of control over the most fascinating & complex machine known to exist'..

Lord Pakal's machine, again:

And here's a couple of images of Lord Pakal's funerary mask - my reaction to seeing these, was incredibly surprising & deeply affected me - I will explain further momentarily:

Seeing the visage of Lord Pakal for the first time, when I started researching based on my first connection between the shape of the amygdala & the shape & styling of Lord Pakal's machine, was deeply disturbing. At the very moment I saw this one:

I was struck with an incredibly deep & forceful, abominable feeling of a combination of fear & hatred, a feeling of REVULSION which I couldn't logically attribute to the mere aesthetic of the funerary mask. I found my skin to crawl when I contemplated it. I began to consider that in some way I KNEW who this personage was, and that he was one of the darkest, most revolting persons ever to have existed. Thoroughly sadistic, cold, calculating, cruel without equal. As I began to investigate further, I came across information, and further images, which went some way to support my deep & instinctive reaction.

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Below are images which to my understanding, represent the way this person manipulated & experimented with humans, that he initiated foul blood-letting & mind control rituals (& perhaps technologies, per the suggestive 3rd image), with the aim of furthering certain hedonistic & sadistic personal goals, including the total domination & control of humans under his rule. And in addition, achieving a measured & calculated crime against the divine order in the Universe - against God, as well as against Humanity.

NB - note the HUGE SIZE of Lord Pakal in relation to the humans he is working on - similar to the size differential seen in images of the Sumerian gods, the Anuna, in Mesopotamia..

NB - Also, it is my considered opinion that a part of his control methodology naturally included amplification of personal 'telepathic/psychic' ability on his part. This ability to control would have significantly increased his capacity to control all aspects of the lives of those beneath him.

Please note the strange appendages of the headdress in the following images, and compare them (and other aspects of the 'machinery' in all previous images) to the fine structures of the brain which can be seen in the images below these:

And the 'appendages' in the brain as follows:

Now, as author Dr JP Farrell would say, we're venturing in waters of 'high octane speculation' here, when we reiterate my argument that Lord Pakal, in the famous 'ancient astronaut' stele of his sarcophagus lid, is not riding on some epic rocket scooter - he is actually represented in stylised form as pulling the levers & pushing the buttons of the various emotional & subconscious triggers of the human brain, genetically engineered (by him & his cohorts, the Anuna gods, 'the Shining Ones') to be easily manipulable, perfectly suited for various MK-Ultra-style shenanigans, and as the perfect slave to utilise in building his empire, and for use in dark occult ritual sacrifices, which reinforced his hold over the populace having been forced into subservience.

Now as for my personal connection to this mystery, as mentioned, when I first saw the various death-masks, I had this deep internal fear/loathing response, as though I knew of him, that I actually knew that face, the person who had been responsible for genocide & abuse on a scale which makes the Third Reich look third-rate in terms of the scale of the barbaric bloodbath represented. I remembered several powerful semi-lucid dreams which I'd had over the past three decades of my life, dreams which cast me in a role of warden over some section of the populace of the world in ancient times. In more than one dream, I found myself raging against the abuse & criminality being waged against the people of Earth by some madman dictator, whom I was engaged against in warfare, though that person was very powerful, and our forces were cancelling each other out somewhat, meaning I was in some measure powerless to stop what was being done by that monster. These dreams were many in number, and all told different parts of the same story, though not in correct order of timeline. It actually took about ten years of dreaming these bizarre & potent dreams, before I realised what the story was actually about.

And seeing the funerary mask of Lord Pakal - that was a bombshell effect on my psyche, a key which unlocked a host of data connections, instantly joining up aspects of my thirty years of puzzle piece dreams. Here was that ancient enemy, the one whom my instinctive, anamnetic memory, reviled with all possible forcefulness. The strongest term which could be used - abomination - that was the term which fit this particular mould. I knew - somehow - that this person was responsible for a litany of crimes that would lead to the legend of 'Satan' or 'Beelzebub'. A 'lord of death & destruction', practitioner extraordinaire of torture, rape, and genocide, of cruel & unusual punishments, and abhorrent experimentations carried out on innocent humanity. This beast of a person had caused whole continents to crack up & sink in a seething maelstrom of tsunami & rising magma - the loss of Lemuria, which ultimately fed into the mythos surrounding the allegorical tale of Atlantis. Note also the intimations to the iconography of Lord Pakal which can be found in the 'Predator' & 'Alien' movie franchises. These historiographical references are not lost to those with the resources & privilege to be able to access secret archives - and tendrils of important folklore will always find a way to breach the artificial secrecy which is erected by the hands of men & women who try to keep the truth wrapped up, away from the eyes of those to whom it belongs.

See what you think, ATS.


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He just really liked Jaguars, why so down?

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Final thought - note that in the following image, Lord Pakal seems to be wearing the mind of another human as a headdress. Does that not seem a bit diabolical for a supposed culture-bearer? Maybe his followers worshipped him because they had no choice - their minds were enslaved & entrained by sophisticated methods of technological & hypnotic control...

Note also in the following image (which I wasn't able to upload until about the fifteenth attempt) the stylised headdress which, when you consider that this sculpture relates to ritual bloodletting, is quite suggestive that something rather strange is going on, when taken in connection with all other points of note in the thread. Note again the suggestivity of the style as possible referencing/ sourcing the aesthetics of the 'Predator' franchise. Something which I believe should be kept in mind as a side note.

NB - I am aware that most people will disregard my sense of a personal connection to this historical personage, but please don't let that take away from the theory that Lord Pakal was big on brainwashing techniques & technologies. I think there's enough to make a fairly strong case for the prosecution on that side of things. My personal account, I believe, has something to do with the phenomenon of reincarnation, but as it's completely subjective I understand that it will be deemed impossible by some, and thus nonsensical by extension. Of course everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, whether in favour of the reality of reincarnation, or otherwise. Please keep any discussion on that side of things as civil (& free from ad hominem/ fallacies of logic by extension) as is expected on ATS.

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a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Dude was a hardcore tripper. Their whole culture made routine use of powerful psychedelics admixed with various other entheogens (D M T + Salvorin A + Mescaline + Harmolines + Scopalamine + Caffeine + Nicotine and then some). So I cant speak to him being a "Noonautical Tyrant" lol, but he was certainly a Psychonaut's Psychonaut for all the ages.

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 05:06 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

You wrote:"

"Please note the strange appendages of the headdress in the following images, and compare them (and other aspects of the 'machinery' in all previous images) to the fine structures of the brain which can be seen in the images below these:"

In looking at those images, I notice that they seemed very Mayan so I went to my bookcase and retrieved a terracotta head that I purchase in Mexico in 1973 which is almost an exact copy of the larger image you present of the headdresses.

I haven't read your piece yet, I got lost in the your brain problem and the curious explanation your doctor gave you about your symptoms. I don't know where you reside and the availability of testing, but in the US. a series of scans surely could pinpoint your problem and then perhaps medications could supply some relief from you pain.

posted on Dec, 11 2017 @ 05:11 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Great information, thanks. I know from modern studies of scopolamine that these sorts of drugs can only be categorised as having evil effects on the human mind. Part of me thinks that some of them may have been engineered - scopolamine in particular - because it has such strong, specific, and almost imperceptible effects, which are downright diabolical (scopolamine makes you suggestible to a whole new level - and it's often impossible to know that someone has been affected). I've seen examples of persons who have been mugged into giving thieves every item of tech, furniture from their apartments, along with withdrawing vast sums of money from their banks & giving them to the thieves, simply as a result of being tricked into inhaling/ coming into contact with scopolamine. When targeted, you wake up penniless & destitute the next day, with a hell of a headache & no idea what's happened. Piecing it together again from CCTV & witness statements, the victim is dumbfounded to learn that he or she was happily doing exactly as he/she was told by the thieves, and doing it with a pleasant, cheerful, totally compliant demeanour, making it impossible for doormen, or bank tellers, to know that they weren't acting entirely under their own agency & authority.

It's a well-known danger in Colombia, for example, where hookers, or female gang members, will kiss the victim, having laced their upper lip with the drug, having beforehand stuffed their nostrils with tissue paper so they can't accidentally inhale any. Then, the girl's handler will come & introduce himself to the unwitting victim as a 'friend' who then proceeds to convince the victim to hand over keys to houses, cars - even to help in stealing his/her own property by carrying furniture out to waiting vehicles, etc!

To me, scopolamine's existence (known in Colombia as "The Devil's Drug") is further evidence of genetic engineering by personages such as Lord Pakal. Perfect knowledge of plants with entheogenic properties & the specifics of human brain structure/function would be necessary to engineer a plant which produced secretions having precisely these properties, for absolute, perfect control over victims via nothing more than suggestive spoken commands.

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a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

At last you have seen it.

Check out the CNS (Central nervous system) and especially the PNS (Peripheral NS) and relate it to the garden of Eden.

Check out Archons and relate them to angels and in turn to the PNS (and any other deity you like (mono-stereo(pan as you like)) It's a split wire where the two ends roll up.

It's up to you too decide as you posit in on your thread if there are external entities manipulating us through our CNS and PNS, or all our religions basically try to explain through a) monotheism -> you, b) monotheism -> deities -> you, c) deities -> you, or d) simply you, a analog/digital universe from nothing and weird wiring.

But I'm more along the paths of (b)*

I think you're on the right track and if you can understand or relate to my response then I know we will be knocking them knuckles quite tightly. If you need a better response just knock on my knuckle and I will see if I can boom it out more directly.
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This has got to be one of my favorite ATS threads in years. How you connect the mural on the sarc. and rule that to be an entity within a mans brain, or as you simply put: wearing another mans head.

There is undeniably much to explain for our stand-alone physical features, both internal- and external. I have come to think along the lines of you. Manipulated.
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posted on Dec, 12 2017 @ 03:30 AM
One of the most interesting threads I have seen here in a while and it must be said an incredible amount of work, kudos to you sir

posted on Dec, 12 2017 @ 07:17 PM
Nice work... and interesting, Fly.

One thing, some clairvoyants equate that flowing headdress with the energy body ... if memory is correct, especially when males are sexually aroused, they allegedly have a flowing light eruption from their head (and other more obvious places), resembling ancient helmets and trailing feathers.

Not being especially clairvoyant, I cannot speak of it's veracity, though certain chems will show one that scene with other's energy bodies on occasion... again, with no way of proof to be had.

But really just dropping spoor so I can find my way back to continue reading. Wild if your memories are accurate... though you could just be tapping into akashic records or the like.

I really hope there aren't archon-esque beings holding us captive in life and death... feasting on sweet mortal terror, but history doesn't dissuade one of that notion.
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