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Internet War starts! Google V Amazon.

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posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 05:54 PM
Greed always raps itself around the "progress" we make.

Greed never stops and it is causing this little war

They'll end up making an agreement sooner or later

Its too much money involved.

Even the mafia understands that

posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 06:43 PM

originally posted by: buddha
So the war for customers for the internet has started.
Amazon is banning Google from its products soon!
see BBC news

"Google Amazon row leads to restricted YouTube access.
Google plans to stop Amazon's Fire TV streaming devices being able to use YouTube from the start of 2018.
The search giant has also blocked a workaround that Amazon
introduced to restore YouTube access to a screen-based version of its smart speaker.
Experts say the steps mark an escalation of a business row in
which consumers have been caught up in the fallout."

I can not wait for Net neutrality.
You and I are a cash cow for them.
and they will not let us see what the others sells.
as they may lose custermers.

I have seen it in ( Sci-Fi ) books
the big companies have armies and fight each other.
no longer counties going to war.
well! look at usa! a Big business man rules america.....
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This doesn't have much to do with Net Neutrality. The only real issue could be if you buy a device and one service or the other is throttled in your area.

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